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I think I liked it better when Colbe was here!

April 21st 2006 4:46 pm
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Woof to my friends.....
You remember when I last got my mom to write in my diary for me that we had Colbe visiting with us? Well, he went home with his mom and dad....they found a new home in Baton Rouge....I was sad to see him leave if I tell the truth, although, I do not tell my mother those things (she might think I would like to have another friend for real!)...Colbe's parents had to start over again and even though he was with us for almost 3 months, they still had no home, no car and no jobs but God was good to them and found them a place in Baton Rouge. I told Colbe I knew it was gonna be alright and if he ever wanted to come back for a visit, just let my mama know and we would come get him.

Now, remember that other issue that my mom has...the one about graduate school? Well, that has become my worst nightmare. There is this machine that she sits in front of all the time and all I can see are her fingers moving and angry looks on her face most of the time. She stays on it all the time and I don't even get to sit in her lap while she is working on whatever it is. She did tell me one time "Sadie, you cannot stand on my laptop", well, my understanding of laps is that that is exactly where you stand, so what's up with that? She tells me that this will all be over very soon, like I even understand the concept of time....don't dogs just live in the moment? And my other issue is....she KNOWS I DO NOT LIKE CHILDREN so what does she pick for a career? CHILDREN!!!!!!! My mama loves me, I can tell by how she scratches my back for me every single day, whenever I need it....she gives me a greenie every single day and I know they come from Dog Heaven.....she takes a bath with me instead of slamming me off into that big white tub by myself....(some of my friends and her friends laugh at her because of that but I know that means she loves me)....anyway, I just am learning about how to be patient (I didn't know dogs knew what that meant but she has been watching the Dog Whisperer and he says we do know what that means) and I know that after a while, we can go back to our old life of just playing with each other. She tells me she graduates in November this year (whatever and whenever that is)....sometimes, she is funny cause she acts like I understand everything she is telling me!.........
Okay, she says this is all the time she has and has to get back to work on her "school stuff"....I am gonna pout and make her feel bad so she will give me a nice chew bone.....these mamas are such suckers for that sad look....
Hope all you guys and girls are doing good and I am so glad my mama remembered that I like to go on the internet just like she does and look at all my friends......Later, Sadie Moon


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