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Missing you still......

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Tag...I'm it and so are you! :)

May 27th 2007 8:01 am
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The Rules:
Each pup has to write down 7 facts about themselves, who tagged them and then choose 7 pups they are going to tag in their diary. You can 'tag' a pup by either pmailing them or leaving them a's totally up to you.

7 facts about me are....hmmmmm...let's see

1. I was mamma's 21st bday present from papa
2. I love baby carrots and red vine licorice
3. I'm terrified of thunder
4. Birds are my favorite thing to chase
5. I love going bye-bye
6. Sleeping is a favorite past time
7. I'm a pound puppy

I was tagged by my bestest bridge pal...Sassy! Now I'm off to tag my pals Cherie de Bonneville , Abby Dabby Do, Bijou, Dakota Sun, Abby, Casey and Paris!!!


My Tail of Devotion for Payton (1994-2005)

September 3rd 2006 5:08 am
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My sweet Payton, where do I begin?

The day we brought you home was a day I'll never forget. We waited by your kennel door for hours just waiting to be able to adopt you and make you ours. WELL spent hours!! You gave papa and I 11 years of the most unconditional love a human could ever imagine...and for that, I am forever greatful. You always had a way of making things better just by being you. It's been a year since you've been gone but somehow, each day, I feel you and know that you are here with us. It came as a huge surprise to have to let you go that day but in our hearts we knew it was best. You gave soooooo much of yourself for so many years, letting you go so you wouldn't suffer any long was our thank you to you. With a very heavy heart, we let you go knowing you would no longer be sick or be suffering. I sat down the first night without you and put my heart on paper. This is for you my girl....Mamma still and always will LOVE YOU with all my heart.

We decided her name would be Payton
By her kennel door we did sit
We had to wait to adopt her
She was the greatest birthday gift I would ever get!

Her big brown eyes, her sweet soft ears, her hugs that were always the best
And how her colors met each other, the black and white along her chest.

Very quickly you became my greatest and bestest friend
For the love we have for each other, will never see an end.

Bubba, I’ll miss you oodles
And in my heart I will never forget
The unconditional love and gratitude
That I’m not ready to lose just yet.

So promise me one thing, watch over us you will do
For our time apart won’t be forever, someday we’ll start anew.

We took away your suffering~ we let our Pooper rest.
Papa held me close to him, and said it was for the best

As I held you in my arms, I felt you slip away
A part of me went with you
A part of me died that day.

You left us with eleven years worth of memories
Which we’ll think of lots and smile
But now we have to say goodbye but only for a while.

Although I think I still hear you
And what I’d give for just one more day
But in our hearts, we felt it was time………

Oh how we wish that you could have stayed!!!!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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It's been a year my girl

August 14th 2006 7:06 am
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It seems like only yesterday that we were telling you goodbye....where has the time gone? Life has been so different for me without you but I have the greatest memories to keep me happy. Thank you with all my heart for bringing Tobie into my life.....I know you had a paw in that :o) I know your still here with me and are watching over papa and I every day. Thank you for your little ways of letting me know your there! I love you and miss you my girl!!!
xoxo Mamma xoxo



January 1st 2006 3:20 pm
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Hi my sweet's Mamma here
I just wanted to take a minute to wish you a very Happy Birthday today!! You would have been 12 years old today and you've really been in my thoughts lots. I miss you like it was yesterday that we had to say heart is still so heavy with thoughts of you and full of wonderful memories. Thank you my girl for looking out for us and keeping a close eye on our little man. Mamma loves you oh so much and I miss you more than words could ever say. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUBBA!!!
With all my love, Mamma


Thanks everyone!!!

December 12th 2005 3:54 pm
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I just wanted to tell everyone THANKS from the bottom of my heart for the warm welcome your sending to my baby brother Tobie!!!! Thanks to my bestest boy pal George the mostest!!! :o) He's been tellin his pals alllll about my baby brother!!
I sure am enjoying watching Mamma and Papa with Tobie. Mamma sure smiles lots more now which makes me happy! I know she's missing me oodles right now but she also knows in her heart that I'm right there by here side....always!! :o)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my pup pals!!! I hope you all have a beautiful holiday season!!!
Sloppy kisses- Payton xoxo


He's finally here!!!!

