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New York City Dog Pack

greetings from a great pack

August 24th 2006 7:40 am
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We wish our only female member--Rose--a great birthday and a wonderful year. She is a gorgeous and spunky dog who gives our pack a little something extra.
We miss Rose's younger brother Luc very much. He was so much fun and, even though he could be a bossy pain at time, we still miss him every day.


Check out our new book!

January 21st 2005 1:39 pm
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We are featured in this new book, entitled Frenchie Kisses wiht photos by famed photogrpaher Amanda Jones. She will be autographiing books at Zoomies on Hudson Street on 1/29 from 1:30 PM--through 4:30 PM. Stop by and meet Amanda and some of her models!


Hot news of the month--we're in a book!

January 12th 2005 2:52 pm
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We are all in this new book which features photos by Amanda Jones entitled, Frenchie Kisses.
We posed for many photos and one group shot of us made it into the book. There are other studio shots of Charlie and Oscar. Oscar has two shots by himself. Dex has to wait for the b. griffon book to come out.


Happy New Year!

December 30th 2004 1:55 pm
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We wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and safe new year. Watch out for the salt on the sidewalks. Keep warm. Drink plenty of water. Get as many treats as you can. Encourage frequent petting and scratching. Avoid all misdeeds. Spread joy and laughter whenever you can.
Try to keep the gas to a minimum. Only yip when you really have to.
Have lots of fun. Keep the peace.


Frenchie Kisses

December 9th 2004 2:09 pm
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We are featured in a new book entitled, "Frenchie Kisses" which will be in stores on 1/4/05.
This book contains photos by noted photographer Amanda Jones who also happens to be a very lovely person.


Ugly is as Ugly Does

September 27th 2004 2:14 pm
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Occasionally, we are told that we are ugly by strangers on the streets of NYC. Frankly, more folks tell us that we are cute, but there are those who feel compelled to tell us that we are funny looking or even ugly. We are not amused by this. How would people like it if we told them that they were ugly to us? Or smelly? Or badly dressed? Or fat? Or stupid? We tend to keep our unflattering opinions about folks to ourselves which ultmately makes us much kinder and more considerate.
some of these same twits assume that a multiple dog household would smell. Well, haven't these folks heard of housebreaking and bathing? We never relieve ourselves in our home. Do you think we are outside in the rain, snow, and sleet for fun? We are taking care of business, man!
We take baths on a regular basis and hey, haven't dogs been domesticated for well over 10,000 years? Don't you think that it more than enough time for us to learn how to behave properly in a household with humans?
so the next time you see a dog who you think is funny-looking or you see someone walking 5 or 6 dogs...don't tell them that their dogs are ugly. Don't squinch up your face like you just smelled something really bad and say, "Are those all your dogs? In an apartment? Your place must smell!" Don't do it! Try and take the high road. We do. We may think you look like a total idiot, but we will never tell you so. Well...unless you insult us and are on your own, buster!

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