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In the eyes of a Dilly

A Sad Day for a Dilly Dog

July 22nd 2007 10:43 am
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Mom's body is shaking with tears rolling down her face. I try to comfort my moma, lick her tears, snuggie my head into her chest, telling her it is ok to cry for our brother Old Man Freddie who went to the Rainbow Bridge on Friday afternoon, at 5:37 pm, July 20th, 2007.

My dogtor D, and moma, cried as Freddie slipped away quietly and spread his new found wings over us.

We all got to say goodbye to our dear old friend brother Freddie, we all gave him a nuzzle, lick or nose bumps and went quietly back to our dens, while moma and Dr. D cried. They both said they never seen this behavior before in person and thought it was so awesome.

Moma held Old man Freddie in her arms, telling him he was a good old boy, his job is done now and to go to his old master who is waiting for him. It broke my heart to see moma cry so hard. I snuggied with moma for a long time. She kept telling me I love you so much Dilly, please don't leave me! I said I wouldn't leave her all by herself. Me loves my moma very, very much. It make Dilly, sad Dilly when moma crying.

Got to go now, moma needs me again, she crying again.

Dilly dog a sad Dilly...


Dog Day's, A glimpse in the life of a Dilly Dog

June 14th 2007 6:43 am
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After mama get's her liquid eye opener as she call's it, I sit with my back to her at her recliner so she can give me a doggy massage, from the top of my velvety soft head to my wiggly butt.

Once mama is awake enough, Dilly takes her for a walk in the yard to do our business. Hey she reads her newspaper, so do I! While my bubba's an sista are doin their thing, I sit's on mama's foot on da porch so she can give me a back rub again an survey my kingdom. Me watches everyone while mama blows smoke out of her face. Weirdest ting I ever see. Dilly sit an wait till everyone ready to come back in the BIG cave for yummo breakfast. Did Dilly say Yumo breakfast.. Yeah Dilly's love breakfast.

Time for Dilly breakfast.. Yummo of the day.. Mama makes our breakfast, I scoot into my den as fast as my pooties can go. Mama says I look like an ice skater trying to get to my crate, slip n slide on the tiles at break neck speed to get there. Hey first one in get's fed first ya know.. Me dancin.. doin da Dilly dance in my cave waitin for my YUMO breakfast...

No call me late for my breakfast... Dilly D loves him kibble breakfast in the mornings. Dilly belly full.. Dilly go lay in mama's big chair with bubba Beau aka Cephus n wait for him daddy to wake up.

Dilly hear daddy up.. OH BOY!!!! Dilly do a Dilly dance, Dilly trot here ,Dilly trot der... Me lookin for my Orbee ball to give daddy. Oh there it is.. Dilly bring Orbee ball to daddy in him big chair. Mama pour brown liquid in cup for daddy. Daddy watching big box pictures.. Dilly bring ball for daddy and lob it into his lap. Dilly ask daddy" Wanna play ball daddy? " C'mon daddy throw it for me.. Dilly give high five to daddy!! Puhleassseeee... Daddy.... toss it... I dare ya...
Daddy toss my ball... Dilly ice skater again goin for my ball... Dilly bring it back n tease daddy wit it.. Want it??? You take it??? Doh.. too slow... Here, try again... Tee heee too slow daddy... Otay... Dilly want ball toss. Dilly lob into daddy's lap again.. Daddy teasin me now.... Daddy not tossin ball for Dilly.. Dilly sit pretty.... Dilly talkin to daddy... Toss it... go head.. toss it... C'mon DADDY TOSS IT!!! aw'ready.... FINALLY... Dilly ice skater go chasin after Dilly ball, bounce here, bounce there.... Phew... Got it.. Do it again Daddy.....
Daddy say enough, daddy go to rain room. Dilly no understand why daddy go rain room. Daddy no have slick, soft velvety coat like Dilly. So why he go in der?.. Dilly sit. Dilly wait... Daddy come back out soon.

Mama make daddy breakfast...Ooo gotta go help mama... Dilly come ice skatin in da room where all good tings come from.. Dilly sit n watch mama. Dilly's eyes light up when mama open big white magic box wit all good stuff come out from it. Dilly offer him to clean up for mama, just in case she need Dilly help. Dilly peek round corner to see if daddy out of rain room yet.. Nope... still der..
Mama make more good tings to eat's for daddy. Dilly sit n wait. Dilly help.. Dilly get surprise on spoon, sometimes it be peanut butter.. Oh Dilly LOVE peanut butter.. Udder time it be white stuff, mama say it called mayonaise.. Yummo... Mama wrap up daddy's foodn put it in small red box. Daddy come out in blue coat.. Funny looking coat. Did ya knowDaddy can change coat color.. Dilly no change Dilly coat color.. Mama do dat too.... Wonder how dey do dat??? Mama kiss daddy bye -bye. Dilly NO like dat.. Hey, daddy paws off mama!!!! Make Dilly mad!!! Dilly circle round mama n daddy. Dilly bark loud to make daddy take him paws off MY mama!!!

