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Right now, they call me Max....

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Been Gone and Made It Back-Vacations, Likes and Dislikes

June 10th 2006 6:03 pm
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Food Lady and Walk Man dropped Benjamin and me at Lizbeth's and Kayla's house and left us a really long time. That Bubba(Benjamin) needs so much work that I had to keep him in check everyday. He still won't poop outside. But he knows. He's just difficult. He gets away with it with my Oma. I missed my house and my staff (Food Lady and Walk Man), but I still got fed and walked. I also got to play with other dogs and cats. I love going to Lizbeth. Its like my spa and social time.

Now, I'm home. First thing was they took me to Maria. Though I like her, I don't like being groomed. And she gave me a really big haircut. Of course, I didn't like it at first. But its good for the warmer weather, so I gave in. I'm pretty handsome.

I've had some pretty good fun again. Food Lady keeps taking me to the park. I won't always play with other dogs. But sometimes, with the right dog, I'm amazing. Today, we stayed for hours. I loved it. Food Lady watches and walks with me and talks to other dogs' servants. Today, I let people touch me. Except one man. I just can't stop myself from barking at him. He thinks I'm barking at his big dog. Wrong.

Then, we went shopping. I got a mini-Rocky. I slobbered over it in the store so Food Lady would have to buy it. It worked. I know she bought treats. She just hasn't given me any. Maybe, I'll get lucky and get some custard tonight. I can usually wish her into sharing with me. I only want a little. I like dried peas, too. I like cheese. I like sausage. I don't like blueberries or raw carrots. I don't want her olives. But I like crackers.

I'm back and I'm writing! See you soon!


Bubba's here and So are the Suitcases

May 12th 2006 2:27 pm
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Uncle Catman dropped off Bubba. We've been running alot but I think something is going on. My house is a mess. Food Lady packed my food. I'll keep you posted. Right now, I have to chase Bubba-Benji.


Papers and Suitcases

May 7th 2006 4:47 am
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Food Lady was gone for two nights. The first night, I waited for her at the door. The second night I didn't bother.

When she came home, she opened what she calls a suitcase. Then she left it there. Then more started appearing and for some reason, they moved clothes and papers into the living room! What a mess!!! But she left a pile of dirty clothes in the hall. I like to lay on them.

There's a new pillow in the bedroom. I'm avoiding it. I like to like Food Lady's Big Red pillow. I won't tell you why because I have Food Lady typing for me. I don't want her to know why. So, for now, its a secret.

I've been hanging at the Dog Park again. But I don't feel like running with most of the dogs there. I like the park. But, I like being near Food Lady or Walk Man. Dogs are okay, but they can't give you Meatballs. Other dogs will eat the Meatballs and there'd be none for you.


Being Good Is So So Hard Especially in a Hail Storm

April 15th 2006 6:00 am
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Life goes on and I'm working on being "good". I'm not sure what that means. I know I'm to leave bikers, runners, walkers, roller bladders and others of both genders alone when I'm on a walk. I'm still not sure what to do about skateboarders. I just don't trust them. In the house, they say "no growl" when I growl at the door. When the bell rings, I have to bark. They say "no bark" but they don't know what's out there. I'm trying to help! Now, when the bell rings, I have to kennel-up and that really bugs me. But, I'm trying.

The other night, Food Lady and I were hanging out when suddenly there was a huge clatter. She went to the porch and went outside. There were golf balls coming down in the rain!!!! I didn't like it and wanted to go inside, but she kept saying "look Max!". So she seemed okay about it so I reluctantly stayed with her. Then it was over.

When Walk Man came to take me out we found ice cubes on the ground. Boy! were they ever good! He brought three of them to Food Lady. I heard them call the ice cubes "hail". I guess it was my first big hail storm. Last year, it happened when Food Lady and I were in the car, but they didn't look like golf balls then!!!

Otherwise, I'm still sporting a citronella collar. It doesn't go off so much any more. I'm trying to be good. I am meeting the neighbors. It's a slow process. I still don't know why everyone wants to pat my head! They say "what a cute dog" and then reach for me. Now, Food Lady tells me, "be a good boy Max" and "its okay" and I let them touch me.

This weekend something is up. The word "Bubba" and "Benji" are mentioned. I guess I'll have to go visit him soon. I don't mind but I wish he'd learn to poop outside.


My Homecoming

April 4th 2006 8:02 pm
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This is my first homecoming. I have been with Food Lady and Walk Man for a year as of yesterday! To celebrate, I went with Food Lady to the DOG PARK at dusk! It was fun. They had just groomed me, so she told me to avoid puddles. Easy. I don't like being wet. Then she gave me a really good treat. Walk Man spent most of the day with me. Food Lady said she's tired so won't type for me much more. I'll be back soon.


Vet Stress

March 18th 2006 6:12 pm
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I should have known it was too good to be true. Food Lady got up and took me for a ride. I was excited and then I realized I was at the Vet's Office.

I was on my best behavior but I couldn't stop shaking. I've been there before and they look in my ears. I don't like anyone other than Walk Man looking in there.

