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Through the Eyes of a Border Collie

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2008 NADAC Championships!

November 17th 2008 2:28 pm
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We drove a LOOOOONG way from Seattle to Gillette Wyoming so we could play agility for FIVE days in a row! How pawsome is that?!

The first couple days of the competition was the Special Skills classes (Tunnelers, Weavers, Touch N go, Hoopers, Jumpers, and also a team event). In those I was competing against all the other 20" dogs. I did pretty well and got some good placements in those:

1st in round 2 Weavers
2nd in round 1 Touch N Go
3rd in round 2 Hoopers
1st in round 1 Tunnelers
3rd in round 2 Tunnelers
6th in round 1 Team
2nd in round 3 Team

Then we did the Regular rounds. For that I was only competing against dogs in my division. Mom was SO proud of how I did on those (I only knocked a couple bars for all 6 rounds!). I ran super fast so even though I did have a few faults on some of the rounds I made up for it (the scoring is time + faults). Here are my placements from the individiual rounds:

1st in Round 1
4th in Round 2
1st in Round 3
1st in Round 4
2nd in Round 5

Three dogs from my division got to go to the final round. At that points I was in first place by quite a few points so all we had to do was pretty much just stay under 20 faults to take 1st place. I did drop a bar in the final round but that wasn't enough to knock us out of first place. We ended up winning by a little more than 27 points! I didn't really know what was going on but when we finished that run Mom was so happy so I was happy too!

It's amazing how fast time flies when you're playing agility... After what seemed like just a few hours we were already driving back home. Next year the Championships are going to be in Tennessee which is an awful long way for us so we will probably will have to wait until the 2010 Championships to compete again. In the meantime we are going to try and focus a little more on our USDAA skills...



I get to be on a DAM Team!

May 17th 2008 12:51 pm
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Mommy just decided that we are going to the USDAA Northwest Regional! How Super-Cool is that?! I am going to be on a DAM team (Dog Agility Masters) for the fist time too. I get to be on a team with Taiko, a cute little border collie. We are still trying to find out who our third team member will be...

Hopefully my Mom will be able to run okay at the regionals. She tore her ACL awhile ago and had to have surgery. Ouch! I miss running agility like we used to but hopefully we can run by then!

I am also entered in an agility Sweetheart contest. You can give me a vote here if you'd like!

Da zzle


I am the Mutt Madness Champion!!

March 26th 2008 8:30 pm
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UPDATE: I was announced as the Mutt Madness Champion!! WOOF! Thanks to all the voted in the contest. :)

I made it to the Furry Four! This is the final round... Who will take the championship title?

I made it to the Shaggy Sixteen, and now the Energetic Eight, in the Mutt Madness contest!! Please vote for my video so I can move on to the furry four!

Th ankies!


OMD OMD!! World's Coolest Dog!

December 5th 2007 1:51 pm
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OMD! I won best in show in the World's Coolest Dog Show! Boy was I surprised when I found out! I can't stop wagging my butt!

Lots of thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Woof woof!


World's Coolest Dog Contest!

November 15th 2007 10:37 pm
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I am a finalist in TWO categories! Ball and Frisbee player and Water dog!
Thanks to all of you who voted! Couldn't have done it without you.

Please go back and vote for me for best in show!

Woof Woof!!


RAT Lacey Trial - Qualified for NADAC Championships!

June 22nd 2007 12:32 pm
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This was my first time at the RAT Lacey trial. It is really exciting - it has THREE rings!

I was listening REALLY well at this trial. I dropped a couple of bars though, and had one zoomy run each morning, but other than that I think I did pretty good!

Because it was such a long drive out to Lacey Washington we stayed in a hotel that night. That was kind of weird. I had only been in a hotel thing once before. It is just strange to sleep somewhere else.

The next day I was still listening really well. That day I got 2 Open regular Qs. That meant that I now had 155 lifetime points and Qualified for NADAC Championships!! How cool is that? And in my first year of competition too, only 7 trials. Everyone said that is pretty impressive.

I also got my first 2 legs in Open jumpers, and my first legs in Open Chances and Weavers. Totalling at 7 out of 11 runs. Not bad at all! Considering that one was all Mommy's fault because she forgot to walk the course! I knew where I was going but she had no clue! She has one job, walk the course and tell me where to go - and she couldn't do it. Tsk tsk.

But I still love her! We had fun out there if nothing else!
My good friend Wendell's Mommy has known that I was trying to qualify for Champs and was so excited when I finally got it! They are going to. They said that it is really really fun!

