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Did you call me grumpy??

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My Pal, Jesse.........

February 17th 2009 7:58 am
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My pal Jesse crossed to the Rainbow Bridge today. Please say a prayer for him. Jesse spent most of his life as a puppy mill dog until his rescue by his angel, Tod. Jesse passed a very loved and well cared for dog. We'll all miss you, Jesse. You made a difference in our lives. Run free, sweet boy.....

Buddy Lee, Maggie, Missy, Kodi and Phoebe (who awaited him at the Bridge).


I have a big dog disease!

January 13th 2008 11:27 am
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I always knew I was a big dog in a little dogs' body...and now I have a disease to back up that claim. I have EPI...or exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, which means my pancreas is shot. We don't know why; it's supposed to be hereditary. Normally it's found in German shepherd dogs, big guys like that. Anyhoo, no more treats and fun stuff for me unless it's got that enzyme on it or it just passes right through me. But the time that vet guy got my diagnosis, I had dropped to 4.8#, lost lots of fur, felt awful, looked even worse and I won't even tell you about my poop: ugh! I was eating and eating but starving to death while doing it. Now, I'm back up to a full 6#, growing fur back (even in spots it wasn't before) and am full of energy! I play with my sister Missy every day now, and my legs have not hurt me at all! Wow!

My Mom said all she wanted for Christmas was for me to be healthy...I think she got her wish! Yay!

It's good to be me!

Buddy Lee ^..^


It's official: I got issues...

December 1st 2007 1:14 pm
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My Mom left me with that vet guy and I had to spend 3 whole days there, without my family! Well, Missy was there, too, but she had her own set of issues to deal with, BOL! Anyhoo, they did tests on me and I do have an enzyme basically I am eating myself to death. How odd is that? I just keep eating and eating and eating...and pooping, pooping, pooping...and losing more weight than ever. I was down to 4.8#...almost the same as when I was a pup! Now they are trying to make me eat some yucky stuff...and no matter how much they try to hide it: I CAN SMELL IT, PEOPLE!!! No Way!!!!

Mom is on nervous overload trying to get me well...she says my butt bones stick out. Not my hip bones (well, they stick out, too) but my actual BUTT BONES! Now, that's skinny! And scary! So bark a prayer for me that I start gaining some meat back......I'd do the same for you.....

Buddy Lee ^..^


Our Friend Blue is missing...

November 4th 2007 10:23 am
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Please check out this website and see if you can help Blue come home.

Click here to go to and help us get Blue home!!

Thanks to all who take the moment to help....what would you want people to do to help YOU get home?

I know my humans would NEVER stop looking for me. And I would never stop looking for them. Sure, an adventure would be fun for a day or so. Smelling new smells, seeing new sights...then I would realize I miss my Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grampa and even my new sister, Missy. But where would I be when I realized that? And could I make it back home? I'm just a little guy but big or little, we'd all be scared. Someone out there probably knows where Blue is........and someone else's heart is breaking because he is not home. Please, help him get there.

Buddy Lee ^..^


Being healthy is hard work!

October 17th 2007 6:57 am
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I'm losing weight again, and that worries Mom. And Dad. And Grandma and Grampa. The only ones not worried are that vet guy and me. Well, maybe I AM worried just a bit.......I had some bloodwork done last week and everything seems ok but I am down just under a pound. Too much for a guy who only weighs 6#. Maybe I am just nervous about my new sister, Missy. Hey, I'm nervous about everything else!

My knees have been bothering me, too. I heard Mom talking to that vet guy about possibly doing surgery, whatever THAT is. YIKES!!!! How can I run to answer the door if I'm all stitched up?? How can I run period??

I had to go to that vet guy to get my "guy stuff" looked at. Talk about embarrassing! I kept licking and Mom (and Dad) said it was excessive. So off to the vet I go. He cleaned out some gunk and I feel better but I still have to check out my stuff every day. Hey, I'm a dog!

