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Bug Breath

Springing Forward....

April 7th 2005 7:35 am
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Means only one thing - bugs. Lots of them flying around (ruff!) like tiny frisbees waiting to be caught in my mouth. Tasty though they were, I couldn't continue the hobby. The story below will tell you why, and hopefully inspire you to give them up...for good.

Bugs - By Shep

I used to eat them quite lot... on a cot, while smoking pot, and sometimes even on a tot!

But, I lost my friends, the petting waned, "It's because your mouth stinks!" my darling owner explained.

So instead of eating bugs, slugs, and grasshoppers green, I eat grass, toys, and big plastic things!

My breath is better, my teeth are in good shape that ? yes! my owner's petting me on the nape!

For help recovering from your bug addiction, please call 1-800-BUG-STOP.

Thank You,


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