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Missing you

4 Years at Rainbow Bridge - 15th June 2009

June 15th 2009 3:41 am
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Sweet girl, you have been gone for 4 years, I simply cannot remember where those years have gone. It seems like a lifetime since I last saw your face watching me through the window, walking away from the vets. I know now that I knew in my heart that was 'goodbye', I just wish I had said it better sweet girl. I really thought I would see you again, that they could make you better, but it was not to be and so on that rainy morning I gave them permission to let you go and you left this world and all the pain you were in, for a better place. I could never have let you suffer my darling and God needed you more.

I celebrate your life today, I remember you and the love you gave me, the lessons you taught me and how much love you left here in my heart, it truly belongs to you and Zak, for all time.

I send you kisses on the wings of angels and I wish you both peaceful sleep.....................until we meet again.
Moma xxx


Sweet angel Mac

October 26th 2008 4:50 am
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My darling girl, please stay with our angel Mac today, keep him safe and look after him for us. Today is his 2nd anniversary at the bridge and we are going to celebrate his life today in our hearts.

I am missing you so much and hoping that you are happy in Heaven and looking forward to the day when we will meet again and walk over the bridge into eternity together.

I love you more than words can say my angel girl.

Rest in peace little lady until we meet again.
Mommy xxx


In memory of your sweet soul little angel

August 5th 2008 2:00 pm
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I will never stop loving you, never stop missing you and never stop searching for you. One day when Heaven is near I will hold you again in my arms and I will never let you go.

Sleep in peace my darling girl, no more pain. Only the pain of loosing you.

All my love, always and forever.
Your moma xx

— William Beihl on the loss of his dog, Quincy

If your soul could fly on wings of wishes,
And stand again in front of me.
If your heart could send just one more message,
Through your soulful eyes from eternity.

If I could see, and feel, and touch you,
Just one more time like it used to be.
If I could have these things my baby,
I know what they’d say and sing to me.

They would say that you knew how much I’d miss you
And allowed your love to stay with me.
They would sing the songs I still remember
On my long, long journey across life’s sea.

They would make me smile through tears of sadness,
And confirm the fact that will always be:
That of all the souls and hearts I’ve cherished,
Yours had the most nobility.


Missing you

January 12th 2008 6:05 am
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Hi there my angel girl, today is a hard one and I am missing you so much............but then I miss you every day so that is nothing new really. It will soon be 1 whole year since we sent our beautiful 'old man' Zak to be with you at the bridge. I hope you have found each other and that you are together always and forever now.

Have fun there my angel girl, be brave, stay safe and love truly, unconditionally and forever as we love you.

We will meet again one day my angel, I promise. We will hold you again and never let you go, sweet girl. So brave, so true you were, my little trooper.................never showed any signs of the pain you were in right until the end and then it was time, time to take that one last look through the door and time for you to see your moms tears flowing like a river in the storm. I shall never forget you my darling girl, never never as long as I live you will remain in my heart - as much a part of me as I am a part of you, you have my heart until the end of time.

Loving you and missing you always.
Moma xxx


So long ago - 26th Nov 2007

November 26th 2007 4:06 pm
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Hello my angel girl,
It has been so long since I last saw you and held you in my arms. I miss you so much sweetheart. You left so suddenly and there was no time to say goodbye, for that I am truly sorry, I will regret that for the rest of my life but I cannot change it. Nearly 2.5 years now, how the months have rolled on by and how I have wondered if you found peace at from your pain and suffering in silence. You were so brave my lady, so very brave, you continued on when a human would have given up and you are to be praised for that, you truly earned your wings sweetheart.
Since you left us another has gone to the Bridge to be with you, your special friend Zak came to see you in February this year - he is an angel who found his wings. We miss him so much too, more sorrow more hurt more sense of loss, but peace for him too. So for now, be together, play together and be free, fly high and remember me and I will hold you both in my heart forever.
Until we meet again.............peaceful sleep angels, I love you forever. Moma xx

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