My new sister and I are getting along better each day. She and I weighed about the same when she got here but man, oh man, has"blossomed"! She's probably a portly 8# now! It's all those treats she's getting that should be MINE!

I've got to head to the kitchen. Rumor has it Mom is cooking for me! What a gal! Think I'll keep her! BOL!

Buddy Lee ^..^


Things are changing around here!

September 20th 2007 8:50 am
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My world is changing. I got a new sister, Missy, Sunday. We traveled in the car a long time, then went into a room with several strange dogs and new people. Mom and Dad weren't sure I was going to be good, but I behaved myself. For the most part. They introduced me to Missy and, except for some growling, I was not the butt they thought I might be. I was even good on the ride home although I kept giving them the "I gotta go pee-pee" whine but never did anything when they would stop. They finally (FINALLY, I tell you!!) figured out I just didn't want to share my pillow with her! My pillow! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Now, I have to share everything, including Mom. It's been tough but it seems people like me more, now that I am acting like I am happy to see them. That Missy is a charmer, alright! We still have the occasional squabble over food...but for less than a week into this, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grampa think I'm making stellar progress! Yay for me!

I got to meet 3 of my Dogster pals...Otto, Jesse and Ticker! What fun! And hey, they are just as grumpy as me!

Buddy Lee ^..^


Enough with the hats, people!

August 17th 2007 10:18 am
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Do you really have to get every silly dog hat in creation, put it on me, then take my picture for all the world to see??

Enough already! There, I've barked it.

Buddy Lee ^..^ "No fashion icon here"


Darn Big Trees!

July 31st 2007 10:09 am
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Mom says if you look at my last picture, I look like every teenage kid who's ever been on a family vacation: bored to death. We went to see the California Redwoods...home of the Giant Redwood trees. You'd think a dog like me would LOVE to see all those trees, but I really got bored. (Does the droopy ear give it away??)

Anyway, I also got to see the Pacific Ocean, which my Mom loves, loves, loves. I hated it. Maybe because it's WATER and it's COLD....and just maybe because it was RAINING. Whatever. The Labs and Retreivers can have that cold watery mess....I'm a heat-seeker! And I got plenty of that out in the Nevada desert. Mom hated it.......I could think of no place better to spend MY vacation! BOL! I did get to eat some interesting stuff, not all approved by Mom and Dad of course. (Mom kept a journal and I pooped 6 times our first day on the'd think there would be more interesting stuff for her to write about, wouldn't you??)

My human sister Ginny bought me my very own carseat and I thoroughly enjoyed riding in it. I got to sit between Mom and Dad and I could stretch out if I wanted, or curl up and snooze. I snoozed A LOT. Hey, snoozing is an ideal dog vacation...if you ask me!

Buddy Lee...the best traveler around! ^..^


Why puppy mills need to be shut down!!! Please watch this- video!

June 27th 2007 7:51 pm
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My Mom came across this video today; maybe you've already seen it. If not, please take a look, and sign the pledge to rid the world of puppy mills. These 3 ADORABLE pups were rescued...and their story is awe-inspiring.

Please watch it again and again. Please. For Venus, Carmen, Pablo and all the other puppies who slip through the cracks......

Buddy Lee ^..^


Good bye, Phoebe Jean Dumas........

June 3rd 2007 2:39 pm
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My fur sister went to the Bridge today. It's all very confusing for mintue she's here, the next she's not. She didn't come running for her morning cheese......what dog does not love cheese??.....and Mom knew something was wrong. My sister had had really bad seizures Friday.....and she just had not been herself since. Mom told Grandma and Grampa Phoebe had been laying with her arms all stiff and whining. This morning she wouldn't come out of her house; Mom knew her time had come when she found her listless in her doghouse. Mom says now Phoebe can bark all she wants and chase all the birds she wants and lick her paws all she wants.....

I know many of my pals are at the Bridge.......please take good care of my sister until we can all be together again and I can growl at her once more for looking at my treats.......

Buddy Lee ^..^

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