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Home:Pleasant Ridge, MI  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Female   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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LOTS (all very accurate) -- BooBoo, PooPoo, Poopala, Pukey, Dr. Wiggles, Nerd, Stompy, CrazyFace, Wags, Slim, Stretch, Space Cadet

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:

September 19th 2003

Paws down, THE WALK is the favorite activity. The moment "OK" is heard, the stick-hunt is on. Bouncing up and down the sidewalk with the stick in her mouth -- she's in Heaven! Only thing that can get her to forget about the stick is a cigarette butt.

Needlessly-loud vehicles (or ANY sudden, unexpected loud noise), bullies, getting ears cleaned (doesn't mind the teeth anymore).

Favorite Toy:
A stuffed bear from Gertie. The Crazy Cow had a good run, but then in an unfortunate accident his brains were torn out (we are told) by a wolverine. Angel Bear (may she rest in peace) reigned until clothes were torn off and the wolverine struck again.

Favorite Food:
American cheese... But also including wood chips, dental floss and other personal items, cat poop, poisonous/hallucinogenic vegetation, drywall mud... Basically anything is her favorite, whether it will cause her severe digestive problems or not.

Favorite Walk:
Any walk is a good walk!! Ripley enjoys outdoor wine tastings in the Chicago area, but Rosie's Park (at home) is the best. Rocketing around with her stick/softball/frisbee, running all over the playscape and down the slides, the nature trail, endless fun!

Best Tricks:
Obedience is her best trick (a huge feat for a dog with the energy level of a nuclear reactor). She has not used a leash since she was maybe 6 months old, and would like us to add that she has paid her dues and EARNED this privilege.

Arrival Story:
My wife and I each wanted our own dog for as long as we had lived on our own... But before we were married, it just wouldn’t have been fair to any dog -- we just weren't home enough, and had no free time. So finally we got married in late 2003. We thought we wanted a Weimaraner (because they're so beautiful), but they get a little larger than we wanted, and we had heard that they could tend to be obstinate and sometimes selective with which people they are nice to. The Vizsla was suggested to us as a smaller and more friendly alternative, with the same general look as the Weimaraner. Everything we read about them on the internet was very positive, most importantly that they want and NEED love and human companionship. Sure, they have a lot of energy, but if you love to go for daily walks (MANDATORY) and want a super-intelligent, SUPER CUTE, sleek, majestic-looking dog that wants to be with you every second, then you want a Vizsla. Just be careful not to let them TRAIN YOU! The breeder we chose located in Hopkins, MI and we picked her up the day we got back from our honeymoon. We simply couldn't be happier with Ripley!

We have found Ripley to be too smart for her own good -- it's simply amazing. In the beginning she was eager to please... But then after a month or so, she turned into a demon, and was no longer interested in following our instructions. HOWEVER, thankfully, we soon hit our breaking point and took action. Once we we learned how to discipline a dog properly (in ways that a dog understands), the fires went out, the tornadoes flew off, the lightning stopped, and the clouds lifted. NOW, she has become the dog that we always dreamed about, yet never thought any dog could actually be. AS A FURTHER TESTAMENT TO HER STATUS, Ripley is also the canine ambassador to Grandma Judy, who would never come near a dog until Ripley (bad childhood dog experience). After proving herself, Ripley is now a welcome visitor, present for all family functions at Grandma Judy's house -- she has blazed the trail for the dogs of the future!

Forums Motto:
It's not my fault -- blame the nose!

The Groups I'm In:
RipleyRoom, Shady, Vizsla

Theme Song:
"I Don't Like the Drugs But the Drugs Like Me" - Marilyn Manson

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March 25th 2004 More than 12 years!

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It Ain't Easy Being Lean...

Final Diary Entry

December 12th 2011 2:39 pm
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Over the past couple of days, I had slowly lost the use of my hind legs. As all of you know, everything I do in life is "BALLS OUT", so I was pretty confused and bummed out about this problem. There are so many things for me to do in a day, but I was STUCK. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get my legs to work.

From looking at Mom & Dad's faces, I knew that something wasn't right... And I think they had the same feeling, from looking at mine. Today we went to the vet again, and I didn't come home. I have to say though, that as bad as things were for me, the thing that made me happiest was to be with my family every minute. Mom and Dad cuddled with me all morning, Dad held me in the car, and next to the frozen lake as we waited for the doctors. Once we got in, Mom & Dad cuddled with me until I went to sleep. It was scary, but I knew that with Mom & Dad, I would be taken care of, and things would be OK.

It wasn't long before I woke up again, kinda looking down at myself. While this was a bit weird, it was also pretty cool, because my legs were working again! I really miss being with my family, and always will... And as I watch them, I see how upset they are that I am gone. I am as lucky to have had such a great life with them as they are to have been able to love me so much, in my 8 years.

Nothing eases the sadness that my family and I share right now, but I hope it helps them to know that "Only the Good Die Young!" I didn't have as much time with them as I should have had, but I had a GREAT life. I love you all!



December 5th 2011 10:17 pm
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Since the last time I wrote, there have been some minor geographical changes, but nothing that made a whole lot of difference to me, as I can pick up cigarette butts just about anywhere. I remember mentioning that Royal Oak was loaded w/ squirrels, and that was awesome... But now we're in Pleasant Ridge, which has at least as many squirrels, but lots more "free range" CATS! While Mom & Dad are pretty annoyed by this, it's a pretty good thing for me, as I have been known to be quite the cat poop connoisseur.

The last time I wrote, I was lovin' life. Unfortunately, I've recently been informed that I have cancer, which wasn't the best news. Mom & Dad are taking me to a granola-eating veterinarian later this week, and I'm hoping he can come up with some creative ways to keep me feeling good, since removing lung tumors and chemotherapy (did I spell that right?) are not things that any of us really want to endure. I know I will cherish every day with my family, and keep showing my love for them as much as they do me... But I have a feeling I should get out and have as much cat poop as possible.

They say that laughter is the best medicine. I know how to do a lot of things, but have never learned to laugh. I'm always smiling inside, though!


The pack is growing

February 8th 2009 10:58 pm
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Wow, how the time does fly -- it's been almost 2 years since my last diary entry?? I sincerely apologize to all my loyal fans, but it really couldn't be avoided, as I haven't had the easy access to the computer that I used to.

This summer we relocated to a new place where all the smells are different. Mom & Dad seem to like the place better, and actually, so do I. Why? It's simple -- one word... SQUIRRELS. This place is loaded with 'em -- everywhere I look (and smell), those silly little creatures are looking back and me, and chattering in their senseless language. In fact, right outside our side door, there's an entire family of them, living in a hollow section of a tree -- can you guess, where is the first place I go when we get outside? Everything is cooler about this new place -- I even have a whole new floor to play on, where half the fun is just getting up there (steps!). All I can say is GOOD MOVE, Mom & Dad! Royal Oak is OK in my book.

So now I've come to find out that there's going to be another kid added to the pack. The first one is OK, but more a distraction than anything else. He really can't do much for me. I do get a laugh here and there though, any time he tries to give me a command (which I promptly disregard) -- that's always entertaining. He's also good because he still drops food for me, all over the place, as he eats. Mom & Dad get mad that he's sloppy, but I try to encourage it any way that I can. I guess if there's gonna be another one, at least I'll be getting more "treats" dropped onto the floor throughout my day -- nothing bad about that.

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