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Keeko's Adventures

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I'm free!!

July 10th 2013 2:10 pm
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When I passed over the rainbow bridge, mama had me cremated. She received me back in a little box. She's had me in her top dresser drawer now for 6 months. She would take me out and talk to me and cry then put me back in.

Today, mama took me out of the drawer and out of the box. She actually held me in her hands and cried. She told me it was time to finish my trek over the bridge. Her and Cheeto went to ICW trailer park in Aransas Pass where we had so much fun one summer. She kissed my rabies tag and my collar and threw them into the bay then she scattered my ashes into the water. As my ashes hit the water, they sparkled. Mama got a peaceful feeling that I was telling her good-bye and I love you.

**Mama here**
Keeko let me know that he was okay as I scattered the ashes in the water. They sparkled like glitter as the sunshine hit them. I know he's at peace, just as I am now. His journey is complete. I called my daughter just before scattering them. She was the one he picked when he was a puppy and she was there at the end to say good-bye. I know in my heart, he will always be watching over me as he was in life here on earth. He was my soul mate and God put him in my life just at the right time.

I love you sweet boo and promise we'll be together again someday!!!


January 8th, 2013 -- My trip over the rainbow bridge

July 10th 2013 1:57 pm
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Well it's been a long time since October when I lost my tongue to the darn bee. I've learned to drink and eat but I have tremendous amount of drool flowing from my mouth. I can't control it so mama has found some human baby clothes that work to cover my fur so it doesn't get wet all the time. I'm totally miserable because the clothes irritate my skin and make me itch so bad but when I don't have the clothes on, my fur gets soaked with the smelly drool. I look at mama and beg her to help me.

Finally on the morning of January 8th, she tells daddy to say good-bye. She calls the vet clinic and ask for Dr. Matt. He wasn't in that day but mama knew if she waited for him to be in the office, she might chicken out and not take me so she just made the appointment with the available vet.

We get the vet clinic, she is crying so hard and I'm really nervous and concerned for her. I've taken care of her for 9 years and I can't stop now. We go into the little room and the vet explains to her what is going to happen, she's determined that she will stay with me to the end.

The vet gives me the first shot, I scream and jerk around so much. Mama is trying to hold me but I'm jerking around so bad she can't hold on. The vet tells mama that I'm not hurting and should stop the jerking in a few seconds, I don't. He says I need another shot, so he gives me one more. I settle down, but continue to look up at mama and sigh. I was still breathing and mama asked the vet why I'm still breathing, he says I'm fighting and need one more shot. (he gave me enough for a 65lb dog and I weighed only 20lbs). I just kept on breathing and mama kept on crying. She bent down and kissed me and told me it was okay, I could go. I took my last breath after that. I knew she would be okay.


October 18, 2012 (Warning.....long and graphic)

May 18th 2013 7:59 am
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Mama was having a really bad day with her MS pain so she went down to the main gate on the ranch and locked it so I couldn't get in the road. I had acquired a habit of going that direction and on several occasions she had found me roaming the road.

She came home and let me out to play and explore. She laid down and rested for a bit. After about thirty minutes or so, she looked out the window to check on me. I was sitting in the driveway so she stepped out and called me. I didn't come to her, if fact I didn't even look up at her.
She walked out towards me and noticed that I was covered in blood. She couldn't even tell where it was coming from. She picked me up and ran to the house, got her purse and very quickly drove me to the vet.

Dr. Matt started checking me over and noticed the blood was coming from my mouth. He finally got my mouth pried open and said that I had chewed off the majority of my tongue. He couldn't tell because of all the blood exactly how much damage was done so he kept me at the vet office to clean me up and check me out more. He called mama a couple of hours later and said she could come pick me up. He thought since I was yelping and screaming so much that I was gonna be okay. He didn't know the only reason I was making such a commotion was that I wanted out of the cage and Mama!!!

Mama and daddy came and picked me up and took me home. Daddy went back to work and left me and mama to rest. As the day wore on, the bleeding started back up and I was quietly whining with pain. Mama called the vet and he said to bring me on in and let him check me again. When daddy got home we all went back to the vet. He gave me a shot to get my blood to clot and a pain shot. He also gave mama four more pain shots to use later.

Mama gave me a gentle warm bath and cuddled me until I was dry. We went to bed and mama cried herself to sleep.


Lotsa Stuff

May 18th 2013 7:12 am
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Well, where to start? Lotsa stuff has gone on since 2009, my last diary entry.

In 2010 not much happened except we adopted another rat terrier named Hank. We got along pretty good except I didn't really like it when he sat in mama's lap. We ended up having to give him back to the adoption agency cause he was allergic to pecans and we had a huge pecan tree in the back yard. In fact, there were pecan trees all over town. He would eat the pecans and then cough and choke so bad. Mama really loved him and hated to send him back but we heard later that he got adopted really quick and went to a great home, with no pecans around. LOL

In 2011 and half of 2012 we were in the Fort Worth, Texas area. We sold our house in Menard which meant no more doggie doors and moved into our travel trailer with Daddy. Mama had been living in Menard and Daddy lived in the travel trailer in the Fort Worth area so he could work. They decided they wanted to be together and so that's what happened. Daddy was working night times so me and mama had to very quiet during the day. We went to the park walking ALOT. It was a really cool park with a river in the middle of it with lots of ducks. I got to bark and chase the ducks usually right before we got in the truck to leave the park.

