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always in my heart

blondies is always in my heart, but she has gone to heave on- april 19 2006

May 11th 2006 6:02 pm
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blondie la rue yapper, would have been ten years old on may 8th 2006 we had her since she was six weeks old. she was a super hyper sweet heart to us, she protected us like we were gold. she was a most unusual basset. she always barked and sang together with her son buster who is now seven years old. we have buster since he was a minute old, as he was born at home from a litter of eight pups. he misses his momma. she was super healthy, and my husband ronald did not tell me that she was walking slow for three weeks. i always seen her run up the steps. he blames himself for her demise. he thought she had arthritis, but unfortunately, she had so many things wrong with her, including heart disease, and her face blew up, i rushed her to the vet for a lasix shot, and then she slept on my bed the next day, and i had given her a laxis pill, and when i woke up in the morning, he told me blondie was gone. i could not believe it. the vet told me that her symptoms did not show up , as she was examined nine months ago, and got an excellent bill of health. one day when she did not jump up for a treat, i thought it was odd, so i took her to the vet, but he told me it was going to be to late. to many things, but nothing for us to really notice. my husband blames himself everyday, and said if he took her three weeks ago, instead of thinking she had arthritis, she would still be here, but my vet did not think so. she was burined at the pet cemetary raliegh north carolina. we miss her so much..her singing, her barking and the sweetheart she was. i do not think there is another blondie. now we are going to watch buster, for any sign of even the smallest thing, even though he got a good report. things on dogs are very subtle, and it is so hard to tell, as basset hounds are so sweet and loving. i am glad i did not see what my husband saw when she passed away in my dressing room. i want to remember all the wonderful things about my blondie, but the sadness keeps on coming in, even though i try not to think of it. she will always be in our hearts, and i am glad we have many pictures of her to remember all the good times.

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