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The Good Life....

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July 30th 2007 10:15 am
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Mommy kicks me out of bed early now because she says I snore! She says it's not loud and the sound varies according to my sleep position. If I'm on my tummy, I make a whistling sound. If I am on my side, it definitely sounds like a regular, deep-breathing, snore. Sigh...It must be because I sniff EVERYTHING in site. Mommy's been asking me not to but it's hard when I'm at the dog parks and there's just so many scents! Plus, I do have to sniff out all the other dogs scents and replace it with mine...


Bath time and a hair cut...

July 9th 2007 11:33 am
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There's a reason why I cringe everytime I hear the word bath. Maybe it's because I get this gawd-awful haircut that makes me look like a boy!!! When Mommy gives me a bath, she does it gently and just gives me a trim. I think I'll just have Mommy give me baths and hair cuts from here on. Plus, I always get a treat after we're done! I love my Mommy.


My tummy don't feel good...

December 29th 2006 10:10 am
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At Christmas time, everybody wants to give me goodies but some goodies didn't settle well in my tummy! I don't want to make more work for mommy but I can't help it. My tummy's making all sorts of noises. I think if it doesn't end soon, mommy's going to take me to the doctors. :( In the future, I hope people won't give me things they aren't suppose to. I think mommy sent out a warning. From here on, I'm sticking to dog food!


Have a good day Mommy!!!

April 20th 2006 1:27 pm
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Grandma's in town and I'm getting spoiled rotten. Usually I hate it when Mommy goes off to work in the mornings but now that Grandma's here, I get to stay out and play!!! Grandma lets me take my treats everywhere! Mommy comes home to find crumbs everywhere and starts mumbling about me. I can't help it Mommy!!! Grandma said it was ok!!! I'm always at the door at the end of the day to greet Mommy and I hope she doesn't notice the mess I made...



April 11th 2006 11:03 am
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I don't know what Mommy's thinking but she's thinks I can learn to dance! Ha! It's more like turbo kick boxing for me...She's asking me to jab left, jab right, and move forward...I just keep looking at Mommy like she's crazy but then she whips something special out...-CHICKEN JERKY!!! I'll do anything for CHICKEN JERKY!!! Yummy!!! Dance, kick, fly...ANYTHING!!! So I guess she's pretty persistant about the dancing...I'll get it down the next couple of weeks...


Born free...and spoiled...

January 19th 2006 4:14 pm
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Mommy's mommy was here for a couple of months and boy was I spoiled rotten! First, mommy would leave for work and leave me at home with Grandma. Grandma would walk me and let me do what ever and go where ever! I was in control. I had Grandma wrapped around my tiny little paws. Then, Grandma would bring me over to Grand Aunty's house where I would get white chicken meat! Yumm! Christmas came and Grandma went home but Mommy and Daddy were home a lot! I went on a lot of joy rides! I got lots of treats for Christmas and I got to sleep with Mommy and Daddy almost every day! I'm in heaven...Wait, I've always been in heaven...I think this is the icing/ice cream that I love to lick off of things...


Here and there....

November 10th 2005 12:46 pm
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Mommy and Daddy keep bringing me back and forth between Mommy's house (which I love) and my Grandparent's house. I wish I could just stay in one place. I have an equal amount of toys at both places but I get more attention at Mommy's. She wakes up earlier to walk me and spend some time with me in the mornings. Mommy gets home earlier from work and pays more attention to me than anybody at my Grandparent's place. Mommy's home is the best!


Mommy's mommy...

November 7th 2005 11:19 am
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My other Grandma is in town. I haven't seen her in years. I can barely remember her as I was just a little pup when I saw her. It's nice having her around. I get a roam around a lot more. Actually, I get a lot of freedom these days between Daddy's days off and my many Grandma's days off. I hardly use my kennel anymore! I get a whole full-sized bed for Mommy and myself. I just spread myself out as much as I like. Mommy tries to push me over to my side but I like cuddling up right up along Mommy's side...It's nice a warm. I just have to be careful that Mommy doesn't roll over on me! Agh!!!


Is it that time again?

August 16th 2005 10:03 am
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I got a bath and a hair cut this weekend...I look like a boy dog now.. :( Grumble grumble..


It's that time of the month again...BATH TIME!!!

July 15th 2005 4:10 pm
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It was bath time this past weekend. I went on my daily five mile run around Lake Merced, lots and lots of play with mommy and wham!!! It's bath time! I'm not even that dirty and I don't think I'm THAT smelly but mommy keeps saying "Piper, you're so stinky!"

I'll just sit in the sink and maybe, just maybe, water won't get in my face. It worked but the face washing is inevitable.

Within fifteen minutes, it's over...I love it when bath time is done. Mommy takes a hair dryer and combs me at the same time. She knows just the right temperature and distance between me and the blow dryer. Four weeks to go before the next one...

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