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Bad Boy

Raja interviewed me I am so excited

May 5th 2009 10:39 am
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Here goes:

RB: How did you get your furever name?
Jovi: Mom named me after her favorite band Bon Jovi. Before that I was just called puppy.

RB: You live in Staten Island. How big is the island? Do you often take the ferry to go to New York?
Jovi: The island is not that big. I personally have not taken the ferry to the city but mom has when her Dogster friends have come to visit. She takes an express bus to work and when I have gone in to the city I was always driven 

RB: Do you always have a New York state of mind, BOL! Tell us about New York City. What is it like to be a dog in one of the most exciting cities in the world?
Jovi: Funny you should mention that song because mom loves Billy Joel. Its fun being a dog in an exciting city. I have gone to meet a few Dogster pals in Central Park. We have had picnics and I was always with my pal Spuds. I got to see the horses and carriages. I even went to a meet up with Gibbon Spuds, Murphy and Crazy Daisy in a doggie store. The best thing I think was the Canine Cruise around NY. Meet a lot of Dogster pals were there.

RB: You became famous thru the Staten Island Advance. What was that about?
Jovi: Mom got a phone call from Dogster Headquarters. It seemed they were approached by the newspaper who wanted to do an article on dog networking. They asked mom if she would mind be interviewed for the paper and that rest is history...BOL !

RB: Do you like other dogs? Do you have a good pal you play with?
Jovi: I love other dogs. My favorite pal to play with is Spuds. We play this game our moms call toss the Jovi. He throws me in the air and I run back for him. Sometimes he tries to find my off button when I squeak too much. 

RB: You are supposed to be one very hyper dog. What do you do to balance your energy?
Jovi: I rest while mom is at work and when she comes home there is no stopping me. I play with my toys and my pillow (shhhhhh cant say what I do with that) When mom wants me to calm down I usually get a bully stick to chew on. I bark alot at every sound I hear. More like squeaking... 

RB: Anything else you would like to add for our readers.
Jovi: I just want to add that I love all my Dogster pals. You are all so special in your own way. Thank you Raja for doing this interview I really enjoyed it.

RB: What does the CEGE stand for?
Jovi with a smile: Certified Eye Glass Eater!

RB: And that of course has a story behind it. But I will leave it for next time


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