In July 2012 Daddy got a new job in the Comanche, TX area so we took our house and moved. We were staying in the coolest place. There was LOTS of open land and a pond, lots of things to chase and bark at like deer, turkey, rabbits, squirrels, cats, just to name a few. They also left lots of cool good smelly stuff to roll in. BOL I didn't have to have a leash or fence, I could run and play as much and as far as I wanted. Me and mama would take really long walks to the pond and I would chase the frogs and deer.


I played tug with a Doxie, really...........

July 8th 2009 2:31 am
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This weekend me and my family went on a little vacation to the lake. There were LOTS of other dogs there. I stayed away from most of them cause they were WAY bigger than me and a little bit mean.
There was however, a very cute (yeah right) doxie puppy. He tried to kill mama with doxie kisses and she kept letting him. Everyone thought I was being a little too rough for the poor little thing. (again, yeah right) He had used his mind control to get all the furless ones. He would lay in their laps and cover them with those doxie kisses. They would oooo and aaahhh and giggle like a bunch of kids. Then he would attack me and bite with those razors he had for teeth.
One particular time during his mind control session on my furless aunt, he jumped down from her lap and attacked me. I was attacking back when my furless aunt reached to pick him up. I was not through with my attack so I grabbed him with my front paws. My furless aunt was pulling his tail side and I was pulling his head side. I think he stretched another good 6 inches. Maybe that's how they came to be so long, hmmm, it's a thought..............................


Spider Rock!!!!!

October 24th 2008 7:55 am
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Well me and mama were on one of our daily walks to the pier and I saw this strange looking thing. It looked kinda like a rock but when I smelled it, it had arms that came up and pinched my nose. OUCH!!!

I pushed it with my paw and another arm came up and pinched my paw. What kind of rock has pinching arms? I quickly swatted and back away. Ha mr. rock. I got you now. I swatted at it again but then made the mistake of sniffing again. (I have short term memory problems)(it's a terrier thing, I think).

Anyway, this sniff made the wierd rock stand up and move. It wasn't a rock at all. He looked like a gigantic spider but mama wasn't screaming so I knew he was one of those. What kind of creature was this thing. I put my nose up under it and shoved real hard. Hahahah mr wierd thing, take that. He stood up and started crawling into the water. Hahaha now your gonna drown in that salty stuff!! I was feeling all proud of myself. I had saved mama from the spider rock.

When we got back to the trailer I was all ready to tell daddy about my adventure. He was there with his bait bucket. He said something about catching a crab in his net. He told mama he was wondering what I would do with it. Come on daddy put this "crab thing" down and let me have. I'll show you what I'll do with it.

About that time I noticed, ANOTHER SPIDER ROCK. Oh no, run for you lives they are everywhere. There's no stopping them. Daddy says they are "crabs" and they live in the salty water. They won't hurt you, in fact people eat them. "Well go ahead daddy eat that thing if you want. BOL hahahaha "Should I tell them they will pinch the fire out of him?? Naw, I'll let him find out for himself" hahahahahahaha


Camping by the dock of the bay

October 21st 2008 3:58 pm
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My daddy got transferred to a new place and me and him and mama aren't living in a house anymore. We are all living in daddy's "dog house". Okay it's really called a travel trailer.

I kinda don't like this place cause there's not a doggie door for me to go out of anytime I want and I have to be on a leash everytime I do go out. But then in a way, I like it cause mama has to go with me everywhere.

Well, me and mama went walking the other day when I first got here. There is water all over the place just like there was when we camped at the lake. I wanted to cool my feet off and get a drink so I stepped in it and took a big ole lick. YUCK!!!!! Someone must have spilled the salt shaker in that hole. We walked on a little further and I tried another hole and it tasted like salt too. I bet my granny is gonna be really mad cause with all the salt in this water, there's probably not any left to put on food.

We went on back to the trailer and I noticed that the salt shaker on the table was full. Mama you better lock the door and hide that cause there's gonna be furless ones all over you fur that salt.

Mama explained that we are at the bay and the water is supposed to be salty. I sure don't understand why anyone would want salty water but "oh well". As long as you keep my bowl full of "good" water, I don't have a problem with it.


Day 3

October 12th 2008 5:32 am
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We left the park on day 2 and drove and drove. We finally stopped. What is this place? Oh my goodness, I remember. We are at my furless aunts house. I like this place. Lots of room to run and lots of other woofs to run and play. She has like a jillion dogs. Oh okay maybe not a jillion, but it seems like it sometime.

