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Peanuts Life Is A Blessing Forever

Memories of Peanut

November 2nd 2005 8:54 am
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I remember how Peanut used to like to play with my hand under the covers on my bed.
I remember her kissing my face all over for hours if she was allowed to, until my face was all wet, it was as if Peanut would giggle at me for her doing that to me. I believe she thought it was really funny, and how dumb she must have thought I was for her getting away with it again. But I had my own motives for her getting away with it, because I LOVED her kisses. {:O)

I remember her breath smelled a certain scent, it was so addicting you would get her to kiss you just to smell her.

I remember how she would play growl protecting her toys and treats, how shed get up and run away from me wagging her tail as if to say, "Ha Ha Ha I got my way again!"

I remember how shed want on my lap just to be my girl. I remember how shed stand there and bark at me if she wanted someting or a kibble to eat.

I remember there was NO going to Burger King without buying Peanut her own pack of Chicken Nuggets and oh how she would fight for those nuggets when she had hers. And she knew there were 5 of them too, always coming back for the very last one! I still cant believe shed eat 5 hole chicken nuggets,but she was a little pig when she ment business about her food.

I remember taking her to the groomer 2 weeks before she passed away and seeing the look on her face when I closed the door leaving her with this stranger who would handle her so personally and privately in that room. I prayed to GOD she was in good hands and gave the worry up to HIM. I remember going to pick her up that day and seeing her in the kennel by herself looking so beautiful, so happy to see me and telling me in her kisses," BOY AM I GLAD TO SEE YOU! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS LADY DID TO ME?"

She kissed me all the way home and everyone who saw here told her how beautiful she looked and just had to pick her up and get those preciuos kisses from her.

The groomer said she was the easiest one she had groomed all day.

Peanut always layed perfectly still when she was groomed I taught her that early on in her life sense I was the one grooming her 98% of the time.
I had promised peanut after a long cold winter I'd take her to the groomer because she needed more then what I knew how to do making her look beautiful.

I often thought as I would watch her enjoy her life and be silly, staring at her for hours sleeping or playing with the kitty cats or other dogs, or simply enjoying her treats, about what it would be like when she did grow old and pass away. I grieved her loss long before she passed away and she would often kiss my tears away. Now My tears fill my heart so much sometimes its hard to bare the hours ahead of me left in the day.

And just when I think I have no where else to turn I come across yet another picture I didnt even know I have of her.

Thank YOU Jesus for PEANUT still being a blessing in my life today. I so much appreciate it. I love YOU.


Here is Peanut's TRUE STORY:

November 2nd 2005 8:14 am
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My Little Poodle Peanut, seen here in the picture, Passed away on Valentinesday.

In 1993 The Good LORD gave us a new blessing to our home in the likes of PEANUT. It was the first time I had ever had a tea cup poodle in my life. Someone in our area had dropped off or dumped off an entire herd of poodles they didn't want anymore, and Peanuts mother came to my door, 4 days later she gave birth to 4 babies. We found homes for all of them but kept PEANUT for ourselves. She is still today a blessing in my heart having known her.
Every Year on Valentinesday, Me and my 2 Children hold a family tradition of going out to get each other Valentinesday Love Goodies. We always pile in the car and go to the nearest store to splurge our ten dollars on each other, buying cards and candy goodies.
This Year we desided to go to Pets Mart to get the dogs a goody as we ventured out to go get ours. So we desided to take our mini pin Buddy and tea cup poodle PEANUT with us. We all got ready to go and Peanut was jumping up and down wanting to go so bad, just like she always did when someone mentioned the word, By By. So as always I told her to come on lets go get in the car. And Peanut and Buddy both ran out the door to the car before any of us were even out the door. Jumping up and down wanting in the car we all opened the car doors and piled in.
Well *I* thought my daughter had picked up Peanut and had her in her arms and my son had picked up buddy.
So not thinking any more about it, we all piled in the car and slammed the doors!
Little did any of us know PEANUT Wasnt IN the car yet! :( Peanut had her front paws on the rim of the door waiting to be picked up and got SLAMMED IN THE HEAD BY THE DOOR! @_@ OMG!
WE were heart broken when we realised what had happened and got out of the car! I rushed and picked Peanut up, I ran to the front porch with her but by the time I had gotten to the porch Peanuts ear was bleeding so badly there was no way to stop it! Peanut was uncontious! She wouldnt wake up! Her ear was bleeding her to death and catching the wits about us, I told my crying children that before PEANUT dies we had the chance to say our last good byes to her! (I CRY AS I TYPE THIS STORY BECAUSE I MISS HER SO MUCH) So as her last nurves jumped as she passed into HEAVEN We all were able to tell her goodbye and how much we love her.
We never did get back in the car that weekend. None of us even wanted to go anywhere.
My daughter and I took Peanut inside the house and gave her a bath to get all the blood off of her, while my son was man enough to wash our front porch off. After Peanuts bath we placed her on a chair for Buddy to see and come sniff so that he would see where Peanut went and Why she would soon be gone forever.
I placed Peanut in a shoe box, I place her shoe box on a table in my livingroom and I Placed her picture on top of the ShoeBox and Used Fake flowers to decorate her WAKE. All my friends came over that saturday to pay their respects to PEANUT, and on sunday they all came back for her funeral. We buried Peanut in our front yard in the garden outside our front door.
I truely know that if there was a member of my family I could have offered JESUS on that Valentinesday, in place of one of my children, or husband or myself, PEANUT would have gladly stepped up and saved our lives, who knows? We may very well have gotten into an accident that day had we gone anywhere. The Lord giveth and the Lord took her away. One day in glory I hope to live with PEANUT again.

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