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Right now, they call me Max....

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I love you guys and I hated to leave you like this.

February 7th 2013 12:10 pm
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On December 24, 2012, I had to leave you guys. It was my time. Walk Man was carrying me up and down stairs. Food Lady's food couldn't make me happy anymore. That cancer thing took over. I fought with everything I had. Really. And I know you guys tried. Just two days before, you took me for a special trip to the dog park. I just didn't have any walk left in me. I did like being there but it wasn't comfortable. Rides in cars were tough. Something (this cancer thing) took the happy from my happy life with Walk Man, Food Lady, Ribbons, Oma, and Benji. I was ready. Please be ready, too. I know there is a space in your hearts for me and from me. Just fill it with other joy. There's always room for love and joy. Thank you. Now, will you both sit down and WRITE!!!! Oh, and Food Lady, keep on with food but do some billing while you are at it. I love you all.


I just saw how long it's been....

January 7th 2012 1:53 pm
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Lot's has happened to me since my last entry. I got something they call "cancer". I'm not supposed to know, but I do. I got sick in March 2011. Food Lady saw me shaking at times I didn't normally shake. Then, I got all the yucky stuff going...vomit, diarrhea,and funny eating. The shaking got Food Lady and Walk Man upset because my teeth would clatter.

We went to my vet and she found nothing. I had just had blood work in December so she wanted to hold off. Walk Man insisted and they found my calcium levels were too high. Vet knew it was a sign of this "cancer" thing. Next thing I know we head to University of Wisconsin Vet School.

Yup, I got the cancer thing. So I had surgery and they took it away. Then, I had to keep going back for something called "chemo".

I was doing pretty good. I've been playing, eating and getting lots of pets. I was having this "chemo" at home.

On my most recent check up, they found more of this cancer. So, they want me to have more surgery. Food Lady and Walk Man talk a lot about what we should do.

I trust them.


Max here, Ribbons typing.

May 20th 2010 12:24 pm
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Ok, so Food Lady and Walkman are away. I can't type, but Ribbons can. So she's helping. I know that Ribbons helping is odd-doo, but I am dictating to her while she's on the big computer at the desk. But we have things to say.

First, I like it here. So does Ribbons. But we want our food bowls always full. ALWAYS. Second, more trips to the dog park. MORE for me. MORE. Third, pets when we want them. ALWAYS. Greenies. ALWAYS. MORE. MORE. We'd like to try chocolate so you better keep it hidden.

I'd like to get more writing in without Ribbons intervening. So Food Lady needs to type. Ribbons wants to get more food without any interference, so leave the fridge open.

That's it for now. Ribbons wants to get off the desk. She said there are no food crumbs there, so eat more when you are at your desk. And leave the Fridge open.


We Played--Break-Through

February 29th 2008 7:20 pm
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I finally played with Ribbons today. We had a blitz through the house. I don't know what got into me. But I think I taught her to play. Food Lady made a call to Walk Man, it was that exciting. It really was fun and I'm tired. I think Food Lady had more fun watching us!


We Played--Break-Through

February 29th 2008 7:20 pm
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I finally played with Ribbons today. We had a blitz through the house. I don't know what got into me. But I think I taught her to play. Food Lady made a call to Walk Man, it was that exciting. It really was fun and I'm tired. I think Food Lady had more fun watching us!


Food Lady Stays With Me

February 24th 2008 11:03 am
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Food Lady used to go to a job. Now she's at home and works so much she can't type for me. I don't know what she's doing. But she feeds me and always eats and sometimes shares. She puts on nicer clothes and goes to some place she calls "cort". She spells it c-o-u-r-t but I think she should spell it my way. She walks with me a lot more but with the big snow and bad ice she doesn't go far or for long. I'm getting used to Ribbons, too. I let her sleep in the bed and sometimes near me on the floor. Of course, I have to let her know that I'm just allowing it and she better not make me mad.

My toys and chewies have disappeared since Ribbons came here. I guess she's staying and I'm expected to share. I steal from her food bowl. But she goes in mine, too. The food is always the same.

Food Lady says she will go back to a job one of these days. I'm not sure I approve since I like it with her here. Ribbons is sort of barky when Food Lady is out of the house. I don't approve of barky. I used to bark a lot. Now, I limit it to dogs on the street and people whose clothes I don't like too much. Otherwise, I'm a pretty good boy.

Maybe if I'm a good boy, she'll stay here....



December 15th 2007 5:00 pm
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Right now, I'm lounging near Food Lady and Princess Ribbons. That little devil dog is so hard to keep in line. She eats anything. Today, I tried to teach her the dog park ropes. She just doesn't get it. She acts like she's too good to play with the other dogs. Today I managed to get her to run with me. Then, at the end of the run, she bared her teeth at me. That's my job! The nerve.

Food Lady was putting my leash on and dropped Princess Ribbons leash. Ribbons took off! She went in the street and ran two blocks before Food Lady and I could catch her. She was so naughty! I could have caught her if Food Lady would let me off leash. Ribbons was dragging her leash through the snow and in the street. We all got lots of exercise.

So, I'm off to nap. Its tough to keep the Princess Ribbons in line! Someone's got to do it!


Quality Time

December 7th 2007 8:28 pm
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I had some with Food Lady. We drove for a long way and I got treats at a few places. I know how to turn on the polite charm.

But when we got home, quality time ended. Little B was here. She won't pee outside enough. She saves some for the house. Today, she peed on one of my sleep spots. She did it on purpose. She's a brat. Food Lady and Walk Man should send her back. She's stealing my food, my chewy, and my crate. She rolls in my bed. It sucks. Really. I need my peace and quiet returned.




December 6th 2007 3:20 pm
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That's what I am calling Ribbons. Sometimes, I need to show her who is boss. But Food Lady and Walk Man tell me they are the boss. She takes my toys, rolls in my bed, and sits in my crate.

Its ok. I guess. I'm working on it. Telling Food Lady that I am upset is futile. She still pets me and feeds me and walks me and etcetera.

It snowed here. I don't like rolling it it so much. My paws get ice in them. I also got groomed so I'm looking pretty spectacular so I don't want to mess with it.

For now, I will continue to block INTERLOPER from walking around the house. I don't like that now I can't have my food all day. We are on an eating schedule. We even have to eat in separate rooms. Food Lady or Walk Man remove the bowls if they aren't around. Now I can't steal her food. But then again, she can't steal mine. I have to think about this.


Food Lady's Heart Dog

November 26th 2007 2:41 pm
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That's what she says I am. Then why would she and Walk Man go and add to our perfect arrangement with ME as an only dog. She tells me loving me expands the space in her heart for another dog. Then they bring me to Ribbons and if the darn little thing didn't get in MY car and ride to MY house. Now, she's in MY kennel (which I am pretending to like now). She's been sleeping in OUR bed! Its outrageous! She's barky so they put the citronella on her. Sometimes, I get close to her and bark so it goes off in her face. She's afraid of other dogs but she doesn't appear too afraid of ME. And I've told her in no uncertain terms that I AM A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH! Little B! But then Food Lady or Walk Man remind me that they are in charge of every one.

At least I don't get crated!

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