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Well my life has changed

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My life has changed

April 27th 2006 11:12 am
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Well, my life wasn't very complicated, no not complicated at all. My oldest sister, her name was Weedle and she was 15 years old, passed away in March and I miss her but she wasn't very playful and I understood that but I do miss her and her kisses. So, while my Mommy and Daddy go volunteer during the week , I proceed to just hang out on the couch. Very comfortable and oh what a good life. That tho has changed. The other day, thinking I was extremely lonesome, my Mommy and Daddy brought me a puppy to play with. You'll see his picture on our pages here. Boy what a mess he is and I do mean a mess. He is all over the place, he wants to bite my tail, my feet, my ears and anything else he can find not to mention he grabs all of my toys. And, my food and water, well that's not gonna happen I can tell you. My oldest sister taught me how to not let me get her food and I'm gonna do the same. Buddy is this little squirts name and Mommie says he's sweet but I'm not so sure. He gets her lap, her kisses and my spot on the couch to which he went wee wee on. My spot. Oh well I'm making the best of this darn little thing as best as I can. Mommy and Daddy said I was just like this when I was little but I don't remember that. long will it take for him to be calm and good like me?


Oh how my life has changed.....

September 21st 2006 12:51 pm
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Well since this little brown and white "thing" , named Buddy, has come into our lives things have been different for us. He's fun to play with sometimes however he doesn't know when to quit. He bites my ears, my tail, chews all my toys and even pees on "MY" big soft doggie bed cushion. Mommie keeps washing it and saying "it's ok Goofy it smells better now." But, I know what's really going on, it still has "him" on it somewhere. I do have one advantage tho. I get to sleep with Mommie and Daddy in our big big bed at night. Buddy sleeps in his own bed. It's because of his little wee wee problem. I don't think he knows about our bed.....hee's our secret. I have a feeling that's gonna change shortly but I'm not sure. He wiggles too much for me when we're sleeping on the couch. I hope he never gets to come to the big bed.
Seems like since he's come into the house he's always first at everything. When the ice crusher on the refigerator goes off I use to be there to get the first piece that Mommie gave. Now it's him. When scraps fall on the floor I use to be the one who got them, now that's Buddy too.
When Mommie snuggled up on the couch I snuggled by her now this bozo comes and plops right on top of us and lays his head down and licks on everybody. He just thinks he's gotta be into everything all the time. Silly thing. Oh well my life now includes him so I'm stuck.....but I still have the big bed to myself.....hee hee hee...


Oh Boy....

November 14th 2006 7:10 am
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Well it's getting a little cooler here however we haven't gone below 50 degrees yet. We have strong winds from the noreasters off the ocean and my little brother Buddy hasn't experienced that yet. Mommie bought him this silly sweater so he doesn't get cold...oh brother...he does have fur Mom.
Mommie is home now for the break before the tourist come in next spring. It's really quiet here now. I can watch the deer out the window and the foxes. It's so cool to watch the animals come back out after all the people have left. We're between the Atlantic Ocean out the front of our house which we can see the ocean waves break and roar and the Currituck Sound is out the back. We're located on the narrow strip of island off the coast of North Carolina. There's alot of duck blinds there now in the sound and the guns have started. My little brother Buddy doesn't like the gun sounds and my sister that's not here anymore, Weedle, she didn't like them either. But, at least the tourist are gone and I can go out and sniff all the neat animal smells. Mommie had a opossum last nite at the front door when she went to let my little brother out. Buddy, my little brother, leaped almost into her arms and he thinks he's so tuff. Hee Hee...
Mommie and Daddy are excited about Christmas. Mommie remembered yesterday that Weedle, my sister we lost in March, her big stocking is in the packed up Christmas box stuff. Daddy know's Mommie is going to cry when that stocking comes out. Weedle use to get so excited at christmas time. She wouldn't let me near any of "her" presents, she totally guarded them, nor her stocking so Mommie had to put them on oposite sides of the tree, so I have to remember to do that to Buddy. We must keep tradition up in this family so now I'm the big brother and have to do that.
Well I'm glad now to have my Mommie home so she doesn't have to go out the door with Buddy 3 out of the 5 days a week and leave me and say she will be right back which is a long time. But, I know that will end in spring but for now we just all hanging out which is cool with me. I'm learning to tolerate this little twirp of a brother if he'd just leave my ears alone in the morning first thing. And, he needs to learn that MISS JENNA POOH DEPASQUALE IS MINE MINE MINE....Goofy


Oh My What in the world has happened to me....

November 17th 2006 3:26 pm
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I have been so sick lately. Nothing seems to want to stay down in my tummy, I've been to the vet and the next option is if this doesn't work this weekend is some kind of GI test. I'm a big doggie and Mommie says I can only have a tiny bit of rice and cottage cheese every two to four hours. She won't let me bark as that gets me excited and I throw up, and that little twirp of a brother, Buddy, he and I can't play because Mommie says it's to much excitement and I throw up. I don't know what that means. I'm so hungry Mommie and Daddy were eating dinner and I want food so bad....I sat up and I did everything I could do to get some food or scraps and it didn't work. I'm still hungry. Mommie gave me another spoon full of that "stuff." Oh well if that's all I can have I guess that's all I can have. I'm sooooo hungry. Goofy


I think I'm getting better

November 18th 2006 1:36 pm
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Well today has been a good day for Mommie and Me and Daddy and Buddy. I have managed to keep my food down so far. My spunk and energy hasn't gone away any just my tummy has been upset. Everybody cross your legs for me. I'm gonna get better so I can stop eating this silly rice and cottage cheese but hey if that's all I get then that'll have to do. My girl friend The Divine Miss Jenna Pooh has faithfully stayed by my side here with emails to keep my spirits up and that means alot to Mommie and Me. Suffer Buddy....


