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Gotta Run

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Chrismas Tagged

December 1st 2007 6:11 pm
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Well I was Christmas tagged by my Friend Sydney and here is how it works. I have to write a letter to Santa with 5 requests and guess what? I get to tag 5 pups myself. Here Goes........

Dear Santa Paws,
Hope your year has gone well and you are ready for all us pups to send our Christmas requests. I'm not gonna ask for much so this should be easy.

1. Please may I have a supply of marrow bones, just for me of course.
2. I could do with a bed that is heated this winter, that way I can stretch out and not have to curl up in a ball on the bottom of moms bed.
3. New toys to play with, ones that taste good please.
4. Daily tasty treats for mom to pass out.
5. I would especially like for all my pals to get all they wish for on Christmas.

Love, Loomis

My 5 Tags are:
1.Chloe 51794
2. Little Bit 140076
3. Gizmo 229231
4. Minister Misty 532808
5. Annie 335583

Merry Christmas to you all.

Remember this is what you need to do:

1. Write a letter to Santa with 5 requests!
2. Give 5 bones or treats to the one who tagged you!
3. Tag 5 dogs for Christmas Tag & let them know with a p-mail or rosette!

Hope ya play and have fun!!!



May 23rd 2007 9:10 pm
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By my bestes friend Annie and Chico. Here is how the game goes.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged need to post the rules of the game and 7 pawsome facts about themselves in their diary. Then once you are tagged, you choose 7 dogs to tag, listing their names in your diary. Don’t forget to bark your friends pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary for the rules -- or better yet, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been tagged!

My 7 things about me.

1) I am very very sweet.
2) I love to run
3) I love to cuddle with my mom.
4) I'm very smart.
5) I love my siblings very much.
6) I have a very high pitched bark, mom says it could break glass.
7) I love all my toys, I'll share for a little while but I want them all back.


Hannibal Barkus
Dolly Ann


Hi Everypup

January 12th 2007 10:17 pm
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Geez, mom hasn't written in my diary for ever. Really isn't much to write about I guess. Joey is doing real well in his new home. In fact mom spoke with his new parents a few days ago and they think he's perfect. I really think they need to come talk to me about that but really we's glad he's doin good. I guess he gots it real good bein the only dog and all.

It freezing here like 10 degrees or something like that. It's even too cold to tinkle but mom makes us go out. Mom had to chase Roxie around the house to get her to go out earlier. Oh boy ,she sure was mad cause she don't feel good anyway. Well I hope your all enjoying the New Year. Seems alot like the last one to me.

Bye for now pals,


Wow what a busy couple of weeks

December 15th 2006 6:37 pm
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Well hi pals. I hopes all is good with you all.

My brother Joe was rehomed last week and tomorrow he will be gone a week. Mom has been fretting about it but she talked to Joeys new dad last night and he is doing real well. Moms glad and dad was saying how much I have come out of my shell this last week. I was afraid to move around too much cause Joey was always in my face being a bully. I miss him during the day cause now I'm outside by myself but its kinda nice to have the garage to myself. My sister Makia is out in the summer but come winter time she wants to be in cause shes got artheritis or something to do with her joints that hurts and mom says she gots to stay in.

Hey guess what, my sis Roxie ate a sandwhich with a toothpick in it. Oh my gosh mom had to take her to Drs. Tom and Sharon and she had to have it removed. What a big dorky Bulldog. I sure is glad she's ok though. You'd think she would'a spit the toothpick out but nooooooo, it went down with the sandwhich. She's been limpin too and had to have x-rays. Mom said we's spending all Santas money on the Bulldog. Hmph.......... no fair.

Well I gots to run. I'll be barkin at ya soon


My Brother Joey

November 18th 2006 12:03 pm
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Well mom is kinda sad today because she has decided to POSSIBLY re-home my bro Joey. She knows a lady at work who has some friends that want a dog. My brother Joey is perfect for these people because they don't have children and they only want one small dog. They came over and met him today and mom is going to take him to their house next week.