I can't wait for Championships!

Championships Qualifier 2007,
Dazzle O-NAC, NJC, TNS-E, O-NCC, O-WV-N, TG-N, Novice Versatility


NADAC Fun-Raiser Trial - hmmmm.....

June 11th 2007 2:29 pm
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Not such a great trial. Mommy expects why though. This is my 3rd weekend in a row of trialing, and because this is only my first year I haven't really built up enough muscle for that amount of work. I dropped a lot of bars, went a little slower, and didn't listen so well.

Each run wasn't very bad, but just little tiny things went wrong. Either a knocked bar, a crossed line, a little tiny off course. Overall, it was a disappointing weekend with only 2 Qs. But Mommy tried not to be mad because she knew that this was just one trial to many in a row.

Now I get a couple of weeks rest before my next trial. That's good. I never thought I could have to MUCH agility but I think I was wrong!

the dog-tired,


ZAP Trial - Novice Versatility Award!!

June 4th 2007 8:21 pm
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Back to Argus Ranch! And my home-club too (ZAP).

Due to a little mixup, I didn't get to move from Novice to Open for some of my runs. Bummer! So of course I got some extra Novice points. Oh well. Nothing could be done about that I guess.

The first day went pretty well. I got 4 out of 6 I think. I was a little zoomy, but overall I listened nicely! I finished my O-WV-N, and O-NCC titles that day.

The next day was much more exciting though. I got the last Novice Jumpers Q that I needed to complete my Novice Versatility Award!! Yipee! I also got my first Open Touch-N-Go Q and was in Open Regular for the first time. I was a big Zoomy for the regular runs, but I actually did OK because one of them was Mommy's fault! I got 4 out of 6 for that day too.

It was really a great trial. I got 8 out of 12 runs total.
Mommy says that I have another trial next week! I can't wait!!

Woofs and Wags,


Mega-Dogs Trial - rain rain go away!!

May 28th 2007 7:59 pm
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The Mega-Dogs trial is a really cool one. They offer one trial every year. When you send in your entry, there is no guarantee that you will get in! They do a random drawing with all the entries to decide who gets in the trial - and this year I got in!!

The trial is smaller, only one ring instead of the usual two at Argus Ranch. It was outside on grass (very nice!) and they had the new NADAC rubber-coated equipment, which felt very nice on my paws.

This trial went very nicely for me! Much better than the last one anyway! I finished my TG-N, WV-N, NCC, and TNS-E titles. How cool is that? I also got to try the new NADAC game, Hoopers. Not only did I get a Q, but I had the fastest time of EVERY SINGLE DOG!! That includes all the elite dogs! And that one Q allows me to play this game at the NADAC championships if I qualify for other games as well - now THAT would be cool!

Anyway, about the runs...
For the most part I wasn't very ditzy and listened to most of what Mommy said. I did drop some bars though, and I had some problems with contact/tunnel discriminations.

I had a 2 double-shot runs. That means that you get to do the same course twice, which is very cool. One of them was a Regular, the other was a Touch-N-Go. For the regular run I was doing really good - almost done with the first time through when a loose dog came out onto the course! I didn't see her though so I kept running, but then when I went into one of the tunnels I saw her all right! Somehow we both met in the tunnel and came shooting out the other end but I just kept running the course like a good little girl. My Mommy told me to stop though and the judge called us over. The Judge said that I could run that round again, plus my double-shot round. That was nice of her!

So Mommy got really goofy with me to make sure that I knew I didn't do anything wrong, and we started again. I got the first round clean, but the second time (really the third time) through I was just too tired and knocked a couple of bars. Ah well.

So the first day went really nice, but then the next day (Sunday) was horrible! It was cold, and puring down rain. Yuck. I had never run in the rain before.

Because they didn't want the dogs to slip on the grass, we moved the trial onto some hard-packed sand. That was OK to run on, but it was still raining a lot!

But somehow I managed to do OK! I got most of my runs that day. I was really excited when Mommy told me that I could go back the next day and do some more! But when we woke up Monday hoping e could move back onto the grass we were mistaken. The rain was still coming down like crazy. Yuck Yuck Yuck!

But still, I ran my best and got a good number of Qs. Mommy was very happy - which means I was happy too!

So we left this trial in high spirits, just hoping for nicer, bluer skies next time!

