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Right now, they call me Max....

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Holiday Weekend

November 26th 2005 9:12 pm
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Its fun. Food Lady gets a day extra off and I get trips to the park. I have to find her more days off. I really like the snow. I roll in it. I'm surprised Food Lady doesn't stop me. She seems to encourage it. But I don't think she likes the snow. I can tell. But she wants me happy so she puts up with it. I think that's sort of nice.



November 26th 2005 5:30 am
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Yesterday, I got my first snow since living with Walk Man and Food Lady. I've been around snow before, but they never saw it. I heard them talking about my like of really cold weather and Food Lady said to Walk Man that I probably would like the snow. Yes, Food Lady, I like it. I love it. And you need better winter clothes if we are to remain friends through this season!

She took me to the dog park. I gave directions. She never touched the leash. I met a Cairn terrier andwe had ran in the snow. I ran with Tiger and never got tired. He's sort of pushy, but he's a good match. His mom and my Food Lady walked together near us. My paws had some ice in them so I'd stop to clear them, but I really loved running in that snow. I don't understand why "snow" has the word "no" embedded in it. Its really good stuff!

Riding on the back window ledge is still the best. I can lay down and look where we are. Food Lady calls me a spectacle. Its probably because I'm in the spectator's seat. (She just told me that its because I make a spectacle of myself. Unfortunately, as she types, she sometimes makes editorial comments. She says its her write right.)

This is Food Lady: I don't want Max up there because its really dangerous. He won't believe me. I'm searching for a good car seat for him. I wish he'd listen more. Bossy Boy! He makes me cook and type!!!! Now, he wants me to go buy some better boots so I can walk in the snow while he plays.


I'm Max and I'm Really a Dog

November 24th 2005 4:08 am
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Food Lady woke up early and saw the mess near the computer. I'd been raiding the trash under the desk and I got caught! I left evidence. Food Lady made some remark about her being pretty sure it wasn't Walk Man who left the ice cream wrappers on the floor and shredded napkins everywhere. She explained evidence. Then, I told her the evidence was merely circumstantial. She didn't yell at me but she gave me her look. I took the fifth. (I learned that watching one of the ASPCA shows on Animal Planet.) But she knew. Now, for sure she knows because I just admitted it when in my second sentence. She is my typist, and I really am a dog. I even looked guilty.

One day, I'm going to write about guilt. But probably not today. She said its Thanksgiving and its a heavy topic. Though Food Lady and I will discuss it at length later today, I'm sure.

She suggested that I write about last night at the dog park. Food Lady and I had a great time. We stayed until after dark and I met new dogs again. I'm a bit fussy with whom I play. You would be, too, if you were short like me. It doesn't scare me, but I have so much fun watching them. I do like Kuma, the Bernese Mountain Dog. He's really big but knows how to play fair. I also met Taz. He's kind of a Chow type dog. Food Lady was a bit apprehensive, so I was, too. But he turned out to be really fun.

However, Food Lady put my pink and green blinker light tag on my collar. I'm white so she should be able to see me even in the dark. I think I freaked out some of the other dogs and they kept their distance. I shouldn't be made to wear flashing lights. I'm a dog, not a Christmas tree!!! I'm just lucky no one tried lifting their leg on me!


Greenies in Dispute

November 22nd 2005 7:51 pm
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Food Lady should stop reading. I love Greenies. But she read they were bad. Then she read that the jury was still out. She doesn't know what to believe.

Walk Man said "no, Greenies". Food Lady said sometimes it would be ok. Then she gave me one. It had been so long that I didn't even want to leave it to go outside.

Outside won. When I got back, the Greenie was waiting for me. This life isn't so tough.



November 21st 2005 6:40 pm
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Today, I realized that I can nly do what Food Lady and Walk Man let me do. I've been home most of the day. Walk Man took me out twice and Food Lady took me out once. No one let me chase anything outside all day. I had them attached to me when I walked them. I have one more walk coming to me.

Food Lady has been giving me rawhide again. She knows I like to chew. She likes to eat. She forgets to chew. It could help her if she would chew.

She came home early, today. She had a little vacation. What good is it if she doesn't get me to the park? But she did agree to type for me tonight. But she wouldn't tell me what she was doing.

Yesterday, she came home smelling like cat. I don't know where she got the cat. I wish she'd have brought it home for me to play with, too. I'd like a cat. I heard Food Lady talking about getting me a sister or brother. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I like having my Food Lady and Walk Man to myself. But, I am sort of lonely during some days. But I like my Animal Planet time. I like the dog shoes best. But I learn about bugs, too. Food Lady screams at bugs. I check it out.

I wish I could help her walk better. It would do us both good. Then I might not be so stuck....


Perfect November Saturday

November 19th 2005 6:51 pm
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Food Lady snuck out of the house really early. I didn't realize it was Saturday. But she came back and I took her for a biscuit at Java Detour. I got my biscuit and she got coffee. They are so nice to me there. I always get something. If Food Lady doesn't look, I sometimes find the whipped creme on her drink. I lick it if she isn't looking.

After that, I took her to the dog park. I had the best day. There were the coolest dogs in the world and a few people that I'm beginning to trust. I ran and ran. Yuri has a brother now, but I can't spell his name. Food Lady will have to figure it out.
I saw the Bernese Mountain Dog, Shiba Inu, Chinese Crested, and mutts like me. They were really fun. And I didn't mind that Food Lady took me home before she went to Pilates. I had enough exercise and didn't need to work out with her, too.