Mom knows this would be best for Joe but she feels like, well maybe she is abandoning Joe and he's been through a lot already. Joey picks on me alot and we get into some bad fights and than Roxie comes to protect me and her and Joe get into fights.

I didnt get to meet these people cause only Joe was in the house when they came over. Mom said he was afraid for awhile but he actually played ball with the man named Charlie and he was letting Charlie pet him by the time they left. This is a big step for Joe, he's real shy. Theys gonna work on Linda the lady pettin Joe next week.

Well, mom told these people to talk things over and Joe would come visit their house and see how he does and than they would all decide. I think mom is wise and would never let Joey go to mean people. I'm not sure if I'd miss Joey or not, he kinda picks on me a lot and my sissy Roxie protects me. You've heard of low dog in the pack, well the truth is out-thats me. Mom don't care though, she thinks I ROCK.

I guess I'll let everybody know whats happening next week.

Gotta Run,



October 29th 2006 7:36 am
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Well Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I's gonna write some things I's THANKFUL for.

1. I's THANFUL for a big yard to run in, even though I can only spend an hour or so out there.
2. I's THANFUL for a mommy and daddy that love me lots and lots. I get more kisses than even Roxie. Mom says I's most kissable.
3, I's THANKFUL for toys to play with.
4. I's THANKFUL for my sissy Roxie cause she loves me the best and makes Joey leave me alone.
5. I's THANKFUL for being able to get on mom and dads bed early in the morning. Mom pretends she doesn know.
6. I's THANKFUL for the bones I get.
7. I's THANKFUL mommy writes in my Diary on Dogster for me.
8. And most of all, I's THANKFUL I only get a bath once a month instead of once a week. Woo Hoo.

I sure hope mom and dad share the Turkey this year.

Gotta Run>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Bark, Bark.



October 14th 2006 10:45 am
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Oh My Gosh the Dogsterholic group is already over 100 members big. Too Cool huh? I guess theres lots of Dogsterholics out there. It's soooo fun to see all them great photos, what a handsome bunch of guys and gals. Thanks for joinin AND theres room for more ifn your interested. Ohhhhh, my brothers barkin, I gotta run and see whats up. Bark at ya later. Have a Pawsome dayyyyyyy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


WooHoo I gots me a new group going

October 5th 2006 8:26 pm
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Oh boy, oh boy, mom letted me start a new group on Dogster. Its called Dogsterholics and its for humans and pups that spend so much time on Dogster. My sis Roxie is gonna help me be Administrator and this cool pup pal we gots Gibbon is gonna help. So any dog or parent that might be spending a little bit tooooooo much time on Dogster come join our group, its gonna be so cool. I'm so happy my butts wiggeling a mile a minute.

Dogster Rocks

Bark at ya later, gotta run



My sisters TuTu picture "cracks me up"

September 21st 2006 8:49 pm
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Hey all you dogsters check out my sisters Tutu photo. Shes not happy about it and I think its hilareous. Thats what happens when you have to go with mom and dad to parties, you get dressed up like a sissy dog. Ha ha Roxie. You need to cut back on the dog chow sis, the dress is a little tight. Heee Heee.

Hey, I's only jokin, I love my chunky sister a whole lot, and ifn I didn tease her, who would?

Love ya sis. :=) :+) :-} Really I DOO.



Brrrrrrr, its getting cold

September 15th 2006 6:55 am
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Oh wow, moms actually writing in MY diary,
Well I guess she doesn't write cause nothings new.
It was pretty cold last night, I guess that winter thing is coming soon.
Its ok, mom said we need the water, I'm not sure what she meant cause
our pan always has water in it, I mean if she needs water she can
can have ours. I don't always understand humans. My sister (human) is
getting married tomorrow, so its been kinda stressful at our house.
All the painting and land moving outside is pretty much done for the
year and now mom and dad have started on the inside. I don't know why
I said its boring around here, cause something is always bein replaced or
changed. Anyway hope all my pals are enjoyin the last days of good
weather. I'll bark at ya later.

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