Daddy go out to big go bye- bye wagon n him go bye -bye without Dilly. Make Dilly sad... Dilly get on mama's big chair n watch daddy go bye-bye wit out Dilly dog. Dilly watch daddy go up road n out of sight wit Dilly nose to window.
Dilly lay down on mama's big soft chair. Dilly waitin again for mama to come out of rain room now. Dilly sit wit Beau n wait.. She come out soon...
Change coat color again.. What wit dat??? Ooo here she comes.. Dilly trot to mama... Gotta go.... Dilly sniff mama good. Dilly make sure mama has right scent on mama.

Dilly help mama wit chores.. Mama have big stick wit brush on end... Dilly bite it... Dilly protect mama fromEVIL big stick wit brush on end... Grrrrr... Dilly bite it.. Dilly grab it an trott off wit it.. Dilly proud... Dilly got big bad stick with brush on end. Dilly throw head up n back.. Dilly PROUD.. Dilly saved mama.
Mama laughin so hard.. Mama say "Silly Dilly give me back my broom!" Dilly no want too, but mama take it away from Dilly.. NO worries mama, me help... Dilly go back to big soft chair cause mama washin dishes, me no help wit dat... Finally mama done...

Mama get brush out an Dilly first in line. Dilly coat brushed... Feel sooo goood.!! Make Dilly melt.. Make Dilly sleepy... Mama brush all us woofer's... Ooo time for Dilly toofer's to be brushed now.. Yumo... Dilly toofer's nice an clean..Dilly like stuff mama put on lil brush for toofer's... Taste like Chicken... Me love chicken.. Dilly help mama wit brushin da udder woofer's toofer's just in case she wanna brush my toofer's again.. Did Dilly say YUMO???? Oooo treat time.. Dilly ice skate n sit fast!! Me first.... me first... ME... Ooo me, me, meeeeeeee!! Dilly gobble treat down good. Dilly ask for more.. Mama say sorry Dilly, only one vitamin per woofer. You already had yours. Sometimes Dilly get more... It only happen once a month tho.... Dilly got to figure out why.. Mama say it heartworm pill's.... Woof... what dat mean?

Mama say she go to her puter... What a puter??? Dilly wait for mama to get done on puter... Me snuggle take small nap wit Beau... Guess where??? Yup, on mama's big soft chair by da window, so Dilly can watch for intruders.
When mama done, mama go outside wit us n play. Dilly LOVE play time... Dilly play soccor wit mama... Dilly love to play ball anyting wit mama....

Mama say time for COOKIES... OH BOY..... Cookie TIME..... Dilly LOVE cookies.... Make Dilly's drool, slobber... Not pretty sight... Make mama laugh doh... Dilly ice skate to cave.... Me got der firstest n fastest too... Sometimes mama say she be back n close my door on cave.. Dat ok.. Dilly have yumo treat.. Dilly wait...Dilly take nap.... Mama say sometin bout too hot for you to stay in big bye-bye cave... Or Dilly be goin bye-bye wit da mama.. Sometimes mama loads us all up an we go bye-bye to the great BIG pond wit big water rollin.. Mama say's it's called da beach.. Whatever mama... She take all us woofer's der.. Dilly get to stick face out of big hole in top of big cave on wheels dat go fast.. Make mama laugh.. She say my cheekies blow out.. Mama say I drool on her head when I does dat... She no mind.. She so cool... Mama say lots of humans watch, point an laugh as she go by dem wit me in da big hole in da go fast bye- bye cave....
Bestest part after da big pond, we go twimin in, play ball on dis white, soft sand. Me dig BIG holes in it.. N Bark when water cover my hole up.. Hey no fair.. Make Dilly mad.. .Dilly bark n dig faster.... Dilly shout'n at water... get out my hole.. I dig it first!! Oh de bestest part... Yeah.... Dilly and woofer's go to Big red Box where mama get us dis soft, cold, white stuff. She call it nilla ice cream.. Mmm, YUMO... Ice cold water to drink too. Dilly,Must be heaven..!!!
Den we goes back to da big cave... Mama say she gotta get sand n salt water off our coats, so we's got to have a bath.. Dilly like baths... More water fun... Make mama wet from head to toe... Tee hee...
Mama washes us all off, den comes da big blankie to dry us. Oh Dilly help wit dat... Dilly grabs end of blankie, ducks head down t'ween my foot's... Sometimes me grab's it an run's off wit it, shakin my head.. Got ta kill it..! Mama say give Dilly... Dilly no give it back.. Dilly run all over the yard, givin it a good shake here n there.. So, mama get a nudder one.. Dilly take dat one too if Dilly get chance..

All done.. Dilly dry. Dilly coat nice, so soft.. Dilly allowed in big cave now.

Almost time for daddy to come to big cave from a place mama call's work.. Dilly stand in big soft chair waitin for daddy n his bye-bye wagon... Ooo I see daddy com'n down da drive.. Dilly tail slap dab happy.. beatin mama to death wit it n got Doodles in da face too.. Dilly make Doodles nose shorter.. Dilly excited an jump off, run to cave door, Dilly doin excited jumpin cirlces... Open cave door mama... Gotta go.... Mama say wait a min Dilly, wait for daddy to park his truck.. Woof what dat? FINALLY... Door cave open.... Dilly full speed to daddy's go fast bye-bye cave.... Dilly greet daddy wit soccor ball... Dilly say.. Want a quick game daddy? Daddy kick it.... Dilly go chasin after him ball.. Bestest ball...
Dilly bring daddy inside cave... Hey... PAWS off mama, Daddy!!!

