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Ms. Shirlz and her fancy wheels

Shirley's Day

February 10th 2005 6:31 am
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Shirley, Bella, my fiancé and I went to Wrightsville Beach on February 8th. It was 61 degrees as we crossed over the bridge to the beach. Once on the island, we were surrounded by a thick fog. I guess because the air was so warm and the ocean was still cold. On the beach it was like we were wrapped up in a blanket. We could only see the water and ourselves. It was pretty serine and private - a bit like heaven. Unfortunately no birds showed up for Ms. Shirls to chase, but she did get to go for a wade in the water, feel the sand on her feet, and feel the freedom only the beach brought her. For lunch I broke all the dog-rules - Shirley got to have some of my french fries and her own hamburger. She loved it. We came home and sat in the sun on the deck. I brushed her while she ate a bone. And then it was time. Our appointment with the vet was at 5:00 PM. She was so comfortable and at peace. We had her cremated.

Our wish was to have a wonderful day and wonderful memories to say good-bye with and let Miss Shirley go a happy dog. And she was a happy dog. She had a wonderful life and loved life so much. The disease had progressed so much that she no longer comfortable.

If dogs and people can be soul mates, then Shirley and I were.


Shirlz goes to the beach

October 6th 2004 6:15 pm
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Ms. Shirlz has been asked some strange questions about her wheels... among her favorite is "What is she training for?" We now answer the typical question, "What happened?" by saying "Shirley is in training for maturity." Its much more dignified for our proper Ms. Shirley.

So one of her 'training missions' was to the beach. We went for our friend's wedding and the Girls came along. She was like a 6 year old dog again! She can't walk with out her cart, but she is Super Dog in that thing. She was determined to wade in the water and to chase birds. Several times I had to go into the water to stop her from going too deep.... in her cart!

I love that cart.

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