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It's a dogs life

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January 31st 2010 4:07 am
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This is being written by Kokoa Girl's mom...with hardly any sleep last night and alot of crying...and me having to tell Kokoa Girl this morning that her best friend had to be put down yesterday unexpectedly. I want to thank my hubby...{{Kokoa's dad}}...for being the most caring and compassionate man ever. The first thing I see as I turn on my computer this morning is the most loving tribute to our friends Ann and Brutus as yesterday we had the difficult task of watching Brutus go over the rainbow bridge. Having a HUGE love of my canines I was fortunate to meet many many special friends through Dogster...Ann and Brutus were one of the very first that made us feel so welcome as they opened up their hearts and accepted us and the bully breed we love so much. Brutie captured our bully loving hearts the first moment we met...and a beautiful new friendship was bonded. were taken away so quickly and will be so sadly missed...and to our dearest friend Ann....we love you and know we are always here for you and will ALWAYS be in our thoughts and prayers!!!! Please light a candle for the most precious bully we know... rnd



October 14th 2008 5:34 pm
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I'm in a brand new contest where I'm suppose to dress up like a "Rock Star" so momma and me chose Madonna because as everyone...for some unknown reason...thinks I'm this "Material Girl"...LOL...don't tell momma...but I do have a bigger closet than her...WOO HOO!!! Anyway...this week is my round so please vote a #10 for me and you can vote once a day...winner of the round will go to the finals for a chance to win $5,000.00, which if won we will donate a portion to our Humane Society to help with all the great things they do.

PLEASE VOTE and please forward to all!!

Kokoa Girl te&r=1&pos=0


All for the love of man's best friend!!

May 28th 2008 5:20 pm
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This week was my very first experience of being sent to time-out....*pout*...well...not by my mom anyway...this time by Dogster. I was accused by a new member of sending them some spam...{{{no sillies...not da lunch meat stuff}}}... I mean a spam letter which in reality was a puppy pal request in which I asked them to be my pal and to ask for a vote in a new contest I'm in....I guess I really didn't know I was being naughty as I know this is done quite frequently... pups copy and paste the same message to several pups as it saves alot of time typing . So now when I send a pup pal request I must be very very careful not to send the same message twice or else it will be considered bulk mail and it would also be considered SPAM by Dogster rules. What this "NEW" member of dogster didn't realize is... Dogster members make new pals with other pups and we welcome them...{{{almost like sniffin butt}}}...we open up our heart, we give support, give and take knowledge and we become family. Because of my pals and the support they have given me on Dogster, I have now donated over $2,000.00 to the Humane Society...all because momma entered me in contest and because of all of you who voted.
As all of my close pals know...I am a very pampered girl and I'm not ashamed by it. Momma says I have as much beauty on the outside as I do on the inside which is why she just lubs to enter me in contest. We recently entered the "Where in the World is My Vick Dog Chew Toy?" Promotion and my photo was chosen as a finalist. Michael Vicks "was" the Quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons football team who was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of sponsoring a dogfighting operation where the losers either died in the pit or sometimes were electrocuted, drowned, hanged or shot. When the Vic Chew Toy came out we instantly purchased 4 of them because it was a promotional way to bring awareness to animal abuse. This contest has great meaning to my family. Many times it's crossed my hoomans minds..."WHAT IF??? WHAT IF??... five years ago they didn't take me into their home...WHAT IF??... they didn't look into my bearootiful honey colored eyes to see a baby girl who had lots of love to give....WHAT IF??...they never gave me the chance...WHAT IF THIS CRUELTY HAPPENED TO ME???

Please go to Where Is My Vicks Toy and vote for me, #44, voting is on the right hand side of the page and I'm towards the bottom. If won...$500.00 will be donated to the Humane Society.