December 5th 2005 9:15 am
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My baby brother Tobie is finally home with Mamma and Papa!!! After sooooo many weeks of waiting for him....he's finally here! Mamma and Papa sure are excited to be able to hold him and love him for real now! :o)
Mamma made him a d-page so ya gotta go check it out! He's a tiny little thing but he sure knows how to act like a big dog! I sure taught him right!!!
I've been watching him from the bridge for many weeks now and have kept him out of least big trouble anyways :o) He's sure a little spit fire!!! Just the way I love em!!!
Just had to share the news..............
Sloppy kisses- Payton



November 24th 2005 4:29 am
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Hi ya everyone!!!!!
It's been a while since I barked my last diary page....been super busy watching over my brother! The BIG DAY is approaching and I just don't know what to do with alllll this excitement inside me!!
Tobie will be home with Mamma and Papa on Sunday morning.....can time go any slower?? Mamma is going crazy just waiting! :o) She has been doing so much shopping for him....buying toys, a puppy bed, food and everything else Tobie will need. I've sure enjoyed watching her...she looks pretty silly running around like she's doing!! Ha ha ha ha!!! I'll deffinately let everyone know when he arrives.....only 3 more days!!!!!!
I want to wish all my grrreat at the bridge and down below with their families....a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! You all have made me feel sooooo loved and missed!! And for that, Mamma and I are sooooo thankful!! Everyone here at dogster has really helped Mamma through this tough time without me and for that....I'm forever greatful!!!

Big huge sloppy turkey day kisses to all!!!!! Payton :o)


I'm a big sister!!!!!!!!

November 12th 2005 5:53 am
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Oh man...oh man...oh man!!!!!!
Big news in my world! I'm a big sister!! I have a new baby brother that's gonna be coming to live in Holland with Mamma and Papa! He's still with his doggie mamma right now cause he's so little but he'll be home with Mamma and Papa at the end of November.
He lives someplace called Wisconsin...dunno what the heck that is but it sounds fun! Mamma says he's gonna be coming over the big pond on something called an airplane (guess I rode on one when we moved from New Mexico to Holland).
Mamma has been feeling pretty guilty about bringing another fuzzy baby home to love but I told her it was okay with me cause I know how happy he'll make her! She tells me all the time that I'm her bubba and will always be her numero uno! Papa tells her it's okay to want another baby in the house and I just couldn't agree more with him! Way to go Papa!!!
My new brother's name is Tobie....he's something called a Rat Terrier.....hmmmmmm sounds like fun to me!!! Mamma and Papa already looooove him soooooo tooooooo!!! He'll have his very own page here on dogster when he comes home to our forever family. I just can't wait for all of you to meet him....your gonna love him!!! George already does!!! Thanks George and his Mommy for your support :o)

Big sloppy big sister kisses!!! Payton (you can see Tobie's pic at the top of my page) :o)


Everybody....ya gotta meet my bestest angel pal.....

September 27th 2005 9:08 am
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Her name is Cherie de Bonneville..... I have a hard time saying all of that so I just call her Cherie :o)
We have sooooooooo much in's great!!! We both loved to burp in the face of the person who fed us (our way of saying thanks!!!) and we hide in the bath tub when thunder rolls around or other scary things happen. Also, we love to eat dutch cheese.....her Mamma and Papa are from Holland and that's where my Mamma and Papa live!!! I even found out that Christmas is one of her very favorite holiday's......MINE TOO!!!! We have no patience for people that take thier sweet time opening thier presents.....we just gotta jump right in and help out!!!!
Our Mamma's think I must be Cherie reincarnated cause we're so much alike. She passed away the year I was born......hmmmmmm......makes ya think huh??!! :o)
George Underwood (my bestest boy pal) sent my Mama and email to help her learn how to make a link to my best friends from my soon as she gets that all figured out....I'll post links so you can all meet them!!!

Hugs to everyone!!! Payton


My very first crush!!!

September 24th 2005 1:11 pm
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Oh boy....oh boy!!!!!
I'm just so excited I just don't know what to do with myself!!! George Underwood asked me to be his angel girl yesterday.....his BESTEST angel girl!!!! My heart is going a million miles a minute and it's great!! I told him YES of Peggy Sue and I get to share (thanks Peggy Sue!!!)
xoxoxo Payton xoxoxo

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