I have to go and wait by the door for Walk Man. Food Lady says she has to get back to work and can't do my typing for a while.



November 16th 2005 7:02 pm
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I don't mind it. But Food Lady doesn't seem to like it. There was this white stuff on the ground. I kept my nose in it. Food Lady was really slow and scared. She's good for cooking though.

She's been giving me baths again. It was that SPOT on me. She washed it and washed it. Unfortunately, the SPOT is on me. She wrote the company. She called the vet. She did the right things. I guess its because she loves me. And I love her.

I love my Walk Man. I have to go now and wait for him. He should be here soon. Then I can get a real walk.


Long Time Gone and Flea/Tick Goop

November 13th 2005 6:11 am
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Sorry, Friends. Food Lady hasn't been able to type for me this week. She's been busy doing work. I don't know what that means but she's been typing and researching. I can't figure out what she's doing that's more important than telling my friends what's going on, but she still gives me meat balls and early morning outside time. So, I can't really complain.

Until now.

Yesterday, in between her work and sleep. I helped her with her errands. Mostly, she makes me wait in the car. But its not hot and I have the spectacle seat, so its ok. We went to Mounds. I love it there. She also took me to dog park but it started raining on us. So Food Lady and all the humans ran to all their cars with all of us dogs. No smart dog would stand out in the rain with boomers and flashing lights in the sky. I wanted to go to a closer car, but Food Lady said we have to go in our car.

On the way home, she stopped and went into a store. I sat again. I was good and patient and it paid off. She came back with CHICKEN! I only got to smell it and sit with it, but it still is pretty good.

We picked up Walk Man and headed home. I followed the CHICKEN bag into the house. They put the leash on me but it wasn't needed. I was going to follow the CHICKEN.

I ate all my kibble. I didn't get any meat balls. They ate the CHICKEN. I was patiently waiting. Food Lady gave me a potato-liver nuked Nylabone(c). I love that thing.

Then, everything changed. They called me to the couch. Thinking I might get some CHICKEN, I went. Feigning obedience, I sat by them.

Then, Walk Man held me while Food Lady put some GOOP on me. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!! First, I walked away. Then I smelled it. Then I tried to get it off me by rubbing on the furniture. Nothing worked. Walk Man left. Now I've had goop before, but this was different. I started not feeling good. Food Lady knew because I went in my crate all alone without being told. She gave me a cracker. I shunned it. I followed her all over the house. She went to the computer and looked something up.

Next, she made me get in the bath tub. Now, normally, I don't like it. But I was hoping she'd figured out why I was feeling TERRIBLE. She washed as much of the goop off me that she could get. I stood there. I didn't fight her. She rinsed me with water, soap, and more water. She toweled me down. I was relieved. Not better, but relieved.

She dried me with her hot air machine. Not totally, but to get some more water off.

I skulked away. Back to my crate. Then to our bed. When Walk Man came home, I didn't meet him at the door. I'd been through so much. He wanted to get into the bed, but I really needed his spot. I'd been in Food Lady's spot but moved once for her, I wasn't moving for him.

But I did. I took all the clothes out of the bag and rolled in them earlier. He'd already put them back. I stayed on the floor. Then I was on the edge of the couch. When Food Lady got up this morning, I was in my dog bed. I don't go there too much, so she knew I still wasn't okay.

I finally agreed to go for a walk. I had ignored the meat balls before. When we came in, I finally succumbed. Then she brushed me really good. And I cooperated.

Whatever this goop was, she won't be using it again. She told me. I hope I feel better through the day. I'm still rolling and itching but I have sparks of energy.

Food Lady thinks its an allergy. Lucy had lots of those. I don't. But this goop really set me off! She'd always used FrontLine(c) and I was fine. This stuff wasn't.

She said she went and checked it out and others had problems, as well. I noticed she's checking on me a lot this morning.

If she's guilty enough, I might even get a greenie out of this.....


Meat Balls.

November 7th 2005 6:23 pm
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I only seem to get them for dinner now. I don't know why. She keeps changing things on me.

Yesterday, Food Lady and Walk Man went out without me. I almost always go with them on Sundays. But not yesterday. They brought me a Shiba Inu cookie. Yum. Then they took me to the real dog park. I just ran and ran and ran. My favorite is running from Food Lady to Walk Man when they go different directions. I have to keep track of them. They are such high maintenance humans. But, she makes a mean meat ball...even if I only get them once a day.


Rain, Rain, Go Away

November 5th 2005 10:04 pm
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I don't like this rain. I hate it so much that I refused to walk. I'd rather hold it.

I've been scarce, of late. I've been wanting to write, but Food Lady was working a lot and had some problems getting the computer to do what she wanted. But she seems to hve it working so I sent her to type for me.

I've been licking their slippers again. I don't chew them but I lick them. Food Lady put a bottle of something in Walk Man's shoes. I took the stuff. She found it and sprayed it in his shoes. I didn't like them anymore. Some lime bitter thingy.

She also got me a nylabone. I liked it. She baked it in the microwave. That's why she's the Food Lady.

I heard Benny will start school tomorrow. I hope he learns something. He can't pee here anymore. Walk Man said he can't come back until he learns this stuff.

I hope it stops raining. I have to go....

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