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Life is a Dream

The Lake

July 18th 2006 10:23 pm
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The other day began like any other summer day. Hot and muggy. But it seemed to be extra hot on Sunday. I just blew my coat but it didn't feel like it. Mommy and Daddy kept talking about fixing something called an air conditioner but Daddy said he couldn't until monday so we were all stuck being hot. But then he said "lets take the dogs to the lake." I didn't know what a lake was since I'd never been to one before but I knew I was going somewhere and going anywhere is just wonderful!! Rocky and I bounded into the car and waited while mommy and daddy got in and got Brendon strapped in his seat. Then we started driving and driving and driving. I love a good car ride but if I don't get to sit up front I can't stand more than a quick ride. Well we got to this place surrounded by trees and we went for a walk through them. I'd never seen so many trees before. That's all you could see was trees everywhere until we reached a big clearing. It wasn't a grassy meadow but a giant puddle of water!! So big that I don't think I could've swam across it if I wanted to and so deep that I had to swim if I went out too far. I'm not one for a bath but it was so hot out that Rocky and I just dove right in. It was fun that mommy, daddy and Brendon were all swimming with us. Then we got to get all dirty too!! We dug in the dirt and rolled on moss. I'll never forget the lake and I'll remember next time I hear that word. I'll remember all the fun!! Daddy has since fixed the air conditioner and now I know what that is. It's nice and cool in the house now and only hot outside but I'd go back to the lake in a heartbeat!


My new sister

January 13th 2007 1:24 pm
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I knew it was coming. This happened once before. Even though I was still a puppy the last time I remebered. One day after christmas, mommy dissapeared for a couple days. I missed her so bad but I knew she was out getting me a new playmate. She came home 3 days later with a little pink bundle. They named her Katelyn. Mommy said I have to wait a while before I can play with her but I've been content to check on her when she cries and lay next to her bassinette and protect her. Katie is going to be so much fun when she gets older. I won't even mind if her and Brendon gang up on me :) Oh, I can't wait :)



June 1st 2007 12:23 am
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I was tagged by Bunky and's the rules for everyone I tagged!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me, Dreamy!!

1. One of my favorite places to take a nap is in a nice basket of clean laundry. It's nice, warm, and fluffy. Plus I get to put my hair back on all the clothes where it belongs :)

2. I'm very good with cats BUT...I do not like small breed dogs. They look very appetizing to me.

3. Whe I was a puppy I was accually given to a lady for her niece for jr. show from the lady who owns Kristari siberians. Then the lady went behind her back and sold me to my new pawrents. Thank dog mommy e-mailed the lady at Kristari for show info. She put 2 and 2 together and found out what was going on. My pawrents could've been scammed out of getting me.

4. My pawrents drove from PA to Charollette, NC right after working till 2 am just to pick me up. And then drove straight back home.

5. My registered name is Kristari's Aurora Dream. Kristari in honor of the kennel I was bred at. Aurora for my northern heritage, and Dream because I'm mommy's dream come true. All of her life she had wanted a siberian and I'm her first.

6. I absolutely love babies. I feel I need to be near them at all times. I lay next to them and try to give them kisses. Once they get mobile, I'm happy to be their jungle gym and proud to chase them around sniffing and cleaning their ears :)

7. I will sleep in the bed no matter what anyne does. My pawrents have attempted the kick off, shove off, and force off but none work. I'll be happy to share the bed as long as I'm comfy but you better not even think I'm sleeping on the floor!!

I tagged:

1. Seaak
2. Brady Bleu
3. Digger
4. Max
5. Griffen
6. Duke
7. Kennitt


Feeling Blue

November 6th 2007 7:55 am
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A friend of mine is missing. His name is Blue - officially Yukonwind's Doobie Blues.

I still believe that he is alive and I still believe that he will be found. I have to believe... what would I do if I were missing? Would my humans look for me... would they still look for me after 2 months? after 6? Would other people help them or would they be all alone too? Would someone find me and try to make me theirs? Would I wonder searching for food and shelter? I'd be scared... this I know

Blue is alive, I feel it, but he's scared. He wants to come home and he wonders if anyone cares... if anyone is looking for him.

My humans live many miles away. They have never met Blue or Blue's humans but they are trying in any way to help... help spread the word, help find blue.

So... why help strangers, why help find a dog you don't know?
For many reasons, but mostly because they know that this could just as easily be me. How helpless would any of us pups, kitties or humans feel? Who else could we turn to who would truly understand? We do this because we put ourselves in the shoes of Blue and Blue's humans and because we've come to know that even as strangers, we'd be there for each other...

We do it for our own pack. We do it for the friends we've made here - we do it because we know if any one of us is in need, we will be there for each other.

We do it because Blue needs us... and we all have something to offer, we can all help and add to a sum that is so much bigger than just one.

Please help us - please post this in your diary. Please click here to go to and help us get Blue home!! and share it with your friends, ask your humans to share it with there friends. Please pay this forward - we would do the same for you.

Blue, a black and white Siberian Husky (4 year old male, brown eyes, microchipped) has been missing since May 8, 2007 from Brighton, MI.

Dogster page:

Website :


Telephone: (313) 550-6095
Reward offered for his return, no questions asked.

Permission and gratitude for cross posting. Thank you!


The gate was left open
one bright sunny day
So I thought I would go,
explore, run, and play.

Seeing new things,
this is such fun!
But where do I go,
now that I’m done?

Was it back this way,
or maybe that
Where is my home?
I want to go back.

I have on my collar,
it’s red, white and blue
But, I don’t have my tags
to give someone a clue.

A man comes and gets me,
puts me in his truck
He’s taking me home,
Oh, what luck!

Wait a minute,
this isn’t my home
I’m stuck in a cage,
scared and alone.

People come see me,
so I wag my tail
I love the attention
I get in this jail.

The food is okay,
and the bed is too
But I really miss home,
yet what can I do?

I miss my yard,
my bed, and my ball
But, I miss my master
the most of all.

Where is my master?
It must have been weeks
I know he will come.
He really loves me.

Then someone takes me
down a long hall
I’m confused and uncertain,
I stare at the wall.

I feel a prick,
things start to go dark
I think of my master
and me in the park.

I’m going to sleep now
with him on my mind
Little do I know,
my fate has been signed.

I pray when I wake,
he will be there
Holding me close,
stroking my hair.

I’m sorry I strayed,
who knew the cost?
But it doesn’t have to happen
when dogs get lost.

Lisa Williams

This poem is dedicated to the "stray" animals that do not get reclaimed.


Been a while

November 3rd 2012 5:35 am
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It's really been a long time since I've written but a lot has happened recently around here. A few months ago, the family went out for breakfast and didn't come home for a while. When they did, they brought an intruder! She was this short nosed, snappy little freak with no tail and no respect for house rules. She was mean and selfish with toys and food and kept peeing in the house. I didn't like her at all at first. She's been here a little over three months now and she's not so bad now. She doesn't snap anymore and sctually shares toys. I guess she realized that Rocky and I aren't going to steal her food. She must have had to fight for her food before she came here. She's got a little too much energy for my taste and tends to bug me when I'm relaxing. I mean lets face it, I'm not a puppy anymore like she is. She is helping me lose a little weight though so I guess I should thank her for that. In other news, my favorite toy, my baby, finally got destroyed. Sparkles and I both had one. Me, my puppy and her, her duck. Both of them got holes in them and destroyed squeakers from us playing together with them so much. Christmas is coming soon, maybe Santa will bring me a new one.

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