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Home:Pittsburgh, PA  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Neeko, Neekie, Nikki, Neek, Nick, Nickster

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Rainbow Bridge
Quick Bio:
-purebred-dog rescue

December 6th 1995

To eat, play, and run

He has really bad separation anxiety

Favorite Toy:
Any kind of squeaky toy

Favorite Food:
Ground beef, yogurt, cottage cheese, pizza

Favorite Walk:
Around the block

Best Tricks:
He'll "give you 5" (slap his paw on the palm of your hand when you tell him to give you 5.

Arrival Story:
My beloved Bearded Collie, Duffy was in the final stages of cancer. My mother and I discussed what kind of a dog we would get when he passed away. At the time I was working as a nanny for a family who had a Siberian Husky. She was so sweet. So I told Mom that we should get a Husky. Duffy died on May 17, 1998. On May 20, 1998 we got the Pennysaver in the mail. There was an ad for a free, purebred Siberian Husky. We called right away. It took several hours to get the gal as she was at work. We went out to see him as soon as we got her on the phone. I still remember the first time I saw him. His little white face poking out from behind the door frame. She could no longer keep him because of the separation anxiety. She worked long hours, and he pretty much ripped her apartment to shreads while she was gone! We have learned how to adapt to his wild and crazy personality. We have learned NOT to lock him in a room while we are gone. The last time I made that mistake he ripped the venetian blind off the window. A year after we got him we ended up getting another Siberian Husky, Laika (see separate entry for her). Having her around eased his anxiety quite a bit, but not totally. We used to have it as a joke in our Christmas letter how many times he had ripped the screen door apart trying to get back in the house from the garage when we were at work. Laika's company remedied that situation.

Neekie has a bad back. One time when we came home from work I went to leave he and Laika in from out in the garage. They were both so excited to see us that they both tried to get in the door at the same time. Laika lost her balance and fell on his back. Unfortunately he had his front paws in the kitchen, and his back paws still in the garage. She bent his spine the wrong direction. The vet told us she sprained his back and gave us steroids for him. This happened in September 2000. In November of 2001 he started to be troubled by a pinched nerve. He will be fine and then all of a sudden all his legs go numb and he falls down. We thought he was taking seizures at first. But then found out what it is. I just sit and rub his back until the spasm lets up. Usually about a half hour.

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Large and in charge!!!

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AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY, End Animal Testing, Furry Rototillers Unite!, HUSKIES "R" US, I love my Siberian Husky!!, No More Animal Testing, PA Dog Lovers, Pennsylvania Dogs, Pittsburgh Pups, Pittsburgh Steelers Fans, President Isabel's Animal Abuse Commission

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October 10th 2005 More than 11 years!

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The Life And Times Of Neeko


August 28th 2008 11:01 am
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Neekie went home to be with Mom at 5:09 PM on Sunday August 24, 2008. I found out at his annual vet checkup last August that he had a tumor on his rectum. The vet didn't know whether it was malignant or not. Apparently it was. He was fine up until August 8th when he stopped eating. He was acting fine, just not interested in food. The last food, a can of tuna, I was able to coax into him Sunday the 17th. He continued to drink water up until the night before he died. I had to hold the bowl under his face for him to drink, but he was getting water in him. He'd whine when he wanted a drink. So I was on 24 hour a day "bowl patrol" the last 4 days. Friday night I turned the light out to go to bed and he started crying. He seemed to be afraid of the dark. I guess he couldn't see the other 3 and me. Neekie always did have separation anxiety. The last 2 nights I had to sleep with the light on. On Saturday night he made a weird noise at 9:30 PM. It wasn't a usual noise that he makes. I thought he was thirsty, so I went up and offered him water. But that time he refused it. I knew everything was just about over. I sat on the floor beside him, or laid on the bed for the next 20 hours. At 2:15 AM on Sunday morning he took a seizure. Over the course of the next half hour he took 3 more. Up until then he would move, lick his toungue out, look at me, etc. But after that he seemed to be in a coma, even though his eyes were open. I had the air conditioner on for him so that he could breath easier. With the roar of it all I could do was watch his breathing. He seemed to be breathing OK. At 4:30 PM an elderly woman wrapped her car around a telephone pole down on Beulah Rd, knocking the electric off to this side of Penn Hills. I'm sure she wasn't any too happy about what happened, but she actually did me a favor. With the air conditioner off I could hear him breathing. It was raspy and heavy. I laid there listening to him. And then it just stopped. I actually jumped over to p of him onto the floor so I could get down beside him. By then he was twitching. He gasped a couple of times.....and that was it. The end didn't last anymore than a minute at most. So Mom got her dog back. I know he went directly to be with her. She would never admit it, but she loved him dearly. When she was dying she would get kind of mixed up about things, like where she was. One time she asked me where I was staying. I told her that I was staying at home. That she was only in Mercy Hospital. Then she said, "Who's taking care of Nikki and Boo Boo?" (she always called him Nikki, Boo Boo is Bailey). She was lying there just off a respirator, worrying about her dog.