Much lubs


My Sorrows

May 21st 2008 9:06 am
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I'm NOT G-U-I-L-T-Y...Help !! Momma says she's gonna put me in jail... Pawreeze H-E-L-P...and I don't think she's kiddin either. She said she's sick of my spoiled ways...she no longer appreciates my bed hog ways anymore...{{{I thought she liked when I laid right on top of her}}}...she says I'm way too high maintanence and too expensive to keep...I take up too much of her time...and I never thank her for any of my toys before I shred them... H-E-L-P....I'M INNOCENT I TELL was ALL her doing!!! She even had this real serious look on her face when she told me she was calling in the man with the blue uniform...{{{GASP}}} know the guy with the shiny badge. I'm soooo scared ...what will I do??...those jail people won't treat me like the total princess that I was raised to be...who's gonna take care of my Max??...who's gonna brush my bearootiful liver color hair...or take me to pawspa...give me a belly rub...or a pawicure with pretty pink nail polish...{{{they won't even be pretty any more with those nasty handcuffs on}}}....ummmm....who's gonna feed me my pigears and bullysticks...hmmm...what am I gonna do...Pawleeze HELP my buddy Dallas spread da word to protect my INNOCENCE!

**bows head in shame**...{{{sob sob}}}

Lub s ya lots!...bye bye til we meet again

**Special bulletin from MOM....{{{pacing back and and fro...hands clasp behind the back}}}...It breaks my heart to tell you all that Kokoa has been found GUILTY of all charges as I too was charged with excessive compulsive pampering and for the smoldering care of an animal. The final ruling handed down by the judge is to be...well...{{{sniff sniff}}}...LIFE without PAROLE!! We are to remain together at our current resident with much unconditional love and pampering. Kokoa is to have round the clock surveillance with daily puppy playtime and walks as desired and servants at her beckncall. Now really...could life get any better....I hope you know Kok what pure joy you bring into my life are my entire world and I thank god everyday for bringing you into it.


Double Drat

May 18th 2008 4:44 pm
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So after winning round #3 of the Bissell contest...we waited ever so patient for the 15 rounds to end...and then we had to wait to see who the judges final choice was....boy oh boy what a long process. heart was broken. I guess those Bissell people didn't think I had what it takes to be super model material...{{{heavy sigh}}}
{{{{{hmmm, tapping paw on jaw}}}}}}...I mean...I worked weeks and weeks at toning this fine bully body with my handsome Max right by my side to cheer me on. Can you believe he came all da way from Montana to be my coach. I was only to eat dawgnola bars and pupogert...did poochie yoga...momma also jogged with me everyday...{{{ how much of this bull are you believing so far??}}}.
Anyway...Bissell chose this much hairier pup than me which if you think about it actually made perfect sense. Ya see...the name of their vacuum is "Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum" hello...wouldn't you think they'd be look for a pup that has LOTS and LOTS of hair. So they ended up picking a Bernese Mountain dog named Brewster....Way to go Brewster and condawgulations!!!
Well don't tell anyone...but at first I did this kinda pout thing...{{{this was just a way to get sympathy and treats from momma}}} as you might already know this is not the first time I've used da pout face to get what I want. Momma says I'm such a spoiled girl...and I won't ever deny that!!
Well... my Max helped me see there was a light at da end of the tunnel....he woofed to me that he never has to worry about my having short hair and him getting any hairballs when he's giving me all my huggin n a kissin which is more important to me than sure know a way to a girls heart and how to make me proud of all my acomplishments!! I lub you with a my heart Maximillion!!



