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Where did my life go?

September 16th 2005 10:07 am
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Hi you guys and gals...I finally got my mom to at least put one diary entry on this site since everyone has been so nice and loving on here. She tells me every night how thankful she is that my friend, Dumplin, told me about this place. I have been telling her all along I was meant for stardom but she just thinks I am full of it!

Now she is telling me she doesn't know what to write except what a wonderful, loving, loyal, faithful, caring, sweet dog I am....I told her that was good, keep going.

I know I am an individual with an attitude and my mom calls me "twisted sister" at times but I know that is a term of endearment 'cause she calls, Hannah, my human cousin (my mom's first grandchild) twisted sister as well. Sometimes I don't really understand human folks but I just know that they love us and tell us all kinds of things that about 75% of the time, they are using words way over my head and still I sit there and act like I am interested and I guess in a way I always am...If it makes my mom feel better, then what's it gonna hurt for me to listen.

My mom started graduate school this past summer and I can tell you my life went into a downward spiral. First, the divorce, then we moved to Maryland to live with that nasty little Hannah, but her mom is my mom's only daughter, and I have to admit, mom was much happier once she decided that life was about living and we got on with ours....then we move back down here to LA and she decides that she has just got to be a teacher....MORE CHILDREN! I really do not like children except those that stay out of my circle but my mom really loves them and says she knows she wants to do this...WHATEVER, she also says I am supposed to just follow wherever she leads me to, all that dog thing about "loving, trusting companion" stuff.

So for now, we are in Ruston where we have been before with my friend, melody, and her mom Susan (my mom's old college roommate..still here...also single...I really don't think either of them is looking for anyone but I can tell you I miss my Dad lots of times)

Okay, okay, she is telling me to quit reading over her shoulder and that she has to get off this computer and get some studying done and other things that are just taking her attention away from me...she says to stop whining and there are lots of animals worse off than me and I should be grateful...(I am but you know I have a reputation to protect...ME...ME...ME thing) so maybe she will write again, maybe she won't but at least she did this for me. She really would do anything for me, 'cause she says I am her heart (altho, Hannah named her JuJu) still I am her heart...

BYE for now....Sadie Moon...(when I want to be, if I don't I just pick a name and act like she is talking to someone else!!!WOOF WOOF)


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