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I'm Cute and I know it!!

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Oh My What a Howl-o-ween I had!!

November 3rd 2008 12:16 pm
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Well fur-ends, I have to say this was the bestest Howl-oween yet!! I got to go visit some of my very special human friends at school. They were having a Harvest Festival and I was invited!!
I came dressed in my purple monkey costume ready to give lots of licks and love to my school friends! Mom says they were so gentle with me. I got lots of hugs and pets and even a kiss from my wheelchair bound buddy!!
Can't wait for the Winter celebration to see them again!!
Kisses and licks



August 27th 2007 5:23 pm
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Had to tell you the lengths mommy has gone since you TEDDI SUE was stolen out of her mom's car. We went up to Auburn to see Grampy. We stopped at the outlets in Centralia. Mommy brought my doggy purse so no prob...she just popped me in. She left Kiley in the car. Just as she shut the door she realised the keys were not in her hand but on the seat!! So here we are with me safe and sound in the purse but keys on the seat!! The window on the passenger side was down a mommy went in to see if they had a hanger. No only plastic ones. Mommy rubber banded three together but couldn't reach the keys. Mommy asked for phone book to look up locksmiths....just then one of the girls working there came out with a metal pole. argh not long enough! She goes back in the back room and comes out with two metal poles taped together. Okay we try again. It reaches the keys but can't hook them. Just then a nice old gentleman came by. Mommy said if I just had a hook on the end of this pole I could hook the keys. Me, I am whining big time in my purse!!! So the old guy goes back to his car and brought back a fishing hook! He tried putting it on the end and mommy said why not tie it on the pole like a fishing pole? Oh great idea!!! So he did and he hooked it on the first try!! yea!!!! Mommy was so happy! So moral is keep an extra set of keys in your purse!!!



June 4th 2007 7:34 am
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Today is the bestest day!! Not only is it my Birthday, but my good pal Teddi Sue was finally returned to her mommy's arms! It was the best gift a girl could get! Welcome home Teddi Sue!!


My Tail of Devotion for Daisy

June 21st 2006 2:18 pm
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When Daisy was a only 6 months old my mother became very ill. Daisy was my rock during those times. I was away from my family and at the hospital ICU unit for seven long weeks. Daisy was there to give me comfort and love and to raise my spirits when they were low. We snuck her into the hospital to see my mom and she spread her sunshine there also. When at last my mother was able to go into a nursing home, Daisy was there too. It is amazing to me how someone so small could bring such joy. She made her rounds visiting patients who may not have had a visitor in a long time. To see the smiles and the oohs and ahhs made me so proud of her. She is truly a devoted companion and my little ray of sunshine!
Sadly mom passed away August 18, 2006. Daisy continues to give comfort to both me and my dad during this sad sad time.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Support our troops on Memorial day!

May 16th 2006 6:09 pm
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I am so excited! Mommy dressed me in my combat gear to honor our fallen heroes on Memorial day. Mom says we are lucky to have such brave men and women keeping our country safe. My Grandpa served in World War II, Great Grandpa served in World War I and we even have relatives who served in the Civil War and The Revolutionary War. Me, I wish there was no war because it is sad when little children and mommies and other family members who lose their loved ones. So on this Memorial day I wish for Peace and for the safe return of our troops.


I went to the Dance Rectial!

May 7th 2006 7:34 pm
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Oh my it was such a spectular event! My little Friend Hannah was performing and I snuck right in in my pink bag with mommy. Once the lights went out, I peeked my little head up and watched the wonderful production. Dance after dance from Tap to Ballet to hip-hop amd all performed for me to see!! I did not whine or fuss but watched with awe! The costumes were to die for! My favortie was a little pink leather look poodle skirt. I made mommy promise to make me one! In my next life I want to be a dancer!!


Atticus and I went to a Black tie Benefit for Special- animals

April 25th 2006 6:09 pm
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I must say I had a spectacular time at the Black tie Benefit for Special Needs and Elderly animals! My best friend Beatrix went along with Atticus and I on a blind date with his brother Boo. I am including a link to my Bestest Friend Beatrix's page so you can read her diary account of our gala evening! Thanks to Beatrix's mommy for the lovely pictures of the Benefit and to her human sis Rosey for the lovely lovely Benefit poster!!


What a Great day!! Today I learned about adoption!

April 19th 2006 4:22 pm
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Today has been quite a day! Today we adopted Pete and Diesel. I always wanted a real brother and now I have two! Oh yeah I know I have Banky, my cousin, staying with us but I know he will go home this summer and I will be all on my own!
We went to their house today to meet. I was a little bossy if I do say so myself. Diesel was not at all sure he wanted to make friends with me! Good thing mom brought treats! Pete even helped himself ! The cheese mommy brought was a big hit! We were all nibbling cheese and before we knew it we were not barking at each other anymore! We all hopped into the car and off we went. Diesel had his head in mom's lap before we even hit the freeway! Pete is a real dream brother! He does not care if I think I am Queen of the house! He is glad to be the Prince and let Diesel be the King. What a great day!!


Cat from Hades

April 17th 2006 5:45 pm
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Yes right now we have the cat from Hades staying with us. Her name is Puma and she is my cousin. She is having her operation done on Thursday and then will go home. So far she is in big trouble! She shredded a whole roll of toilet paper (um that's my job Puma). She opened up the cupboard doors in the bathroom and knocked all the stuff all over the ground. She has spent many hours staring at our poor little parkeet. Just a few minutes ago she leaped on the cage hoping to eat my poor little blue friend! I will put her picture in as one of our family so you can see her. You will think ahhh she looks like a little angel but don't be deceived...she is the cat from Hades!!


Wow what a week!!

March 31st 2006 6:33 am
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I am just so excited! So many things have happened this week! Atticus and I were voted couple of the week !! My little sugar bear and I are sooo very happy!!! Mommy made me an Orange dress this week so I could go orange to support the Celebration of ASPCA's 140th anniversary. I think I look stunning in orange if I do say so myself!
The best thing though is the big celebration we are having at our house! Trinity, our miniature horse, turns 5 on April 1st. Mommy is making him a carrot cake and we are going to have horsey rides and games and all sorts of fun! I hope all my friends will stop by for the party!

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