February 25th 2008 4:23 pm
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Well dis entry is kinda late but I've been a little preoccuppied this past week with being named "FUN DAWG OF THE WEEK". I met so many pawsome new pals who made me feel so welcome...well I thinx my reputation is a wittle bit tarnished now....somfin about me having NAKKED photos comin out of the closet...but dats another story. Anywhoooo...I'm jist sooo excited I couldn't hold it in anymore....can you believe I WON ROUND #3 IN THE BISSELL CONTEST....WOOOOOOHOO ...{{{{Kok does her "Miss America wave}}}...momma even did a scream. Then momma hurried up and got on the phone to call my bestest pal Brutus's mom Ann...I don't know which one of them was more excited...momma did another scream....{{{I had to cover my ears on that one}}}. Since finding out I won I've been pretty consistant at keepin track of dat sneaky mailman...but for some reason he's still not forgettin dat nasty T-I-G-G-E-R pounce i gave him at christmas time....GeeeZee...get over it. I thinx he even paid off the man in the brown truck to bring the vacuum which is least it finally made it here. So last saturday momma got the honor of putting "MY" Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum all about a whiner she is....she didn't even know how to use that screwdriver thingie...but momma said it was worth all da complaining. Now dat the vacuum was finally all in one piece daddy said he'd better take it for a test drive and boy what a mistake that was....{{{now I know where momma gets all her whining from}}}. So dad gets all done vacuuming with "MY" Binford turbo machine...OOPS...I mean my Pet Hair Eraser vacuum and then he does this weird grunt noise...that's when the real compaining started and he told momma that his shoulder was hurting...said this piece of machinery has alot of tork...please tell me **WHAT'S TORK**??...cause I don't want it to hurt my daddy again!! Lets just say the only operator of this piece of machinery is now done by momma only so everything is back to normal...oh had to put the Ben-Gay on his muscles for 2 days...what a woosie boy!!!


Our "1" Anniversary

January 29th 2008 5:05 pm
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As all my pals know the love of my life Max... {{{SIGH}}}...stole my heart and soul the moment we met. are my angel in the sky. Love me forever and never say goodbye. You are the light inside of me. Like the star of my heart that shines so brightly.You are the light inside of me. I hope you will always be beside me.
My handsome Max wrote me the most amazing letter and I just couldn't help but to share with all my pals. have brought so much joy to my world!!!

My dearest Kokoa Girl,

The day you said "YESSSS" and Tigger pounced me when I asked you to share sketti with me for the rest of our lives was the beginning of my life! You have made me the happiest dog on this planet and the best is yet to come my darling!

That night was worth every mile I traveled to see your beautiful face! Do you remember that night I proposed to you? I was sooooo nervous and Kingy made me a verrrry strong drink and your dad gave me "that look" like "well she could have done worse..." he patted my head and said I could have your paw in marriage, whew! You and your mom flying down the stairs when you heard my bark at the door... you were so lovely in that silk robe and with those funny things between your newly polished toe nails... the way you sent me tumbling back down the front porch stairs and into the street...
I was okay, just shook it off and climbed back to the front door...

Our wedding day as I clinked and stumbled down the isle in my suit or armor... the way you looked at me with that beautiful dress... the smell of roses and doggy beautyshop spray in the air... how my brother Trace had to save the tux store hound when I found out my tux didn't fit... (thanks man). It was a glorious day, do you remember?

Winters at your house (it's warmer there by far), spring, summer and fall in Montana.... moose hunting, deer chasing, mountain hiking all just for you! The days at the doggy spa where you can maintain that beautiful bully body and have your paws perfectly manicured... again all just for you! Swimming (maybe just wading) in Lake Kookanusa or at Big Falls or up Therrialt Pass.... our lives are just beginning my love!

Happy Anniversary and many more happy years to come!!

All my love to my Kokoa Girl,

Your Max


Happy Valentines

January 20th 2008 2:42 pm
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Today I got tagged by my special Bridge pal Megan. I'm supposed to list my 5 Valentine's Day wishes and then find 5 of my pup pals and tag them with the same 5 goes:

My 5 Valentine's Day Wishes:

1. I wish for my Little Mellow to come home safe and sound
2. I wish for my Max to be here right next to me Valentines morning
3. I wish lots of love to ALL my pals
4. I wish for of non-stop supply of...P-I-G-E-A-R-S!!
5. I wish for ALL pups to have hoomans who will love them unconditionally

Happy Valentines Day!!

