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Goodbye brave and gentle companion

September 2nd 2013 4:30 am
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Today seemed to be the day to let Smitty go. He's 14 years old this year. I just feel a sadness that I can’t imagine will ever leave me, such sadness. He’s an impossible act for anything or anyone to follow, my greatest joy for so long. All the wonderful happy times I had playing with him and holding him, watching his antics at the dog park, the way he loved Gus when he was old and sick, the way he protected dogs that were being picked on at the dog park. He was so loved by everyone because he was such a gentle, sweet little dog. All the neighbors here loved him. He was my introduction to all the friends I first met in Oregon through the Scottie club and my model for all the merchandise people snatched up with his image on it on Cafe Press.
I could only have him put to sleep because I loved him so much. I just couldn't see him suffer another day with the Cushings, and the breathing difficulties were just something he didn't deserve and shouldn't be made to endure.
He would have gone on and on in pain, had I not done something, just because of who Smitty was. His spirit was so strong, I drew strength from it too and he would have fought to the end.
I feel so weary now. I felt relief after he passed because he was no longer uncomfortable and struggling. I’m already missing him so!


Smitty's 14th Birthday

April 21st 2013 8:47 pm
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Wednesday was Smitty's birthday, but we waited for the weekend to celebrate it at Oregon Gardens with the Cascade Scottish Terrier club. There were 11 participants and 13 dogs in attendance.
Oregon Gardens is like Disneyland for dogs, especially when there are other dogs to share it with, and although Smitty's sister Jo Jo isn't a Scottie, she came too.
They had a good long walk and were two tired doggies by the time we got home!


Smitty's 13th Birthday

April 17th 2012 4:54 pm
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It was cold today, but we headed to Salem to Petco and Smitty picked out his birthday gift, pork burger chews. He gets to choose by going from bin to bin, sniffing treats until he pulls the one he wants from the bin.
Next we headed to some of the parks we used to frequent, and it was obvious he was glad to be back, evidenced by the waggy tail and the spring in his step.
He pooped out pretty quickly, but it was a good day for him!


Smitty's 12th Birthday

April 17th 2011 4:57 pm
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For Smitty's 12th birthday, he picked out a birthday biscuit at Petco and got to get nose to nose with a Ferret at the store.

We also visited Salem Deepwood Estates and Smitty went swimming in the frigid water of Pringle Creek.

We went for a short hike at Pringle Creek park and then headed home.


11 years old (65 years old in human years!)

April 17th 2010 7:22 pm
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We visited Keizer's newest park for Smitty's 11th birthday, Earth Day, which also includes an off-leash, 5 acre, fenced dog park with separate pens for both small and large dogs.
Smitty hobnobbed with Buddy, a Lhasa Apso owned by Yvonne, another visitor to the park. It was early morning so we were the only ones in the small dog pen, but they had a great time fetching frizbees and tennis balls while they were there.
Later we went to the park near home and Smitty played briefly with a white Staffordshire terrier about twice his size named Pinky. Smitty seemed a bit cautious around Pinky so we wandered off so he could play with Bucky, a Schnauzer about the same age and size as him.
He got to play with his best friend at the park, a Schnauzer mix named Rusty, but his blind sister got in the way and was startled, abruptly ending the fun.
He spent the afternoon in the hammock while I relaxed in the lounge chair on the back patio and we played ball for a little while.
In times past, Smitty would dash across fields and play for hours, run along the fence at the dog park, taunting the big dogs in the next pen, but he is content now with a more sedate pace, watching the world go by and playing briefly with some of his friends.


Smitty's Tenth Birthday

April 17th 2009 7:38 pm
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Smitty and Miley got to shop both at Petsmart and Petco today for Smitty's birthday, much to their delight. They both raced down the aisles, eager to get a whiff from every isle in the store.
At Petsmart I bought them Bunny toys and at Petco Smitty got a new raincoat and they both got Hedgehog toys.
Dogs wanted to sniff and greet them and store clerks and patrons wanted to say hello and give them treats and they were allowed to spend as much time as they wanted, up and down the aisles, sniffing and inspecting treats.
It was a good day for both of them and they even got to have the windows down in the car on the way home to stick their nose out into the breeze. (Miley's finally learned to show some restraint and not lunge over the door, dangling out into traffic held only by her seat belt!!)
I caught a picture of Smitty in the backseat on the way home, with what looked like a doggy smile to me!


Today's Smitty's 8th birthday

April 17th 2007 9:35 pm
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On Smitty's special day, we went mid-week to Minto Brown park. Smitty found lots of field mice to chase and played with all the dogs when we got to the dog park section.
It was a special day for Smitty, since he usually only visits Minto Brown park on the weekends.
Our walk started out with hail pelting us, but it cleared up quickly and although the trails were muddy, he still had a good time!
Tuckered out, Smitty ended his birthday ni-night on the bed!


Smitty's bestest doggie friend is gone

November 2nd 2006 6:03 pm
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Today Smitty lost his best friend, our precious little Gus. We were lucky to have him for a little less than a year, and Smitty was devoted to him.
He must have sensed he had cancer, because he followed Gus everywhere, slept beside him and constantly licking his back, as if he knew there was cancer raging in there.
Gus's and Smitty's last week together was a very good week. We went to the park and the two of them were wagging furiously and pouncing around the tall grass after field mice.
His last meal was steak and ice cream. Why not! We miss him terribly already and will never forget being blessed by Gus and his happy go lucky, sweet little ways!


We're back

October 24th 2005 9:20 pm
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Mam lost our account access information, so I couldn't play with the other dogs here for quite awhile. But we searched and searched and we are finally back!
We've even moved since that time! We used to live in California, but now we live in Oregon!
I like it better here because I can sit on the balcony all day and watch the kitties, squirrels and blue jays pass by all day.
And mam takes me to a big dog park, where I can run about a quarter mile down the length of the field and chase field mice in the tall grass.
I try to mix it up with the other dogs while I'm there, but mam gets nervous because most of the dogs are so much bigger than me!
Anyway, I will be able to get to know all of you much better now that mam has her act together.
Sorry for the delay!


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