I walked in and these three crazy yappy dogs were there. They yapped at ME! Imagine! I didn't make a sound. They took the yappy dogs into a ROOM.

I got on the scale. I was very well behaved. I was a good weight. It was time to go into the ROOM. I don't like the ROOM. I tried to walk out. Food Lady was with me and telling me "good boy" in her most condescending and insincere voice. She thinks she's calming me, but it makes me suspicious. I wanted out. Vet Lady came into the room. I have a reputation. I fight and I have a record. So they muzzled me. Food Lady was in on it with Vet Lady. Vet Lady said I looked good but I needed to be vaccinated. I heard Vet Lady say she needed to draw blood to test me for heartworm. Now, I don't have it, so I thought it was a silly thing to do. So I fought them. Finally, Vet Lady, Food Lady, and two other Vet Lady Assistants held me down. They got me. I wasn't happy. Then I got my vaccinations. That wasn't too bad. I kept trying to get to Food Lady. She held me a lot today. I was really stressed.

Apparently, Food Lady was stressed, too. We both had to nap for a long time today. I think Food Lady was upset about something. She and Walk Man had a long talk today. I'm glad I had a chewy because I don't understand why its so complicated for human people. They should get more exercise and feed me and pet me more. It would solve everything.


Burrs and Other Stuff

March 11th 2006 12:33 pm
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They left me to go to a funeral. For a word with fun in it, it didn't sound fun. I had fun with Lizbeth. Her house is fun. She is the best and so are all the dogs and cats.

Walk Man and Food Lady took me to the park. It was pretty muddy. But I got some burrs on my belly. I hated it and they had to take me home. Finally, they helped get it off.

But, it happaned again. Food Lady took me to the park. I was there about five minutes when some burrs attached themselves to my beard. It was AWFUL. Food Lady tried to help me but I couldn't stand it. Another lady in the park was really nice and tried to help me, too. I wouldn't let anyone. I wanted to do it myself. But it really bothered me. Food Lady tood me home. She held me down and finally got the burrs out and off. I felt much better. But I'm exhausted. It wasn't a fun day. I like the park and couldn't enjoy it because of the burrs. Maybe Food Lady will find another park for me. I need a burr-free zone.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help me today. I didn't know Food Lady had scissors with her. I'll have to remember that. But I hate scissors. I'm glad she didn't cut my hair.


I'm Really a Very Good Boy....

February 26th 2006 12:21 pm
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I'm exhausted. I went to the park two days in a row !!! It's so much fun! I've also been very good. I let strangers approach me and some of them are even men. I'm almost at my first year with Food Lady and Walk Man. I think they plan to celebrate. (hint)

Today, though, I saw what a not good boy did to Food Lady. He seemed to like her and kept standing near her. Then, he lifted his leg. Mr. Schnauzer Dog peed on MY Food Lady. How rude. Naughty. I may have to pee on her boot, too. I may have to cover the scent. She's mine, not his. Now I know why they call them UGG boots! Ugg!!!


Bubba (Benji), Traveling, and Cursed Eggs

February 20th 2006 6:27 pm
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We visited Oma and Bubba this week. In just one day, I got lots of running in...Bubba kept making me play. Even when I was tired of playing. So I'd try to hide, but there was no where to go. I tried climbing on or behind Walk Man. Food Lady isn't so good for hiding. I think it was her chair. Some of it was pretty fun. I finally went into the basement for the very first time. The stairs are steep, but Bubba couldn't get there. It was a good place for sniffing.

Traveling upset me a bit at first. It made me shake. But I settled down. And when we got there, I was pretty happy. I know Oma's house! I love Oma and I love her house. The way home was better. I was tired and slept. Actually I slept really good last night. But then the Cursed Eggs happened again.

On Saturday, Food Lady started to cook hard boiled eggs while she worked. I notice it started to smell funny. So I got her. She found the pot out of water and all the eggs on end. She poured water all over them and it seemed ok--until today. This morning, I heard Walk Man suggest an egg for breakfast. She went to get them. She had her coat on and her purse on her shoulder. She turned to open the refrigerator. When she did, she knocked over something called pickles. It was an entire new jar. The jar broke. Suddenly, my food bowl was up, Walk Man was moving things, mopping things up and I was banned from the kitchen all day. My food was moved to the bathroom. I sort of liked it there.

But it wasn't over for Food Lady. She inhaled the egg. She coughed and her throat is raw. She's still coughing. She said it was because the eggs were cursed from the start. I think she's silly. I'll eat the eggs.


Bored, Content, and Waiting for Food Lady to Drop Something- Tasty

February 12th 2006 5:49 pm
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I had to spend most of the weekend inside and alone. I don't know what they were doing, but they weren't doing it here. No dog park, no nothing. But they are home at night. I finally got Food Lady to take a break and write for me. But I have nothing to tell you. I overheard her talking to Oma. Bubba (Benji) gives her all sorts of trouble, but then Oma won't do anything. I once got mad at Food Lady and tried to boss her with my teeth. It won't happen again. We are good friends. But we have our limits. But all I want is to please her. Benji will figure it out, but Oma has to set some boundaries, I guess. She'll figure it out.

Time for another nap. Ciao BeBe!

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