Neekie was born on December 6, 1995. He joined our family on May 20, 1998 after the death of Duffy. When Duffy was on his way out Mom and I discussed what kind of a dog we should get when we lost him. I was working for people who had a husky. She was such a sweetheart. I told her that I thought we should get a h usky because Nikita was so nice. Duffy died on May 17th. The Pennysaver came out on May 20th with an ad for a FREE AKC registered Siberian Husky. We were on that ad like flies on honey!!!! We went out to Monroeville and got him that night. We soon learned why she got rid of him. He had severe separation anxiety. He had totally trashed her apartment. The worst he did in our house was tear the screen door apart to get in the house out of the garage when we were at work. For years we had a running joke on our Christmas cards about how many times I'd put the screen door back together that year. In December 1999 Mom saw Laika advertised at a local shelter on TV. Neekie was a changed dog after we got her. He became very calm. We always said that Laika would do a lot better without Neekie than Neekie would do without Laika. Thankfully we had already gotten Bailey by the time Laika died in June 2002. In the fall of 2000 Laika (who was a little chunkobutt) fell on Neekie and injured his bac k. He had back issues for the rest of his life. When his back would go out his paws would all go numb and he would just fall over. I'd tell him to sit on my lap. He would drag himself over and plop down on my lap. I'd rub his back until the spasm let up. As I said earlier, he acted perfectly normal up until almost the end. I am going to miss him so much. He was my baby. I can still see that little white face peaking out from around the door frame the night we went to get him. He picked Mom that night as "his". We had to stop at the pet store on the way home for bird seed. I sat with him in the back seat. He sat on the seat with his back to me, watching for Mom to come out of the store. He got so excited when he saw her coming around the corner of the building. He had completely bonded with her......and he had only known her about 20 minutes! While she was sick he never left her. It got to the point that I would have to feed him in her room because he wouldn't come downstairs to eat . I ended up having to take him for walks around the block just to get some exercise so that he wouldn't become a cripple. As soon as we would come in the door he would take off up the stairs to be with her. He camped out on the futon in her room. When she would go into the hospital he would walk around for days howling. I'd be talking to people on the phone and they could hear him going "Woooooooo wooooooooo." in the background. They'd often ask me what that strange noise was. "The dog.", I'd say.

Rest in peace my little Pooder Neek. I know I will be with my pets when I get to Heaven. My pets are my identity, and I just wouldn't be the same person there if they weren't there also.



January 12th 2008 12:54 am
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Our New Pool (Courtesy of ME)

November 28th 2005 4:01 am
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There were some men here the other day. They brought a lot of shiney, metal stuff in to my house. Mom said that I would get in their way while they were working. I got all excited when she put my leash on me. "Yea!" I thought, "We're going for a walk." But she did the unthinkable~ she tied me on my chain out in the front yard!!!! I was ssssoooooo mad. I went, "Wooooo Woooooo!" for a long time, but the men didn't leave and Mom didn't come for me. So I tried crying (REAL loud). The men would just chuckle at me while they were going back and forth from their truck getting tools, and say, "Aw cute doggie." But they didn't help me. After awhile I stopped being mad, and just got really bored. I decided that what our yard needs is a nice swimming pool. I decided that I would start digging one today. I wanted to surprise Mom with it because she likes to swim. I thought I would make her happy, but she didn't seem too happy when she saw it. I wonder why? I thought I did a really good job digging it. Nice and big....and deep. She said that when the workmen were leaving she was talking to them at the door. She just happened to look out the door at me, beyond them. She said that all she could see were my front paws going and dirt flying in the air. Welllllllll, she always taught me to be ambitious, be a hard worker, and do a good job. Mom calls me her furry rototiller!

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