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Sunday walkies

Happy New Year!

January 1st 2006 3:22 am
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Hello to all of my doggie friends around the world,

I would like to wish you a twinkling new year filled with sparkly love, luck and happiness. And lots of cuddles, snuggles, walkies, chewy treats and friends.

May all of your dreams come true.

lots of love and puppy kisses,
Sophie xx


Happy Birthday !!

December 21st 2005 10:43 pm
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*** Today is my birthday and I'm 4! ***

I am going to wear my special sweater that Deborah sent to me. It came all the way from California.

I'm going to work with my mummy and am excited to see my friends in the office. I am not sure, but I *think* I heard that we are going to have a little celebration today(!)

My mummy makes a very yummy chocolate cake. But, since I can't eat chocolate cake, I think we're going to have Krispy Kremes. My mummy will let me have a pea-sized piece of plain Krispy Kreme for an *extra-special* treat today.

On our way to work we are going to stop at Victoria train station and get a box of fresh doughnuts to share with our friends in the office. I'm very excited!

I love going on the train and I *love* special treats.

I hope you have a fun day, I know I will!

lots of hugs and birthday puppy kisses!
Sophie xx


Baby, it's cold outside

December 12th 2005 1:36 pm
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Hello to all of my doggie friends,

It is very cold in London right now and I hope you are bundled up and warm, wherever you are.

My mummy puts a sweatshirt on me before we go out into the cold. The way she sees it, if it is cold enough for her to wear a coat, I'd better wear one, too. My mummy is very clever.

This week I got a new sweater to keep me warm. It is *beautiful* and was a gift from my Grand-paw's girlfriend Deborah. I love Deborah.

The sweater is very snuggly and warm and I love it.

This is not the first sweater that the lovely Deborah has presented to me. A couple of Christmases ago, she got me a gorgeous red sweater when we were in Florence. I still love that sweater!

Today I went to work with mummy and saw lots of my friends. Mummy had lunch with a friend and brought me the leftovers! I had hamburger for my lunch. I'm a lucky girl!

I wish all dogs were as loved as I am.

woof, woof,
Sophie xx


Doggie Spa

December 4th 2005 1:01 pm
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Yesterday my mummy took me to get fluffed and puffed at the doggie spa. My hairguy Dan is really nice.
We had a nice walk after mummy picked me up and I had a special dinner for being so good all day long.
Today we had a fun walk and I met a cute puppy by the river.
I gotta go now, my mummy is making something in the kitchen and it smells really good!
I hope you are having a fun weekend and that you get lots of cuddles and kisses and love.
Sophie xx


New Friends

December 2nd 2005 1:10 am
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I'm excited today because my mummy and I are going to have a big walk. She said I could get as muddy and messy as I want. I think that means a bath will be quick to follow!

(Mummy's note: Sophie is going to the Groomers tomorrow to get fluffed and puffed).

I have been having fun on dogster and have enjoyed making lots of 'pals'.

A special thank you to my new friend Charlie Hansen's dad -- he has written to my mummy with a fantastic tip on how he taught Charlie Hansen how to 'roll over'. We're going to work on it this weekend!

We're off for our walkies so will end this message now.

Hope you have a great day and that you get lots of cuddles and love.
Sophie xx


Visit to an old friend

November 28th 2005 2:14 pm
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Hello to my new doggie friends,

Today I visited the retirement home next door to where I live. We have a 'regular' visit with a nice lady, Mrs L. My mummy has left some of my favourite treats with Mrs L. Mrs L always 'accidentally' drops a little snack on the kitchen floor for me to find.

Mrs L knows when I'm coming and leaves her garden door open a little bit for me. My mummy lets me run ahead of her (there are no cars to worry about - and I am good at my recall) and I burst through the door and go straight to the kitchen to see what Mrs L has left for me.

Today's treat was a favourite : Beggin' Strips. That is one of my all-time favourite treats! We had a nice visit and I sat on Mrs L's knee for a long time.

Mrs L loves me and I love her. Mrs L has always had dogs (mostly Chihuahuas) and so knows how to live with small dogs and how to handle me. She is not allowed to have pets live with her at the retirement home. Sometimes my mummy lets me stay with Mrs L for the day instead of going to mummy's work. Mrs L is a *great* babysitter.

After our visit with Mrs L we had a long walk.

I also had a nice, warm bath today. Mummy used a new shampoo and cream rinse on me and now I smell really good. After drying me with the hairdryer (which is not my favourite thing) mummy gave me a tasty treat and said I was a ver-r-r-ry good girl.

I'm all tuckered out after my visit, my walk and my bath. Now I'm all cuddled up on the sofa, snuggled up next to mummy.

I am a lucky dog. I wish all dogs were loved as much as I am.

Until next time,
arf, arf!!
Sophie xx


Sunday Walkies

November 27th 2005 2:29 pm
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Hello, thanks for stopping by! My name is Sophie and today is my first day on My mummy is having fun on this site and has enjoyed looking at the lovely photos that other dog lovers have shared.
Today my mummy took me for a nice, long walk (which I always love to do). I could walk for England.
I hope you are having fun on this site and getting lots of nice walks and even more cuddles.
best wishes,
Sophie xx

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