The New Me...Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th 2006 5:56 am
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Well my sickness has gone thank goodness. Maybe it was hearing that it was Thanksgiving. Mommie was worried with all our company I'd get sick again but I didn't. I got to stay out with everyone cause I'm very well behaved, Mommie says it's like I'm seasoned but Buddy my brother, he'll just have to learn. He stayed behind the gate in the kitchen with Mommie. I don't know if that's good or bad he sure did alot of licking the floor from time to time. I just kept going to the gate to make sure he was ok. He, however didn't pay me a bit of attention at all. We said our blessing at our dinner and Mommie had tears because it was our first Thanksgiving without our sister Weedle who was really good and always stayed by Mommie or Daddy's feet. She never wandered around the table looking for food she knew Mommie or Daddy would give her something. I only had a little bite of turkey but got my regular doggie food which did ok with me. All in all it was a Wonderful Thanksgiving. Goof


Oh YUCK.....

December 4th 2006 5:57 am
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Well I'm confined now that's for sure...Mommie found the one....... the only.... TICK on me....even tho we're on the frontline constantly. We have alot of deer and fox in our yard where we live. It, the tick, appeared dead but I had to go thru the vigulance of OH MY GOD GOOFY HAS A TICK ON HIM.....tell the world here....lets write this in the newspaper....I can see the headlines....Only tick in corolla on the ground found on G O O F Y. My Daddy immediatly swooped out the rubbing alcohol...yuck I hate that smell...and Mommie held me and little by little the tick begin to fall our of it's infested spot. I guess I'm gonna get blamed for the one that Mommie found on the floor last week....yup they're already I won't get to go in my favorite spots outside....Oh geez...the life of a dog....


Uh....Hello here...

December 6th 2006 8:56 am
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Just in case nobody has noticed....Buddy and I are ready for Christmas...Where's the tree, where the smell good food...cookies etc we're not pickey....where oh where are the presents. They're the most imporntant part of all THE PRESENTS. I guess Buddy and I will wait little by little I'm sure it will all come together. But, incase you didn't notice....YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF IN GEAR AND GET A-GOIN......


Ho! Ho! Ho! 4 ME... and my testimony til my Dad gets- home....might be my last

December 16th 2006 11:23 am
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I had my chance...and I took it...and, I'm not hangin my head. It was my right as the senior dog in this family, course there are only two of us, dogs that is. The bird, squirrels and sugar gliders don't count. They're beneath us. So, when Mommie and Buddy went to get the mail...well...the tree does look pretty, has lots of presents some smell extremely good, and we have a cousin doggie named Cocoa who lived with us for a while and well she's not here now....SO I ATE ALL THE PRESENTS, THAT WERE UNDER THE TREE FOR BUDDY, ME AND COCOA...that Mommie had wrapped. Wrapped nicely too. Maybe that's why my Rainbow Sister Weedle use to lay under the tree beside the presents when Mommie put them out......hmmmm I guess she was guarding them. I'm now laid out on the couch....was good, rawhide sticks, I love those, and those beef sticks, I like those too...anyway it was all good. I left the stuffed toys, Buddy can have those but I want ALL THE FOOD. He came screaming in the house while I was deep in consentration for having gotten all the presents about somebody being in a box....I was consumed in the taste of the good things. happened. Beef sticks were gone. Buddy is prancing this box at me...bounce...bounce...bounce....he does that day I'm gonna put my paw on his head so he doesn't bounce...anyhow I smelled the air....sniff sniff....JENNA....sniff sniff...Buddy was right Jenna is in the box....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....when I wake up I'll check...I don't think he'll eat the box before then. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...zzzzzzzzzzz........wo of woof......zzzzzzzzzzz....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........tummy feels soooo good.


Christmas ever after...

December 27th 2006 2:31 pm
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Well here it is two days after Christmas and Buddy and I are still playing with our toys. We were sad to learn of one of our friends passing away, Griffen, but Mommie and me and Buddy all said prayers and Griffen will now be playing with our Rainbow Sister Weedle. I know Weedle's happy there with her little friend Pudsy and all the other animals that have come into Mommie's life.
We have company now, a little person. I can make her laugh with my toys and Buddy gave her a big slurp on her face. Boy was she suprised. She's 6 months old and Mommie and Daddy's only grandaughter. All the other grandkids are boys. Mommie says we're lucky on this one. She might not pull our tail as hard.
I hope all our friends on Dogster had a good Christmas like we did. Mommie and Buddy and I said prayers for all the puppies and dogies that don't have homes and good families and people that love them like we all do here. Gonna go get my toys......

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