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Today I ate a hot chile pepper!

MMMM Pasta!

June 19th 2006 6:21 pm
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Well, it's been a while since I ate something I shouldn't but I did it! A whole bag of elbow macaroni! Dry! I liked it because it was crunchy. I chomped all of it up into little tiny shards. The vet told my mom to give me hydrogen peroxide to throw up but I showed her - I didn't! I just swallowed the icky stuff and left her in dismay!

Then I started not to feel so good and threw up some red stuff - mom was scared. I got to eat pumpkin puree though!

Now I'm on to soft food which I've never had before and think it's really yummy. My daddy got me stuff with gravy on it! Yummmm.

I can't wait to see what I get to eat next!


Chile peppers are hot

November 3rd 2004 1:14 pm
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My daddy took me outside to do my business and when I came in, he went back to sleep and left the bedroom door open. In my explorations around the house, tiptoeing around my sister and brother, I noticed a new smell. It was coming from the counter top above the dishwasher. I hadn't smelled anything quite like it before but thought I would check it out a little further. I'm so tall, it's easy to just hop up with a front leg onto the counter top to check these things out.

There was a pile of green things. Mom was outside yesterday and had brought them inside. Mom only puts good stuff up here so I figured these would be da' bomb.

I carefully pulled out the biggest one I could find. The outside was a little crunchy and tangy but the soft white insides and little seeds were really good. At first. Then my mouth started to hurt. Then I went to find mom to let her know she brought in something bad. I panted a bit and mom woke up. She took me downstairs and found the remains of the bad green thing I had eaten. I heard her make a wierd sound and then she got on the phone asking someone about lactose and milk for me. I found the water bowl and started lapping water up like my life depended on it! After all, it sure felt like it did.

Mom hung up the phone while I crawled up into the fetal position on the couch. She brought over a bowl with some milk for me to drink. It tasted really good. I started to feel better, too. The burning in my mouth went away. Ahhhh. I love mom.

-Rosco P. Coletrain.

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