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Ringo The Dingo

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My flowers are up early this year.

March 28th 2012 6:00 pm
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The flowers on my grave are already shooting up and a few have bloomed because of the unseasonably warm weather. It's sunny and warm and beautiful on earth just like it is at the Rainbow Bridge.


Thanks BLC!

September 27th 2010 8:16 am
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I am not forgotten and am the Dog of the Week! If you want to hear me speak in my Voki, turn down the volume on "White & Nerdy."
My family and I appreciate JR Angel, Patches and Tucker Max. Tail Wags from the Rainbow Bridge.


My flowers came up again!

May 10th 2010 8:49 pm
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The daffodils I sent came up again this year. They sprouted up through the brown leaves on the forest floor to remind everyone about me. There is a mushroom cap scupture on my grave and mom is careful not to let my new brother Trooper lift his leg on it! Mommy still looks at my picture, feels the little fur clippings she saved and touches my footprint. I am remembered!


My Mystery Daffodils

May 15th 2009 6:54 am
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The box of bulbs that was mysteriously sitting on our front door step when my mom brought my little body back from the vet was planted on my grave.
The bulbs bloomed into three different varieties and looked beautiful this spring, and helped everyone remember what a joy I was. No one could ever find out who sent them, so it must have been me! tee hee.


Thanks to the BLC Members (Bichon Lovers' Clubhouse)

December 2nd 2008 1:21 pm
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Hi Everypup and doggy parent,
This is Ringo at the bridge. My mom and I want to thank you all for everything you've done to try to help us feel better about me passing over to the bridge--right when nobody was expecting it.
Our whole family has been very upset--especially mom, and that is why she has been remiss in acknowledging those of you who lovingly sent condolences. Whenever she went to Dogster and the BFL, she got very sad and her stomach hurt a lot and she got depressed and after all, it's only been a less than a month without me!
So, while she's typing this, I want to say what a beee-you-tee-ful card that Aunt Carol made for us--it is like a mini scrapbook. Carol and Nancy are Mama & Mommy to Zoe & Cosette. The book has all kinds of doggie papers and stamps and cut outs but most of all, nice words!
Those words are kind thoughts that came from the sweet people of the BLC who cared about us and our pain and were happy for the joy that we had when I was alive.
We got hugs and love from Paula and Ellie Mae and wuffers and hugs from Sherman & family. Murphy, Coleman & family are waiting to be with us again. We even got a photo all the way from Canada!
Shasta, Daisy and Ruth, and BuBu & his mom reminded us that Ringo is with JR now. And Bella says he has angel wings! Kayleigh, Maggie May, Pearl and mom Johnna also say Ringo's an angel now. And it's a good thing, cuz sometimes he was a devil in real life! Devon and Daisy said they're happy to be friends with an angel!
Laura & Molly (and Alfred and Amelia) said that we were brave to let Ringo go. We have "known" them for a long time. Reggie White and Ruth said they were holding us in their hearts. Shana, Starr, Doreen and Isa said we were in their prayers. Biscuit and Crystal and Sugarbear and Angie said they wouldn't forget us!
Lucy, Bella Mae and Joan reminded us that Ringo is having fun blitzing at the bridge! Mary, Tucker and Patches reminded us that there are lots of beloved angels who have gone before, so no wonder they're all playing in doggie heaven so nicely.
Maddie Mae and Judy said to think about the happy day when we brought Ringo home. (He headed right for a corner to lift his leg. Oops)
We got a sweet note from Sugar and Chester, who we actually know from a bichon bash, and a super pretty card from Q-Tip and Gizmo.
Dudley, Clarence and mom Tricia knew that Ringo left a hole in our hearts. And, as Max and his mommy, Cindy said, we will keep Ringo in our hearts and treasure the precious memories. Eventually, though, we will meet another needy bichon who will help heal our hearts.
Thank you also for pawmail and rosettes, candles, etc. So sweet. It was very appreciated.
We are saving everything that you have written and/or sent as keepsakes. Special thanks to Carol, who really offered extra help and Marilyn B.
There is a birthday wish "To 120" for people...
For bichons, it should be AT LEAST "To 20!"
If we forgot anyone, please flame us in pawmail, so we can post a correction!
Thanks again,
Ringo at the bridge & Mom Rosemarie
posted 11/26/08 on BLC


Note from Ringo's Mom

November 15th 2008 8:03 pm
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Ringo died on 10/31/2008. He had been lethargic & not eating much. So I took him for senior bloodwork on 10/30. An X-ray showed a huge tumor/mass. Exploratory surgery on 10/31 turned up cancer. Since he would have had only about two weeks to live, we decided not to wake him up from surgery. He already had a fever, and he would have just spent his last days hardly recovering from surgery, being sick, and then experiencing death.

