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May 22nd 2009 12:45 pm
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We are moving yet again. My Sarah will be wrapping up her MA at her mom's house in northern Wisconsin.

We will be leaving California in about a month.


Unexpected Manicure

June 12th 2008 12:27 am
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At first it looked like it was going to be an awesome night. My Sarah got home and left her shoes on - always a sign of Good Things. Instead of just taking me out as is our usual pattern of behavior, she asked whether I'd like to go on a Ride.

Well, duh.

We hopped in the car and My Sarah drove to the dog park. We haven't been there in a while, and I was having fun running around...

...until I felt a sharp pain in my leg!

I stopped mid-romp and, to my embarassment, whined audibly. Fortunately, I was right next to My Sarah and didn't have to limp far in order to get to her. I waited, whining, while she examined my foot. I don't think that she immediately figured out what was wrong - but, man, she hit this One Tender Spot a couple of times!

We went home after that and, upon arrival, The Sarah made me get into the tub. She started spraying the mud off of my legs - and found that One Tender Spot again with her sprayer! She got that confused look on her face, but opted to soap up my three good legs and save my tender one for last.

She started (gently) soaping up my sore leg and carefully examined my joint. She must've seen something that she couldn't initially see through the mud, because she gasped and put my foot down. She rinsed me without conditioning and dried off my feet.

We went into the living room and My Sarah made a quick phone call - which was kind of odd, given the lateness of the hour. Suddenly we were back in the car again, driving to an unknown destination. As we pulled into the strange driveway, the smell of desparation, pain, and fright was unmistakable - she took me to a vet's office!

We walked in, sat down, and waited. I was very preoccupied with some cats in a crate a few seats away from us, but I was good and stuck by My Sarah's side. Eventually we got our own little room and a tall man in blue walked in. He and My Sarah chatted for a moment - something about my dewclaw being ripped off and the root being exposed - and then she handed over my lead!

I went with the Man In Blue (not willingly, mind you) and left My Sarah behind. He ended up taking me into another room where they shaved off some of my beautiful (and freshly washed) hair and removed the entire nail, leaving me with a fully exposed quick. With both my pride and my leg hurting, I looked around for My Sarah and wondered what she would think of me after an evening of whining and unfortunate grooming procedures.

I soon felt a bit better, however, when one of the techs put a spiffy red bandage on my leg and walked me out to the waiting room - where My Sarah was sitting, waiting for me. {0P

I apparently just have to wait for the nail to grow back over the quick. I've got some pills to take now, and tonight I'm just taking it easy.


Wash Day

May 10th 2008 8:48 pm
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My Sarah just put a huge batch of my toys in the Washing Machine.

The last time she did that they came out smelling all naked - I had to stink 'em up again. Additionally, Sheepie's butt stopped honking.

I hope that this batch fares better. I saw Yellow Frog go in, and I'd hate for him to lose his Butt Honk. {0(

...although it would be kind of nice for him to be yellow again. My Sarah is usually the color sensitive one, but even I can tell that his hue has gotten a bit duller as time has gone by.


More shows for Storm

February 9th 2008 10:34 pm
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My Brian hasn't been coming around all that much anymore.

I kind of miss hanging out with him - but that just means that I have more time with My Sarah.



I Has a Brian

December 2nd 2007 10:13 am
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I've been pretty quiet on Dogster lately. I've had a lot going on, though - diary-wothy things, to be sure, but I just haven't had the chance to sit down and document everything. I've been too busy living life.

You see, I has a Brian now.


My Sarah and I woke up one September morning to a rare rainy day.

We both, of course, love the rain, so it didn't surprise me at all when she started putting on some of her more relaxed clothes so that we could do something fun outside. I danced around the living room while the gathered her things.

We ended up getting into the car and going to the dog park! I hadn't been there in a long time, and it was the perfect day for it. Apparently, people that live in this part of the state aren't waterproof (or are mud phobic) and don't go to the park when it isn't sunny out.

Pity. Their dogs miss a great time.

There was another lady with her dog when we arrived at the park, so I left My Sarah with her while I ran around with the lady's Airedale. He had been subjected to some training, too, so our play was interrupted once in a while for some work. I helped him as best I could but, then again, I also allowed him to convince me to misbehave once in a while. Really, though, can you expect any less with a couple of young, smart, stubborn hooligans?

