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New Sister

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Passed Away to the Heavens

May 16th 2010 2:39 pm
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Sunday May 2nd @ 10:44pm God decieded Sugar was needed in Heaven to Play & Run and Care for all the Doogies.

It was a sumber day, coming Home to not find my Suga Buga greeting me at the door.
Sugar was the Best Friend I ever had, she knew me well & all the Health problems I had. There will NEVER be another Sugar.

Coco , Babi and Trixy and Roadie her Lhaso apso siblings sure miss her deeply.
Especially Us and We are having a hard time coping with her not being here, She was everything to Us.
I will never understand WHY it was her time but I must accept it and I can hardly write this let alone not think about my baby girl.



February 6th 2010 6:01 am
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Been awhile since I updated- I have a large family now of 4 others *WOW* and they keep me on my toes and know I am THE BOSS!!

We all have such a Good time together and get along well. We Love chasing each other in Our backyard when it's not muddy, but where I live it's rainy alot.

I'm not a trouble maker but they sure are, dragging out all the toys in the Toy Box ripping out all the stuffing and then making it look like I did, hehehe

We have such a Super Family , Our Mommy stays at home so We get alot of attention. I guess You could say , "We are very Lucky"

I've watched several News story about People who breed dogs and then can't care for them, it's very sad. Our Mom & Dad sometimes volunteer at the Local Shelter to help get Food and Supplies for when extra Doggies come to town.

I know My Mommy would love to Foster some Pups but since there are already 5 of Us it would be too hard, but she still goes to the Shelter and give her Love to them.



February 15th 2009 5:14 pm
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No haircut for me ever, hahahaha Oh Lucky me!!!
I get to watch and run around in circles knowing I am not getting a haircut, LOL
CoCo does look very pretty now without all hair. She has such Beautiful eye, she has very very long eyelashes. And since she is Brindal colored now she has a haircut you can really see all her gorgeous colors, So pretty.


Xmas Snow & New Pups

December 16th 2008 7:03 am
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AWE SNOW!!! It started to snow and I love the snow, so get out of my way. I love to Hop and Jump and Chase Gizmo. Also Babi got into the action as well, CoCo is just all girl and doesn't like to get dirty so she stayed on the Porch, but WOW we had a blast chasing each other and gett'n all wet with snow. Nothing like some SNOW for the Xmas days coming up. And another SNOW Storm is coming so LOOK OUT!! as I am gonna Run and Jump and GO CRAZY DOG


New Sister

November 16th 2008 3:27 am
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Oh We got a New sister, she is so so little too. I'm so glad I have the family I have, always so much attention and love abound.
I'm helping mommy teach the little ones. And Xmas is around the corner and excited cause we always get really fun gifts, and now with a new sister I can play all the time.



April 5th 2008 12:14 am
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I Love Spring Time, It not too Cold and not too Warm but it sure does rain alot here in Oregon but it makes everything Pretty and Green and today, We planted tons of flowers-Roses and Fushia Baskets and even got all the lawn furniture ready for summer as Me and Gizmo's favorite is the Giant swing, we love to get on the swing.
So We all did quite a bit today and then we got bath's and a nice massage and extra snacks for being good. Mommy is even thinking about bringing a New member into the family but she is really thinking it over for now, It would be fun but I am also selfish and I love my mommy and don't really want to share her, But I know Mommy will really think about it before it happens as she is always thinking about Gizmo and Me before she does anything that may affect us, even down to moving the furniture-hahaha
Well having such a Great Day and Our massages were so good I need to take a nap now. : )


Grandma is HERE

July 28th 2007 4:10 am
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Grandma now lives here with Us and She has a Pappy mix "Rudie". He's a Big fatso, haha. We love him too but he likes to pick on Gizmo alot, and Gizmo just doesn't understand cause he is still a little guy and wants to play plus Rudie as little as he is wants to Mr. Alpha-dog, not gonna happen. He's kinda bossy.
We love Grandma, she is very ill and on Oxygen and Gizmo loves to chase the Oxygen line and sure does get into alot of trouble for it. And Grandma love to gives us extra treats, So We really love her.
We are glad that she is here and that We are all helping her. She a Great Granny!!


New Car

July 28th 2007 4:04 am
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Me and My little brother are so so spoiled, My Mommie & Daddy went out and bought a New Car so we can travel in comfort now.
They bought one of those New CUV, and Gizmo and I have alot of space now to sit in our own area and Travel in Style and Comfort-WE LOVE IT. Plus it also gives my mommie alot of room to shop for us-hehehe
Well My Little brother Gizmo is going to visit the Vet office in a week to get the "BIG You know what done" ouch ouch!!! When he comes home he will smell weird and act weird, but I know he will be a better buddy and stop, messing around with cats, LOL He is just confused but won't be any longer.
I will give another update after he is home.


Running Free

July 10th 2007 12:44 am
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Oh boy the other day, I figured out how to open the gate to my backyard, hehehe. And Nobody would of known either until I came home from "RUNNING FREE" and out of breath-My Bad!! and the fact that I made a complete mess in the front yard of my mommies flowers, that was pretty much a dead giveaway. So I went out the gate and ran around, ruined my moms flower bed and then slipped back into the gate and ran into the house and ploped on the floor. Awe!! I will not be able to get away with that again as now the fence has been double locked, Boo hoo. But it was fun while it lasted.


June Summer Time Fun & Family

June 26th 2007 6:02 am
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It's been a very busy month in My family. My Grandma is really sick and uses an Oxygen machine to breath and now she is living with Us. Grandma couldn't take care of herself anymore, So We get to take care of her and I love it cause I get more attention now and My buddy Rudie gets to live here too, So now it's a houseful, Thank Goodness I live in a Big House with a Big Backyard.
Also since Grandma has been here, I get more treats and even get to be on the couch more cause I lay next to Grandma to get extra love, But I still have to share the Love factor with Gizmo and Rudie, but since I'm the big girl and the ruler of the house-I come first-HAHAHAHA
Summertime, a refresh'n time in my life full of swimming and water, YAHOO!!
I get to show the newbies how it's done. My Mommy sets up the pool and then puts a cool fountain inside that showers me and wiggles all over, I love to chase the water around, and of course I do not like to share this fun, lol.
Well, i need to get back to my grandma and make sure she is ok and tend to My new family members.
Have a Great Summer

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