What we gonna do now daddy?? Huh... what??? Oh we go do's sometin in da yard.. OH BOY... Dilly help.. Dilly help daddy ... Dilly protect daddy from big wheel wit bucket.. Look daddy me pick up big stick... Daddy say put it in the pile Dilly... Dilly trot over to big stick pile... Dilly no want to put stick der... Dilly's stick now... Daddy put more stick's n BIG sticks in bucket wit wheels... Dilly give it a good bite.. Dilly trot backwards, dive in an give it another good bite... Daddy give Dilly a BIG stick to carry.. Make Dilly happy now.. Dilly carry big stick around in him's mouth.. All over yard.. Mama come look... I got big stick... Mama laughin again... She laughin at me.. Why she laughin at me??? Dilly show da woofer's him's BIG stick... Dilly say...neiner, neiner.. you's can't have it.. Dilly trot all over da yard wit him's big stick.. My BIG prize... It so purdey.... IT mine, mine, mine.... ALL MINE.....

Daddy say time to go in Dilly, it gettin dark out... Daddy can't see in da dark.. BUT DAD.... Dilly see real good in da dark... Dilly protect you daddy...
Oh gosh.. me not ready to go in big cave yet daddy... Ooo I hear mama wit our bowl's again.. Dilly know what dat means.... Move out of da way... Dilly firstest to him's cave... Ice skatin all da way der... Oh.. Dilly stuffed.. Dilly belly full.. Dilly take short nap now..
Mama make daddy's bowl full too.. Oh Dilly tired now.. Dilly bring ball to daddy n wait by daddy's side till him done wit him's kibble too... K' ready now daddy??? Toss it.. Wahoo... Dilly get it.. hold on.. Dilly find it... Oh Dilly bring it back... Dilly say... Do it again... AGAIN..... Wahooo... Got it....

Daddy say time to settle down now Dilly, daddy want to watch new's on T.V. K daddy... Dilly pooped now.... Dilly take a nap n watch big box wit humans on it.. Oh yeah, dat's da life... Mama in her big blue soft chair n daddy in his. Dilly lay tween em.. Gotta watch daddy's hands.. Him like's to touch mama... Me no like daddy when him's touch mama...

Mama say it night,night time... Dilly know what dat means... Mama n Daddy go to big soft pad to sleep. Dilly bring him's ball to him's pad next to mama n curl up wit ball in Dilly's mouth.. Mama laughin again.. What she tink so funny? Mama always laughin at da Dilly... Mama say night, night Silly Dilly, n kiss Dilly smack on da lips.. Dilly get big hug from mama too.. Doodles get to sleep in big pad wit mama. Hey, why Dilly no sleep in big pad wit mama?

Dat be Dilly next investigation why Dilly no sleep in big pad wit mama n daddy..

Night, night all... Dilly tired now... Dilly bark at ya later.... Dilly stretch out, yawn.. Dilly dream of attackin big pond water coverin Dilly super duper holes..


Sweet Dilly D Tagged

May 25th 2007 6:08 am
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Me tagged by my girlfriend Jasmine.

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Seven Facts bout me.
2. I love playing in the water
3.I help my daddy wash his truck
4. I love logg's
5. I love my mama, she my bestest friend
6. Dilly rule the pack
7. Dilly track for lost dogs and kitties. Trained to do dat for my mama.

Dilly tag 7 of his buds.
Scarlet, aka Carly
Me and My Gang
Maggie May


My first dedication song.

April 28th 2007 5:29 am
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I dedicate this song to my beloved bestfriend in the whole wide world.
The song depicts exactly how I feel about Dylan, because he is my soul dog, my best bud, my teacher, my heart, my protector of everything.

The days we spend together are joyous ones. I find humor in everything he does around me. He is a very helpful fellow. Besides being ball crazy, Dilly is silly. He knows how to make me laugh when I am down or frustrated. He knows when to suck up when he's gotten into something he should not have. Which makes me laugh. It's his thought process, his ability to over come hurdles, and think things thru. The lessons he teaches me astounds me.

Never in my entire life have I ever experienced a relationship with an animal like this. So, the song entitled, I just want to be around you, by Mr. Benson says it all for me. I wonder and it amazes me just how deep our understanding and love for eachother go. .Our love for each other is deep rooted and strong. I enjoy his company more over any human contact I might get in a day.

Dilly brings the best out in me all the time. And for that I thank him for keeping me grounded, level headed and emotionally sound.

Don't get me wrong. Each of my dog's teaches me different lessons, different personalities and each give me their undivided attention, no matter what. Each have a special place in my heart. Dilly is special to me like my Nikki was to me. We share a very special bond that only he and I understand.

Dylan is my soul dog. Everyone in their life time experiences that very special relationship with one pet or another. That nobody can explain.

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