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Home:Long Island, NY  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 13 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Little Girl, Silly Girl

Doggie Dynamics:
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Quick Bio:
-pound dog

October 17th 2003

Mommy, subduing her squeaky toys (especially the reindeer one), staring out the window during car rides, sleeping in Mommy's or Auntie's beds (preferably snuggled under the covers), being fussed over, barking

Being left alone, having to take medicine, rambunctious dogs (especially larger ones), rambunctious teenagers, rain, cold, puddles, the hairdryer, her doggie sweater (even if it does keep her warm)

Favorite Toy:
Tennis balls made for small dogs or cats, various dolls

Favorite Food:
Anything she can steal, since she has to stay on a strict diet to help her digestion.

Favorite Walk:
Walks with Grandpa, because he stays out longer than Mommy

Best Tricks:
Running around really fast in circles and jumping up high off the ground when Mommy comes home; Also knows all her basic obedience commands and did really well with agility when her doggie class tried it once (she liked the dogwalk in particular)

Arrival Story:
I adopted Penny from the local animal shelter. She had been abandoned and left there overnight by herself. I had been wanting a Papillon for some time but couldn't afford a purebred and there weren't any available to adopt nearby. So I decided to broaden my search and considered several small dogs. I had actually been set to drive to a different animal shelter to adopt a poodle mix, when I saw Penny's picture on Petfinder, and decided it couldn't hurt to take a look at her. She was so friendly, and so cute, I knew right then my search had ended.

Penny is a 12 pound chihuahua mix. The chihuahua is easy to see in her (those big ears are the giveaway), but nobody is exactly sure what the rest of her is. She shares her home with a 43 pound Rottweiler mix and an 11 pound mixed breed cat. She loves bullying Nina, the Rottweiler. Nina, who was here first, has been amazingly tolerant of Penny. If Penny barks or growls at her, she just stares back calmly. She has even let Penny take food out of her bowl while she was eating from it! It's really surprising because Nina has never been one to back down from another animal. After a few months, Penny figured out that Nina isn't the enemy, and now she'll even play with Nina from time to time. Penny, unfortunately, likes bullying Risa, the cat (who doesn't care for any dog on this earth). Penny loves getting attention from humans, but isn't too crazy about other dogs, especially larger ones (which is a problem, since almost all dogs are bigger than she is). I think she feels that the best defense is a good offense. Update: Penny graduated from Basic Obedience and knows sit, down, stay and come (and will spin in circles incredible quickly on command). She's even learned to do those things even when she can't smell a treat in my hand (but she's always more enthusiastic about it when there is). Update #2: Penny has passed her Canine Good Citizen Test! Update #3: Penny is now a certified Therapy Dog with the Good Dog Foundation!

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Have squeaky toy, will travel

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And Indy passed too!!! CGC baby!

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November 9th 2005 More than 11 years!

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I'm a Certified Therapy Dog!

September 14th 2007 10:52 am
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Wow, it's been a long time since I had something to say, but so much has happened. Mommy knows how much I love meeting people and having them pay attention to me, so she decided to take me to pet therapy classes. I was happy because Peg was teaching me again - she's the one who taught me how to behave nicely in the first place. Anyway, I learned all kinds of things, like how not to be afraid of people in wheelchairs or people who speak or act funny, and after 6 weeks, I graduated! Mommy says our local paper even wrote an article about the class and mentioned me in it. Unfortunately, Mommy says we have to move and she's really, really busy trying to get a lot of stuff done right now, so we haven't had time to start visiting people yet, but I can't wait! And I'll even be able to wear a spiffy new bandana to show everyone I'm a therapy dog. Mommy tells me all the time how proud of me she is and how much she loves me. I'm glad I made her happy (especially because she buys me more squeaky toys and the mini tennis balls I love so much). Life is good!


I Passed My Canine Good Citizen Test!