I brought him home in a little cardboard casket and have buried him in the woods behind our home. I put on him a collar that my sister hand-crocheted for him. I put in his teddy bear, a soft Help Whip Cancer T shirt, and made him a card with all my innermost thoughts of love and put that in, too.

The day I brought home his body, there was a mystery box on the front porch. It contained daffodil bulbs. We can't find out who sent it. Nobody claims to have, and we didn't order it. And no one knew Ringo was sick. So I planted the bulbs on Ringo's grave.


My last day

October 31st 2008 12:01 pm
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I have been feeling very sick lately...lethargic and breathing shallowly and even vomiting bile. So my mom took me to the vet for senior blood work yesterday. Today, they did exploratory surgery and found out that I had some serious liver cancer. Mom and Dad decided not to wake me up and have me not feel well recovering from the surgery and then just be sick and die a short time after that. So now I am at the rainbow bridge, waiting to see them again. They are very, very sad.


I'm in a Howl-O-Ween card exchange!

October 25th 2008 8:03 pm
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I have been getting Howl-o-ween cards with my BLC pals and since my mom says I'm a genius (not) she has been showing them to me to read. They are all pawsome and each one special! My mom put them on the lowboy in the family room and everyone says how festive it looks. (Hey, look at ME, not the cards) It's so exciting to get the mail and see the fun cards from my cyber pals! Some cards have cats and I chase them.
My mom is happy because she loves making cards and now she has a reason: her little white furkid-ME! Yea!
Mom makes me help with EVERYTHING. First she makes me press my Frito-smelling paw on the rubber stamp to write my name. Sheesh. What a slave driver. (OK, so I touched it once.)
Then I had to lick the stamps and I licked the envelopes with my super sticky bichon saliva.
And I helped by supervising. Lying in my bed and giving her the eye to make sure she kept at it. " Faster mom, faster!"
Well, that's it fur now!
Tail wags,


To Help Animals: What Have You Done? TAG!

May 7th 2008 5:00 pm
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I've been tagged and have to tell 3 things my mom has done to help animals. Everyone who gets tagged tells three things they've done to help dogs, or any furbaby. You list them in your diary, then tag seven friends and tell them to go to your diary to see how it's played. Here goes!

1. Adopted me as I was on my way to the dog pound!
2. Donated money, supplies and fund raiser prizes to animal shelter.
3. Made and sold handmade cards and crafts for bichon rescue.

The dogsters I am tagging are:

Wee Rose
Holly Noel


Pets in the Park

May 6th 2008 2:12 pm
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This weekend I got to go to "Pets in the Park" at the Austintown Township Park! It was so much fun! There were hundreds of beautiful dogs there of every breed and every mixed-up breed, too! From the tiniest Chihuahua and Yorkie to the biggest Irish Wolfhound and Mastiff!
I even got a micro chip--YIPPEE! Yea to the Trumbull County Animal Welfare League who gave the microchips for just $10 a dog.
There were fields and woodland trails and I got to get my paws and tummy ALL MUDDY! I LOVE THAT! There were even off-leash trails for doggies to run free. But my parents never let me off leash. Hurumph! :( Such sticks in the mud. No fun.
The "Cat Ladies" were there, "Sanctuary for Senior Dogs", 4-H kids who show dogs, agility people, doggie treat makers, pet specialty products, etc.
At one time, I was in group of eight bichons and we were all meeting each other. There were more bichons than that there, too. It was like a mini bichon bash!
I had a good sleep in the car on the way home. Great dreams, too. My mom and dad are best! (If they do say so themselves.)

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