My 5 furiends I tagged are

1. Hershey Lee
2.Little Mina
3. Brutus
4. Genghis
5. Princess Jasmine



December 31st 2007 5:43 pm
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{{{doing a happy dance}}}...{{{are you done kissin all over on me momma??}}}...{{{is dat slobber I see comin out of your mouth momma??}}} We just received the most pawsome news to start out the New Year. My momma submitted my photo to the Petsource photo contest and we have just been informed that I won...YAHOO...YIPPIE...WOO HOO. I'm gonna get a bunch of goodies for...but who me $1,000 to donate to my favorite local animal organization. Since becoming a member of Dogster I have met some great puppy pals that have supported me in whatever crazy thing momma enters me in. To the pals who have always been there for me...first...the love of my life, my most handsome and loving hubby Max and the best sissy-in-law ever most dearest Diva pals Hershey Lee, her sister Shiloh and momma Bonnie. Then there is my oldest, dearest and most handsome bestest bully pal and your momma Ann have become such pawsome pals and we cherish you. I also have some pawsome "HUGE" bearootiful Dane pals who I will treasure their friendship pal the beautiful Bella and through her we met the dashing Henry and the gorgeous China from United cool is that. Then I met the two most precious princesses ever...Jasmine and Little Mina....I adore you both with all my heart. I want to send a special bully hug to my pal just became a new bride and we wish you and Rusty all the love in the world. Blue, you were such a great support helping us with trying to find our Mellow. Last but not precious pals DaleBo and Jenna Pooh, Kurt, Biscuit, Benny the Brusiser, Loki Do, Genghis, Dayzee, Tyson, Tela and my special new pals Athens, Austin and the handsome Gadza . You have touched our hearts in so many ways and for that I send you big bully WOOFS. For friendship has meant the world to us.
Momma is on cloud 9 and I can't tell you how much we are thrilled by this wonderful news and what it means to be able help out an animal shelter in need.

Bully Love


A letter from Mom

December 19th 2007 8:29 am
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This is why I won’t wrap presents at my house anymore!!

1. Gather present, boxes, paper, etc. in middle of living room floor.
2. Get tape back from King.
3. Remove scissors from Kok's mouth.
4. Open box.
5. Take King out of box.
6. Remove tape from Kok's mouth.
7. Take scissors away from King.
8. Put present in box.
9. Remove present from King's mouth.
10. Put back in box after removing King from box.
11. Take scissors from Kokoa Girl and sit on them.
12. Remove King from box and put on lid.
13. Take tape away from Kokoa Girl...yet again.
14. Unroll paper.
15. Take King OFF box.
16. Cut paper being careful not to cut King's foot or nose that
is getting in the way as he "helps."
17. Let King tear remaining paper.
18. Take {{{now a royal pain in the butt}}} King off box.
19. Wrap paper around box.
20. Remove King from box & take wrapping paper from his mouth.
21. Tell Kok to fetch the tape so King will stop stealing it.
22. Take scissors away from King.
23. Take tape Kokoa Girl is holding.
24. Quickly tape one spot before taking scissors from Kok &
sitting on them again.
25. Fend off King trying to steal tape & tape another spot.
26. Take bow from Kok.
27. Go get roll of wrapping paper King ran off with.
28. Take scissors from Princess Kokoa Girl who took them when you got up.
29. Give pen to Kok to hold so she would stop licking my face.
30. Remove King from present & hurriedly slap tape on to hold the
paper on.
31. Take now soggy bow from King & tape on since the sticky stuff
no longer sticks.
32. Take pen from Kok, address tag & affix while King tries
to eat pen.
33. Grab present before King opens it & put it away.
34. Clean up mess King & Kokoa Girl made playing tug-of-war with
remnants of wrapping paper.
35. Put away rest of wrapping supplies & tell dogs what good
helpers they are...I wouldn't change a thing!!

Merry Christmas
Kokoa's Mom

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