October 16th 2006 11:59 am
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Saturday was such a crazy day! My Mommy and Grandpa took me to New York City. I was there once before, when Mommy wanted to show me what a street fair was like. There were lots of people that time and some dogs too, but I liked it because there were some people in stands making all sorts of yummy foods, and I was lucky and even managed to eat a little bit of food that had dropped on the ground before Mommy could stop me.

But that was nothing compared to Saturday! Mommy took me back to NYC to go to something she called the Central Park Dog Fair. I liked the park itself because it had lots of nice grass and trees, but it was so crowded! Mommy said that last year over 6000 people were there and there'd probably be more this year. All around me were so many people and dogs. And more than a few got too close to me and tried to sniff me, which I really, really don't like, especially when I'm already so overwhelmed. Mommy took me to a less crowded area and said we were going to try to pass something called the Canine Good Citizen test, and that I should try my best. She had me sit and lie down a few times first to remind me how to do them nicely. Then Mommy talked for awhile to a very nice lady who Mommy told me later was something called a judge. I heard the judge ask Mommy what kind of dog I was, and she told her I was a Chihuahua mix, and that a lot of people thought I might be part Boston Terrier. The judge said she didn't I looked at all like I was part Boston Terrier, and Mommy asked her what she thought I was. The judge said I looked like I was part Jack Russell, and Mommy remembered that some other people had though that too, so now Mommy is calling me part Chihuahua, part Jack Russell. I think she needs to make up her mind.

Anyway, we all went inside this area of dirt surrounded by a fence. The judge kept telling Mommy to do different things. First we walked toward the judge, then stopped, then turned around and walked away, then walked back toward the judge, then turned to the left, then walked to the end of the dirt area, close to the fence. The judge said I did very well.

Then Mommy told me to sit and the judge came over and shook Mommy's hand, and brushed my coat a little and lifted up my front paws, which I was ok with, and then my back paws, which I didn't really like but I wasn't rude. I didn't bark or growl or snap or anything, I didn't even try to run away. Then the judge touched my ears, which I never mind when someone does that, as long as they're gentle. And the judge said I passed that part.

Then Mommy told me to sit again, and the judge came over and started petting me, which of course I liked. I really wanted to jump up on her to lick her, and I tried to, but Mommy tugged on my leash and said, No Jumping. And the judge said I passed that part too.

Next, the judge moved a bit away and Mommy told me to sit and lie down, which I did perfectly. Then she gave the leash to a different woman to hold and moved all the way back to the other end of the fence. She called out to me to come to her, and I ran as fast as I could to her, 'cause I love running to my Mommy! The judge laughed and said I passed that part too.

Next a different woman holding a greyhound on a leash came by and she and that dog and Mommy and I all walked toward each other and we stopped in fron of each other. Mommy shook the other woman's hand and they talked to each other for a few seconds, then Mommy and I and the other woman and the greyhound kept walking in opposite directions. Mommy told me later she was really proud of me because I didn't growl or bark even once at the greyhound even though we were pretty close to each other. But the greyhound didn't come right up to me or try to sniff me or stared right into my eyes, so I was ok with it. As long as I have my personal space, I can be pretty polite! Anyway, the judge said I passed that part too.

Next, three strangers walked inside the fenced area; they were at one end and Mommy and I were at another. Then we all started walking towards each other, and two of the strangers walked by me on one side and the other walked past me on the other side, and we stopped walking when we got to all the way to the other end. Then we all did the same thing again, except this time the strangers ran past me fast and were talking really loudly (I have no idea why) and I turned my head to watch them but didn't try to run towards them or make any mean noises or anything, so the judge said I passed that part too.

