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The Princess Diaries . . .

My Tail of Devotion for Kendall

June 27th 2006 8:01 am
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It was 22 YEARS since I last had a dog . . . and I've forgotten just HOW MUCH you can love a little four legged fur-baby!! You have brought such warmth, love, laughter and joy into our home . . . and even though you came into our lives as an "older gal" - I will never regret bringing you into our home or regret ONE MOMENT spent with you. You fit right in from the second you stepped foot in the door, and it's as if you've been there forever. You're the most precious little angel we could've ever asked for!! We love you little girl!!

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July 12th 2005 8:44 am
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Lately I've been hearing mommy and daddy talking about something called "vacation". They've done this a few times before, the suit cases come out, bags are packed and off they go without me!!! Hmmmph!!!

BUT I love my Grandma SO MUCH, and that's where I'm gonna go when they go on vacation. I go there almost every day during the summer with my kids, and Grandma gives me lots of lovin'!! She says I'm her special little grand daughter!! Hee hee hee!!!

I love my family LOTS - but sometimes those kids of mine WEAR ME OUT!!! (I'm just a little girl, you know . . . and I like my NAPS!!) So Grandma and I will get a whole 10 days ALL TO OURSELVES!! She even lets me sleep in bed with her!! (She sneaks me people food too!!! - shhhhhh . . . don't tell mom!)


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!

February 14th 2005 8:03 am
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I've been with my family ONE WHOLE YEAR today!! I'm so glad we found each other!! We love each other SOOO much!!!! They gave me so many hugs and kisses this morning - you'd think I was a PRINCESS or something!! I got new sweaters and a new leash and collar too!! (But mommy couldn't wait and gave them all to me early!!) Hee Hee Hee . . . (she's a sucker that way for me sometimes!!) Tonight she promised me scrambled eggs as a special treat!! I'm drooling just thinking about them!!



January 2nd 2005 9:41 am
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What a way to kick off the New Year!!! I was voted "DOG OF THE DAY" - for January 1st, 2005!! My boy and girl were so excited, they treated me like a STAR the WHOLE DAY LONG!! Jamie even put a tiarra on me!! (I think it's gonna be a very good year.)


ANOTHER new trick!!!

November 24th 2004 9:44 am
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Oh boy! oh boy! oh boy! . . . my little girl brought home a flashlight yesterday - and I HAVE TO CATCH THAT THING COMING OUT OF IT!!! She shined the light beam on the floor - and I DOVE ON IT trying to catch it like CRAZY!!! Then - mommy flashed it across the room and told me to "GO GET IT" - and I raced over there like it was my MISSION IN LIFE to catch that light beam!! I chased that thing for over 20 minutes but I NEVER CAUGHT IT!! They even had me dancing in circles to catch it!! I don't understand why everytime I jump on it - it just goes away?!?! It sure is fun trying though . . . and it made my whole family laugh like crazy!!! Mommy says it's the cheapest toy she's ever got for me!!


Day at the Park

November 7th 2004 10:05 pm
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We had visitors today that I've never met before!! What fun!! This evening, my little boy and girl, along with my auntie, were SO FULL from dinner, they decided to go for a walk - and took me with!! We walked all the way down to the park - and my little girl put me on her lap and put me on the swing. THEN, just when I thought the fun was over, she put me on her lap again and we went down the spiral slide together!! Boy did we have fun!!! Everyone at the park said how cute I was and came over to pet me!! They were gushing over me like I was a movie star or something. I felt like a little Princess . . . plus, I got lots of treats when I got home for being such a good girl!! It was a very good day!!



October 29th 2004 9:13 am
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This morning my little girl was sitting on the bench in the kitchen. She had just placed her waffles on her plate, and there I was, staring as usual. When I "beg" - I'm VERY POLITE. My "technique" - is just to sit, stare, cock my head a little, and look cute (with an occasional "paw") - just to let you know I'm there. If I'm told to "go lay down" - I do so, but not without a sad look over my shoulder as I'm walking away. LOL!!

Well THIS MORNING - there was the waffle . . . I did the cute "beg" thing I do - and my little girl PICKED ME UP AND SAT ME ON THE BENCH BY THE KITCHEN TABLE . . . and WALKED AWAY!!!

OH THE SMELL OF THOSE WAFFLES!!! I just COULDN'T RESIST!!! I got one NICE BIG BITE OF ONE before ANYONE EVEN NOTICED!!!! When my little girl came back - she thought it was cute, (if it's so cute - why didn't they let me finish it?!) - but daddy was none too pleased with me, and took the plate away.

That waffle was SO GOOD THOUGH . . . nice way to start the morning!!


I'm STILL surprising my family!!!

October 19th 2004 5:05 pm
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Weeks into my family adopting me, I was STILL surprising my family with all I know. I showed them a few tricks right away . . . but then two weeks later, my little girl, Jamie, told me to roll over - and to EVERYONE'S SURPRISE . . . I DID!!

Well, I've lived with my family for over 8 months now - and they've tried different toys, stuffed animals, etc. I like to play "with" my family, but not with toys themselves . . .

Well, the other day, my boy Adam rolled this "tiny" rubber ball across the room - and I DOVE off the ottoman and just JUMPED on that thing like a LUNATIC!!! ROFL!!! My family was STUNNED!!! They did it again - and I did it OVER AND OVER AND OVER!!! It was TOO FUNNY watching their reactions!! (Guess they should've tried a ball "MY SIZE" sooner!!).

Everytime they tried to get it back though - I'd kinda "growl" at them. LOL!! Well today, my family discovered, if they said "Drop the ball" - and put their hands under my mouth - and point down - I'll drop it RIGHT IN THEIR HANDS!!! SHEESH!!! What took them so long to figure THAT OUT!?!?!

Mommy says she can't believe after this amount of time, they're STILL discovering new things about this little sweetie!! - (I guess she means ME!!) I'm funny though - I'll play like 15-20 minutes - till I'm panting and tired (and my family will have to "call" the game) . . . and then they'll try to play with me HOURS later, and I'll just look at them like "NO WAY"!! ROFL!!! I guess it has to be on MY terms!! Hee Hee Hee . . . .

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