I quickly found the Good Puddles and jumped around in them, thoroughly working the mud into my coat. I was having a great time; The Sarah, on the other hand, seemed a bit distracted. She looked at the street a lot, and I heard her mention to the other lady that she was waiting for a friend. I guessed that Ra and his person might be meeting us - which was excellent! I hadn't seen Ra in a long time, and I missed wrestling with him. I wanted to get him all muddy.

After a while I noticed a dogless fellow (how unfortunate!) walk in through the gates, but I paid little mind to him until he walked over to My Sarah and the other lady. Being strongly bonded to our People, my Airedale buddy and I went to check out the situation.

Upon first sniff the new guy seemed alright despite his lack of canine companion. I couldn't understand why he didn't have a furry buddy, though, because he did smell like a cool fella to play with. My Sarah apologized for my muddiness, which was silly - so I weaved through her legs to wipe some of the mud on her.

Really, I'm not rude; I do things like that to teach her to be OK with imperfections. It works well and I highly suggest starting a conditioning regimen with your own People. They probably won't appreciate it at first, but it'll do 'em some good in the long run.

The Airedale and I left the three of them to chat, but after a while I really just wanted to hang with the People Herd for a while and make sure that the new guy was fitting in. For his part, the Airedale decided that he should try to train his Person. I watched him as he taught her that telling him to Sit was not always going to elicit the expected behavior - especially in a dog park.

I hope that he is more successful than I was.

After My Sarah played "Bad Sheep" with me for a while (carefully, because she insists on prancing around on two legs alone and she was worried about snapping one of them in half in all of the mud and digging holes), she and the new guy decided that the three of us should go on a walk. This was definitely OK by me; I hadn't had a chance to explore the surrounding area yet. I stood patiently while my lead was clipped on and we exited the park.

On our rainy walk I learned that the new guy was a Brian. That must be a word that means "Awesome Beardie Buddy", because that's what he turned out to be. I had fun herding him on our walk (getting his left knee wet and muddy in the process, of course) while The Sarah walked by his other side, holding my lead. I was glad that she noticed that I was holding a nice Heel by him, although I think she was a little surprised. This amused me somewhat. I mean, really, he was a nice dude - and I knew how to behave myself.

After walking for a while we ended up hanging out in a field by the dog park. We were all a little wet and cold, so a break in the clouds was a welcomed change. The three of us sort of sprawled in the grass and dried off for a while. I, of course, strategically placed myself between My Sarah and The Brian, and they played right into my paws - now I could get two people to give me some lovin'! I was glad that The Brian knew how to properly skritch a Beardie and, I'll admit, I just let myself completely off guard and enjoyed a relaxing pet session, sunning my tummy in the thin light while the two of them talked.

And talked. And talked. And talked...

Eventually I decided that they needed to stop yapping for a while. I wanted to let The Brian know how very awesome I thought he was, so I rolled over, sat up, and started sniffing his face. After he exchanged a few words with me, I gave him Kisses.

Again, The Sarah was pretty shocked. I can't blame her, though - I don't give Kisses to anybody but her (and her Mom sometimes - but I only Kiss those that I really trust), so I can see where giving The Brian Kisses after one afternoon might be a bit startling. She didn't seem to mind, though - if anything, she was enthusiastically rewarding me for my behavior.

...which is good.

The three of us hung out for a good number of hours. Afterwards I was dropped off at home, tired and happy, while My Sarah left to meet up with The Brian again. She came home quite a bit later with a smile that wouldn't quit. We cuddled for the rest of the night.

I've seen quite a bit of My Brian since that rainy day in the park, which is good! He comes over to My Apartment and, sometimes, My Sarah and I go over to his. I think that I might like his place a bit better than my own; it is bigger, so I have more room to run around. Besides, he has a backyard! How cool is that? I let him keep one of my tennis balls and a Busy Bee to play with while I wasn't there.

At first I thought that I might be able to trick him into letting me have my way, but My Brian doesn't seem to be easily fooled. He's been giving me commands since that first day in the park and, while it took a few trials to get used to My Sarah standing silently while a command is given, I started responding quickly. He's even feeding me now - although it was very difficult to trust him with that job. The Sarah made a point of leaving the room and carrying on like nothing was strange - but it was! I frantically tried to tell her that Something Odd was occurring, but she wouldn't listen! Eventually, though, hunger won out and I let The Brian feed me.

