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Tanner and I have started a new family

June 12th 2007 7:39 pm
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These are two of mine and Tanners babies. We have one more but our camera decided to take a rest. Mom says they can't stay here forever and they will have to go start there own families someday. Not for a while though. I have wanted my own babies for so long. They are great!! They all take more after dad, which is ok with me. He is such a hottie. Well back to mommy stuff. A momma's work is never done. Labor of Love, xoxoxoxo Sapphire X Tanner 4 Ever


Babies on the Way

April 29th 2007 8:27 am
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I am going to have babies in just a couple of days and I am so excited. I have wanted babies of my own for a long time. Sabrina never lets me have one of hers and it is just not fair. I am having three and she is not going to be allowed to even look at em. That will teach her. Sure she let me clean em once in awhile but most of the time I got a big fat no. Now I will have my own to love. Mom thinks I will clean the hair right off them but I won't. Tanner is the dad and he is also one of my very best friends. When ever I want to go out he always goes with me. I love him. I will post you all some pictures when mom takes some. Take care woof at ya soon. kisses, Sapphire


My best friend Sabrina had babies and I had to help Mom take- care of them

March 29th 2006 5:21 pm
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On March 3rd Sabrina had her babies and while at the doctors they managed to poison her. Well to make a long story short, Sabrina had to stay in the hospital and I got to help mom with the babies. I cleaned them all the time. I kept them warm and loved them like my own. Well I couldn't feed them but mom did. She needed to feel needed too. Mom was real sad and scared for Sabrina. The poison went through her system and she got all better and came home. She went right in and took her babies back. She wouldn't let me help at all. I had to stand outside and just watch. It was breaking my heart. Once in awhile when she wasen't looking I would just sneak in for a kiss. Just to let them know I still love them too. Now they are a month old and Sabrina is letting me help again. Yesterday she cleaned the boy and let me clean the girl. Thats her picture up there. That was nice of her to let me help. Finally. I am going to be a good Auntie and maybe even a real mom one of these days. Woof at ya later, Love, Sapphire


I hate shots

November 6th 2005 7:37 am
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Well, I went to the doctor and they were so nice to me at first. They gave me treats and a big giant can of dog food. Eight pounds. My mom said that would last me over a year. Wow. Then they changed. A doctor came in and took my temperature. I thought I would die. I screamed the whole time it hurt so bad. Then they stuck me with a needle and more screaming. OMG I thought I would die for sure. I was screaming for them to stop, please stop hurting me. Mom held me like a baby. I was so scared. What could be next. Were they going to cut off a leg or something? All I know was I wanted out of the camber of pain. On the way home I was so upset I vomited right in my carrier. I didn't feel good the rest of the day. Now I have an invisible layer of protection, but it sure hurts putting it on. Mom felt really bad for me and held me all day. Feeling better now. Woof at ya later.



October 22nd 2005 4:04 am
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Mommy is taking me to the doctors today to get some shots. If its anything like the last time it is going to hurt sooo bad. I wanted to go to Sabrina's doctor but Mom said she had to get me my own doctor close to the house. I get car sick real bad. Well, I have to go now. Moms going to let me go swimming in the tub before we go. I'll let you know how this whole shot thing turns out. I'm going to be brave. Bark at ya later, Sapphire



October 2nd 2005 6:43 am
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I got to go shopping with the family last night and we had so much fun at Pet Smart. I met so many people and got tons of hugs and kisses. The manager even gave me a free nail clipping. I loved everyone. This is now my favorite place to go with Mommy and Daddy. I got my own bed some new toys and lots of snacks for me and Sabrina. They said they never seen a puppy like me. One lady even gave me her phone number. I might even get to go to school here. Wouldn't that be great! I have to go now. Mom Said its nap time for little girls. Wag at ya later, xoxox, Sapphire


last weekend

September 28th 2005 7:26 am
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Sometimes its tough to learn the simplest things. My mom was teaching me to go down stairs. Looks easy if I were more than a pound and a half. I decided that it would be easier to jump into the bushes and then jump into the flowers and scale the rocks then jump to the ground. Well it sure was fun anyway. Who needs boring old stairs with such a great scenic route. Well I learned to do the stairs too. Seems they are the short cut. Mother knows best.

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