Woof Woof,


Hoodoo Howlers April Agility Trial 7th-8th, 2007

April 23rd 2007 10:24 pm
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On a Thursday night Mommy started packing up all the agility stuff. I know what that means! I was going to a trial! Then on Friday we got up early and got in the car. That was strange because usually we get in the car on Saturday - but I didn't care, I was GOING!! The other strange thing was that both of my sisters were coming too. We don't usually take them to trials.

Then I knew something was really strange because we just kept on driving forever!! I looked out the windows and saw SNOW! Snow? That was strange. Mommy said we were driving over mountains. But then later (you won't believe this) we stopped for a potty break and it was HOT and all dirty. Mommy said it was like a desert - whatever that is. Then it was back in the car and some more driving. After awhile, we finally got somewhere interesting. It was a "Holiday Inn Express" - well, that was what the sign said anyway. It was like a very tiny house, only, it wasn't our house and it smelled real funny. Mommy set up my crate and we unloaded the car but then....we got in the car AGAIN and drove some more!

This time we went to a farm, and there were horses! Cool! Inside an arena was another cool thing, agility. We set up some more crates in there and said hello to some people I had smelled before (well, Mommy said hello, I just stood their and looked cute). Then we went to a park and played with the fun little green ball that bounces for awhile and then at last went back to that small house place.

The next morning we were in the car, again. I really don't like the car anymore - but I went along nicely because that is what Mommy wants. We went back to that agility place with the horses. After checking in with some people I went in a crate and rested while Mommy did some stuff. Then at last the thing I was waiting for - a run!! The first thing was an Open Tunnelers. I like Tunnelers. I was a little zoomy from being in the car for so long so I made some very wide turns. Then just as we were finishing up the course, Mommy tripped over a tunnel! But she still said "get out!! Tunnel!! GO!" so I did even though Mommy had strange body language - good thing to! She said I did it clean! I also got a 1st place and had the fastest time of all the dogs, even the Elite dogs.

Then Touch n' Go. That is the one that just has contacts and tunnels. I like it too. This time I was more under control and did VERY well. Once again, a Q and the fastest time of all the dogs! Cool! But then on the next Touch n' Go, I got a tunnel/dogwalk discrimination wrong. Mommy wasn't happy, but after that I listened more to what she said.

Then we had the 2 Regular runs (those are the ones with all the normal equipment). The first one had a little bobble when I got confused, but I stopped and looked at Mommy so we still finished the course clean with another 1st! The 2nd regular run went even better than the first one! Another Q and 1st place again!!

Last run of the day, Chances. For some reason I haven't gotten any Qs in Chances - and distance isn't a problem for me! But today I was on a role - so guess what? I got my first ever chances Q!! How cool is that!? I got all kissy-face on Mommy, I knew this was good. Mommy was very happy. So the final tally for that day was 5 Qs out of 6 runs! Cool!

The next day we went back again - hurray!

The first run was another Chances - I did this one perfect too!! Again I got really happy because I knew Mommy was happy.

Then one more regular run, this course was a little harder than the ones yesterday, but I did it! Another 1st place too! And ya know what happened then? I finished another title!! I got my Outstanding (the abbreviation is O-NAC). That was really cool.

Then I had 2 jumpers runs. Those didn't go so well. I knocked down a bar on each of them. Oops. But I still had the fastest times, so that was something to be proud of.

Then another Tunnelers. This was a complicated course, but Mommy was confident - after all, I LOVE tunnelers! I ran my fastest and did just what she said to do. I did it all clean! And once again I had the fastest time of ALL the dogs! That means that I finished ANOTHER title! This was my Open Tunnelers title (TN-O). Cool!

Last run was a weavers. I started out a little to fast, so I missed the entrance to the weave poles because I was just flying! But Mommy took me back and after that little bit, I did the rest perfect! Even with that little bobble, I still did it clean and had the fastest time! Yippee!

How cool is that? 12 runs and I got Q's and 1st places on 9 of them!! (except for Chances which doesn't have placements). Mommy was very happy with me. But the fun kept on going. Mommy made some new friends at the trial, and she told me later that we were competing for a HIT award (High In Trial - that means you had the most qualifying runs all weekend). We waited until the end and then they called my name! I won it! That was soooo cool!

So after a very fool weekend, with some new titles, lots of Qs, and HIT I was worn out! It was another long drive home, with a potty break in between. I slept the whole way. I was tired but I was so happy - and Mommy was happy too.

It was an amazing weekend - I met some knew friends and now I can't wait until we take that long drive again out to that place. It was the most fun trial ever.


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