I get out of the truck and am met by the first three of her pups. There's Montana, he's a very old slow peaceful pup. Fancy, she is a happy fat sassy girl and Hobo, a gentle giant. I growl my greeting and let them know that she is MY mama. They can ONLY talk to her after I approve. Oh, okay mama I'll quit growling and behave, but only cause I wouldn't want to hurt anyfur. BOL

We get in the house and there is Rowdy. He is a big ole ball of fluff. A cat with an attitude but nothing like the one I met previously at my furless sisters. This cat knows what a woof is and how to play. He doesn't use those razor blades on the end of his feet very often and when he does it's usually quick and to the point or should I say nose. I'll stay out of his way cause I wouldn't want to hurt him.

All the other jillion dogs run into the house. The guys come in first to check me out. Jake, a scaredy cat uh er I mean dog. Dakota the loud young teenager and and Bailey the quiet king of the pack.

Now with that out of the way I can play with the grrrrrls. Missy, Gracie, Annabelle, Annie, Cheyenne & Ginger.

My aunt and uncle decide to clean out the doggie pools. (yes these lucky ones have pools galore). My uncle turned on the pressure washer and those grrrls started having a fit. They were totally crazy wanting to play in the water. I like water, to drink but not spraying right up my nose. That stuff burns!!!!

Well, mama has the truck packed and it's time fur another adventure.


Our adventure -- 2nd day

October 11th 2008 3:46 pm
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I woke up early the next morning to a strange sound. It was familiar but I hadn't heard it in a long time. Let me go deep into my memory banks and try to pull it out. Oh what the heck, that's too much effort, I think I'll just go investigate.

I started growling and mama jumped up and told me to shhhhh. She opened the door and we went into the next room. There he was, the little boy that mama calls her "grandbaby". He was talking to something in a cage. I had to get a closer look. As I got closer to the cage the "something" inside started making this lound "thump" noise. Mama said it was a bunny and his name was rory. I never heard of a bunny having names and living in cages. The only bunnies I ever saw was at granny and papa's house. They just hopped all over the place. I think this one should be out of the cage. I started squealing and scratching to open the cage but mama said he had to stay in. I want to play with Rory.

The "grandbaby" started running and I growled and jumped on him. I got in trouble for that. I guess I forgot that you are supposed to be gentle around little kids and babies. Just about the time I was getting all calmed down and letting him pet me, another "baby came into the picture. She was smaller but still able to walk that funny little way that they walk. She was running toward me and screaming and I was kinda freaking out. What do I do? Where do I go?

Mama picked me up and held me tight. She explained to the second baby that you have to be nice to me so I'll be nice to her.

Then me and mama got in the truck again. We left there and I was beginning to wonder what was going to be my next discovery in this big adventure? We stopped at my favorite fast food place, Sonic. She got some food and drinks and then we went to the park. This isn't gonna be so bad.

My aunt was there with her two dogs. We got to play together. The only bad thing was we had to be on our leashes the whole time. The two "babies" came too but it was fun with them outside. They held my leash and ran and played with me. They were also very good about sharing their food. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!

Well, day two was finally over and we were on the road again. I wonder what tomorrow will bring........................


Day 1 of our adventure

October 10th 2008 8:31 am
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Me and mama are leaving home to do some "traveling and visiting". The plans are, me and mama are going to visit my furless sister and then I'm gonna spend the night with her and "Gizmo". That's her kittie's name. Mama is going to spend the night with her "adopted daughter, husband and kids" I can't go there cause they don't allow dogs. (I'm kinda sad but happy too cause I get to play with a kittie again)

Yeah we're here. I can't wait to meet Gizmo and play with a kittie again. I potty and then go into Tonya's apartment. That's when I see it........

It was gray and white and bigger than me by a couple of pounds at least. All of a sudden it LEAPED and landed right on top of me. Yikes mama, please don't leave me here all alone. Tonya put it in her bedroom and shut the door and I got off my leash. Good now I can go find the kittie. I sniffed around the apartment. It was definitely there somewhere but I didn't see a kittie. I looked over and under and around but still didn't find a kittie.

Tonya says something about maybe we can try it again. She's going to the bedroom door. NO DON"T OPEN THAT DOOR -- IT WILL ESCAPE AND ATTACK AGAIN!!!!

The door opens...... I don't see it, where is it??? Stupid me and my curious terrier instinct. I just HAD to stick my nose in there and check it out. SWIPE right on the end of the nose. That thing is MEAN. He comes out of the room at me. Yikes!! I go into the living room where mama is sitting and get as far up on her shoulder as possible. SAVE ME MAMA!!!

Oh my gosh, that thing can climb. Mama is reaching out to it. No mama don't do it. It has razor blades built in. Mama is petting it. "Oh your a beautiful cat"

If that's the "kittie" that everyone's been talking about, I ain't playing with it. I ain't talking to it and I SURE AIN"T spending the night with it. I'm going wherever you go mama.

And I did.................................................

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