I survived.

I find myself missing My Brian when he is gone, so it very nice to know that My Sarah arranges playdates at every opportunity. She always watches out for me like that.

I've put up a few new pictures of My Brian and I. He seems to have the same picture obsession that The Sarah has.



Meat Day!

August 2nd 2007 10:25 am
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Yesterday was Meat Day.


I think that I got more than I ever have before; there were a LOT of bags that The Sarah had to stuff in the fridge. She even went back for more in the evening - Ra's mom apparently went with her to make sure that she got the best stuff.

My efforts to get some tidbits from the counter last night were fruitless, but certainly not for lack of trying - I was in the kitchen for the full two hours or so that My Sarah spent cutting, measuring, and bagging all of that lovely meat. She was able to get it all in the freezer (a feat that I think she doubted), but I didn't get anything other than a paltry morsel of beef from last night's preparation adventure. I had frozen chicken for dinner.


The Sarah did seem particularly excited about the bag that she set aside for tonight's meal, however. I'm expecting something good; either that or fish.

I do hope that it is the former.


Show Weekend 1: DQing with Style

July 5th 2007 7:37 pm
[ Leave A Comment ] I love obedience. Don't believe me? Check out the big grin in my latest pictures.

Today, though, The Sarah freaked me out a little bit.

The Bearded Collie Club of Southern California's regional specialty was today - this means that Beardies came in from all over the place to compete. The main competition, of course, was in the conformation ring; The Sarah and I, of course, came for the obedience and the rally! It was neat to see some other Beardies in my rings. While My Sarah and I were the only Beardie team doing open obedience and advanced rally (there was one in novice obedience and six in novice rally), there were several other specialties going on simultaneously, so I was competing against boxers, Dobies, and bulldogs.

Today was our first open obedience trial. I figured that all of those jumps and retrievals had something to do with the dog shows - but, boy howdy, I didn't realize we'd be doing them all at once! Our once-empty ring had two jumps in it today. Sarah brought along my Dumbell. How awesome!

I had so much energy today! I'm used to showing in a heat-induced haze; My Poor Sarah has to balance resttime and show energy at a normal show. It is nice and cool out here, though, so I wasn't hindered! I don't think that She was quite ready for the exhuberance. I played with my Dumbell! I kept a (fairly) tight heel!

...I ran by the high jump instead of over it to retrieve...

Apparently, I disqualified ("DQed") right there. The Sarah didn't let me know that, though; we continued our exercises. Everything else went smoothly...

...until my long Sit and Down. Normally, My Sarah puts me in a Stay, walks across the ring, turns to face me, and stands there until the Judge tells her to return to me.

Today, she left the ring!

Shock! Horror! Fear! Where did she go? When was she coming back? Was she coming back? I whined. I fear-whined. I barked! I panic-barked!

I heard her voice.

I ran! Sit be damned - I took off like a shot to find My Sarah! I found her but, instead of a joyous reunion, she furrowed her brow and put me in a Down! Then she walked away from me and stood at the other side of the waiting area. I didn't think that that was very nice, but I didn't care - I found My Sarah. As long as She was there, I was happy. After a minute or so She came back over, made me heel, and we walked back to the ring and sat at the entrance.

I thought that my ordeal was over - but it wasn't! There was more drama!

The Mean Judge made My Sarah put me in a Down and go away again! Well, I thought, I'll show you, Judge! I knew where he was holding her hostage. I tried to stay in my Down, but I quickly popped up into a Sit, fear-barked a couple of times, then ran again to My Sarah! She again wasn't very grateful for the rescue, and treated me in much the same way after the Sit escapade.

So, the obedience didn't go so well today. One could hardly blame me, though! After all, less than two years ago I was in a very lonely (and wet) shelter, wondering where all of the people went and listening to a hurricane hammer my shelter. I know that The Sarah will always be there for me, but I am sometimes so anxious when she isn't there...

We worked on this a little bit tonight after the conformation competition had ended, and I'm learning that The Sarah won't go away for very long. I made it to a two minute sit without budging - even after a couple of Beardies walked by on lead just inches from me!

See, I can hold a Sit - I just worry about My Sarah, that's all.