Finally, Mommy and the judge and I all walked out of the dirt area to a really big tree further off. Mommy gave my leash to the judge and walked away. I tried to see where she was going but the judge held onto my leash so I couldn't, and I just stood there with the judge. A couple of times I walked a little away and saw Mommy, but then she'd move off to the other direction and I couldn't see her again. Finally, the judge walked me back to Mommy, and asked Mommy (nicely) she was really out of sight the whole time. Mommy said yes and that she even moved off when she saw that I could see her, and the judge said she was really impressed because I behaved myself very well, and she thought I might have some trouble because Mommy told her about how I had been tied up by the animal shelter and left there all by myself overnight. But I was very good and the judge congratulated Mommy and said I passed the whole test, and told Mommy she was really proud of her (I think because of how Mommy adopted me even though I had stomach problems for a long time and can be very bossy at home with Nina and the cat, and because I didn't even know how to sit when Mommy first took me to obedience class). Mommy looked so happy, and she hugged me and told me she was proud of me.

After that, Mommy said we were going to the agility ring. We stood outside it for a long time, which I didn't like because there were so many people crowded around us and very little space between me and the other dogs. Finally, we went into the ring. First I walked through these sticks that Mommy called weave poles. I'd never done that before, but I did it just fine. Then we went up to the tire, and for a second I tried to remember what I was supposed to do, because this part seemed familiar and I knew that once I had done this before. Then I remembered and jumped through it very nicely. Then I walked up and down this thing Mommy called the A-Frame. I had never done that before either, but I did fine on it, even though it looked a little intimidating to me. Then I jumped over three bars, one after the other, and I did that perfectly. The last thing was the tunnel. I had done this before once in obedience class, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it this time (the tunnel was also much longer than the one I went through in obedience class). Mommy hugged me and said it was ok anyway, and that I had done really well. I noticed that a lot of other dogs wouldn't go through the tunnel either, so I think I was probably right about it not being a good thing. Then it was time to leave and I was pretty relieved. There were just so, so many people and dogs all at once, more than any I'd ever seen before in my whole life, and I'm three years old! And let me tell you, when you're as little as I am, it can be downright dangerous to be surrounded by so many others, you know what I mean? Anyway, we went into the car and drove home, and Mommy went through the goody bags she and Grandpa had filled with lots of stuff, including some yummy smelling treats. Mommy gave me a little piece of one, then I settled down in the back for the rest of the ride home. It was a crazy, intimidating day, but Mommy seemed really happy with me, and we got some treats to bring home, so I guess it was worth it!


Graduation Day

December 17th 2005 3:56 pm
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Wow! Today was a great day. It was the last day of obedience class - I graduated! The teacher even gave Mommy a diploma at the end. Both of them were really proud of me 'cause when I started, I didn't even know "sit," and I didn't really want to learn either. But I did, and now I know sit, sit-stay, down and come, and I walk nicely on my leash (of course, I always did). Since it was the last class, the teacher put all these weird things on the floor that she called agility equipment. The first thing I did was jump through something that looked like a tire hanging above the floor. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but then I got the hang of it. By the end of the class, I could do the whole course - sitting inside the hula hoop, jumping through the tire and over the bar, going through the tunnels and over the dogwalk. The dogwalk was the one I liked the best. They didn't even have to show me what to do, it was as if I already knew. I just jumped right on it and walked (or ran, depending on how fast Mommy went alongside me) along it, and jumped down. I wasn't scared of it at all. Mommy says if she had the money, she would enroll me in an agility class since I took really well to it, but that'll have to wait until she gets a better job. She's really proud of everything that I accomplished, especially 'cause she's only had me for a couple of months. I still annoy her when I start barking and won't stop, but she said she's buying some ultrasonic thing. She says it's a box that will make a noise only I (and Nina, I guess) can hear when I don't stop barking.

Even though the barking annoys her, Mommy says she still loves me lots. She lets me take naps with her and gives me lots of hugs and kisses. I'm really glad she took me away from that noisy place I was in, this is much nicer. Sometimes I even play chase with Nina in the house. And all that yucky snow has finally melted away. Things are pretty darn nice right now!

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