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My new friend, Colbe

October 31st 2005 11:25 am
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My mom got us a new friend to have with us for a while. I made him think I wasn't gonna be too terribly friendly at first, you know you have to get the upper hands with these big dogs (male too!) from the get-go. His name is Colbe and he is from St. Bernard Parish where his mama and daddy lost everything they owned, even their car. Colbe wants to share mine but I don't like it one bit, I can tell you. (even though really, he is a nice guy.....kinda young and rowdy with big feet and long legs but sweet) he is a chocolate lab and he is kinda small even for a big dog. He loves to chase balls, (my mama used to play with me all the time with my maddogs and now HE is getting all the attention). My mom tells me we have to open our hearts and home to Colbe because he went through an awful time down there in St. Bernard Parish.

We all go for walks when mom comes in from class, sometimes in the early afternoon, sometimes in the evenings and you know what? colbe is kinda fun to run with. He will chase me when he is not stuck up my mama's butt (fraid she is gonna walk off and leave him? we live in the country, nut...she is not going anywhere) my mom told me to quit being sarcastic that he doesn't know any better right now and he just wants to be close to someone. Now i chase him when he is bringing the ball back to mom. got more response from mom when i did that instead of just sitting around barking at him for my mom not playing with me.

We are not sure how long we are gonna have colbe, we haven't heard from his owners in weeks. sometimes, i think we are gonna get to keep colbe and mom says that these people are doing good to take care of themselves at this point, and we will do whatever we need to do for colbe and his family. Which means, he is moving to the new house with us..we took him out there one day while susan and mom were cleaning up and he acted like he wanted to run his legs down to the nub. mellie and i relaxed in the shade after we had sniffed around and made sure everything was okay for us. i even let him ride in my car as long as he stayed in the backseat..he is too big for the front seat, my mom says.

anyway, now i have a big guy friend that likes to run and we are both getting stronger and sleeker (my mom told me that word) every day. and mom feels much better too after walking. we get to smell for as long as we want too. the walk is through the field and it smells like deer come out there every day while we are inside. i know they do...

gotta run has got to go back to town for school and she says the computer has to be turned off now..guess i will go lay down for a while...


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