I rocked it in Rally, though. I was dead on - but, apparently, My Sarah misled me a couple of times and lost us a lot of points! We ended up placing first (out of two, and the other was an non-qualifying ("NQ") bulldog...) but I know that The Sarah is looking at the blue ribbon with mixed feelings. I heard her telling her Mom that I earned it due to my flawless execution - but she didn't earn it because she messed up a couple of stations.

I still think that she's awesome, though. I'll admit, though, I like her better when she stays in the same room.

We both have homework now - tonight she's rereading the Rally signs and tomorrow I'll be working on my Sits, Downs, and retrieval over a Jump. The next show is on Saturday, and I heard The Sarah telling her Beardie friends that she's gonna try to work on the anxiety with me over the course of a day.

I hope that she succeeds. I don't like worrying.

...but she could fix everything by telling the judge that she'd rather be in the ring with me!


Play Date!

June 24th 2007 8:57 pm
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My Sarah took me on a play date today - this time, though, instead of seeing one dog, I got to see four! I met 3/5 of the Fun Loving Five and I got to see Snowy again!

I added some pictures, so have fun browsing! I'm going to go finish my nap now...



May 23rd 2007 8:12 am
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I was tagged by my buddy Parker! Woo!

Here are the rules of the game!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

7 facts about Storm...

1. I look like I am mainly solid white but, actually, I have ticking (sort of like freckles) under all of that white fur.

2. I tend to like smaller toys than toys that are meant for a dog my size. In fact, most of my favorite squeaky toys are no bigger than a tennis ball.

3. I like to wear clothes. Having a bandana tied around my neck is just as good as getting any foodstuff. My Sarah once put a sweatshirt on me - and, boy, was I pleased! I paraded around the living room! Now I have my own sweatshirt that I'll wear to the store once in a while.

4. I've met four Dogsters in real life: Baelin, Snowy, Jodie, and Bentley J Furball. I'd like to add to this list. My Sarah has apparently met more than these four, which I don't think is at all fair.

5. Most of my training was done without food. I wasn't very interested in food when I first came home but was always willing to work for praise. Although I now have a healthy interest in food I'll still learn a good portion of new behaviors based on praise reward alone.

6. I really like shows. There's all sorts of neat things to smell, places to be, intact females to ogle... how can a guy go wrong? I even like being in the ring, even if it does mean that I have to give The Sarah a clean finish. I get so much lovin' at these things! The other day My Sarah was moving my ribbons around and I got all excited - I thought that we were going to a show! When I figured out that we weren't headed out, I pouted.

7. I only kiss people if I really trust 'em.

...and I'll tag:






Ff loyd



Work Out

May 22nd 2007 5:47 pm
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The Sarah got a box today.

She took me down to see The Ladies in the office and we picked up her package together. She had been grilling me pretty hard (we've got a Show on Saturday and, apparently, my on-lead Heels aren't clean enough for her...), so I was tired and content to flop on the floor for a while. She and one of The Ladies got to talking and, soon, the package was opened.

The box yielded a strangely shaped object that, based on The Sarah's behavior, was meant for me. She barely got the wrapping off before she held it in front of my nose, demanded a TakeIt, and waited expectantly.

TakeIt? Right. A wise Beardie knows that one does not take just anything into his mouth without proper exploration. One must sniff and lick it first. So I did - and the stupid thing tasted kind of nasty. I chose to leave it in My Sarah's hands.

She, however, seemed a bit put out and again asked me to TakeIt. I've learned to trust this Person of mine, so I gave in and took it. I even held it. The Sarah, in turn, was pleased.

Then she tossed it a few feet away and told me to GitIt. Well, I've learned that Gitting something is Very Good, so I did so despite the fact that I've never retrieved something outside of the apartment before. I even did a fairly clean BringIt for her when she requested one.

What a response! I got lots of lovin' for that one. The Sarah was positively beaming as her rapid chatter once more spilled forth. I was being scratched in the most delightful way, though, so I didn't mind the verbal banter.

The Sarah seems genuinely excited about this odd-tasting, wooden thing. This means one of two things:

* The Sarah has lapsed into mania and is suffering from an acute imbalance of chemicals, or

* this Wooden Thing will be used during training.

I'm betting on the latter.

Good Lord, what is that person of mine getting me into now?

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