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A Pug Story

My new little sister!

May 24th 2006 12:11 pm
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Man, do I have the greatest Mom and Dad ever! They got me the best chew toy I have ever seen! They say it's another Pug like me, but she doesn't look a whole lot like me! She's black with some white spots, and she doesn't have all these wrinkles like I have. But she sure is fun! When she's not sleeping, of course. We wrestle for hours, and I like to chew on her leg. I think we're going to have a great time hanging out while Mom and Dad are out. Now I won't get so bored by myself!


Finally an update!

March 22nd 2006 7:01 am
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Well it's been a while, and I've grown so much! I'm almost 9 mths old now, but I'm still acting like a puppy! I still have so much energy, even though I got fixed. My mommy and daddy thought I would calm down once I had my surgery, but I showed them!! I'm even more wild!! And I still haven't gotten the hang of going to the bathroom outside. Sometimes I just can't hold it for as long as they want me to! So now they have to get up early or in the middle of the night to give me a little break. They don't know I heard them, but Daddy said I have until 1 year old to shape up, or I'm outta here! (He says that, but I know I'm way too cute for him to give up!) I've been having a blast running and playing with other dogs. I got to meet a big German Shepard mix named Bo, and a Jack Russel named Oz. We had fun playing at their house. And I got to run around with Amber and show off my speed when we went over to her house this weekend. And the best part of that weekend was that I got to see one of my favorite cousins Amanda!! I love her!! I got to chew on her hair and snort in her face while I sat in her lap! It was great! Ok well, I have to go for now, got my baby to chew on!



November 29th 2005 10:30 am
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Well my holiday was great! Well, the second half of it anyway. Mommy and Daddy had to go away and they couldn't take me, so I had to wait for them to get home. It took forever! But finally they came and got me and took me to Grandma and Grandpa Fee's!! There were so many people there, and I got so much lovin! And I got to see Amber again! It was awesome. Mommy thought I'd be tired enough to take a nap there, but I showed her! I kept goin and goin all night! Even when the big people all started playing poker at the big table. I just moved around from lap to lap and tried to figure out how to play! And these people kept takin pictures of me! Well finally I snuck away and curled up on Grandpa's big chair and fell asleep for a little bit. Just a little puppy nap to get my energy back! They were all up so late playing poker that I got so much playing time! But I was ready to go by the time Mommy won the game. I slept good that night!


Busy Day

November 13th 2005 6:44 pm
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Today Mommy and Daddy took me for a LOOONG walk! We walked so far, and went to some fun stores. I met so many people, and they all loved me! They all wanted to pet me and play with me. It was great! Then later on we went to Grandma and Grandpa Fee's. The entire family was there, and it was a blast! I got to run around and chase Amber. I don't know why she kept running away from me though! I'm so much fun! And I got so much lovin from everyone. So tiring though! I fell asleep on Mommy and so they took me home to rest. It was such a fun day.


November 10, 2005

November 10th 2005 4:59 pm
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Well I wish we would have thought of this sooner! So much has happened to me since Mommy and Daddy brought me home on September 3rd! First I got to see my new home! Sure beats the stinky cages at the store. And I got 4 new brothers and sisters! That made me so happy, because all my brothers and sisters already got sold from the puppy store and I was the last one left! (But I am the cutest -- SSH) So anyway, about my sibs: my brother Moose is bigger than me, he's a big fluffy cat that I love to roughhouse with! He's older too; he's 2 years old! Next is his sister Minnie, who's the same age as Moose, but so much smaller. She was always sick though, and a few weeks ago, she passed on. I'll miss her so much. Then comes Daisy and Buster. They are ferrets, and they are over 1 year old. I love to chase them all over the house. I'm so happy to be part of such a big happy family! I love my Mommy and Daddy and they love me. They take me places, like to my Grandma, Grandpa, & Aunt Crystal's house. I get lots of treats there and get to see Amber and Junior, other dogs I like to play with. I love seeing my Aunt Kelly too! Everyone I meet plays with me and I love it! I also got to dress up for Halloween. I was a scary dinosaur! I'm a Pugasaurus Rex! I had fun trick or treating with all those kids! Ok, well my next diary entry will be shorter; I just had so much to say this time!

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