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ah the spoiled life!


April 10th 2006 7:52 pm
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well it's official. i don't want to be around other dogs or humans that aren't in my pack. it's not how wolves are man. i'm a wild boy, we have our pack and it's my job to ward off anyone or anything that wants to step up! i will bark at all the other dogs and people too. mama called me unsociable, i'm just misunderstood. today was funny though, i laughed at my crumby sister, she was actually trying to be tough with the mailman! barking at him like she was going to do something. she did something alright, she doesnt' think i didn't see her run over and kiss him! she's such a phony. mama takes us on walks and chiwi complains the whole time. girls are so weird. i love my walks, i just wish mama wouldn't put clothes on me. wolves don't wear clothes. she'll just never understand me.



February 17th 2006 8:53 pm
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well even after trying to persuade mama that wolves don't get fixed, she took me to the vet and had them nueter me ON VALENTINE'S DAY even!! i couldn't believe she just handed me over to the dr and left me there! i got lots of cuddles though and when i came home later on mama was full of kissies and hugs! even my sister was concerned about me. i was pretty sore and sleepy. i peed on mama's bed too when i woke up, she was annoyed with me but i didn't get in trouble. my sister kept trying to play with me and i just couldn't get her to leave me alone! even the next day i was sore, i had some pain medication and extra mama cuddles and by later that day i was feeling a little better. today, i'm trying to run around and play! mama can't keep me still, i got a serious case of the zoomies before and i was running so fast i couldn't slow down and ran right into the container with our dog food in it. that sure slowed me down! i feel another case of the zoomies coming on now!!!!!


king of the chi wolves!

January 5th 2006 8:02 pm
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everywhere i go someone always tells my mama i look like a mini wolf! i am starting to believe it! i have taken up howling even! mama's new nickname for me is wolfie, i like it better than my real name, it is so powerful!!!! arrrrooooooooo i think it's a full moon tonight!!!


what was i thinking

December 21st 2005 8:05 pm
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i must have been a dumb puppy at that first vet visit cause the last time around when i got my last shots THEY HURT! i cried and i was so sore for a whole day after! mama gave me lots of pets and so did my grama! i love that woman she's the silliest! there's a lot of talk about santa paws coming and leaving presents, so i've been an extra good boy, so wahtever my sister tells you about me, it's all lies unless she says i'm a good boy!!! my sister has been real nice to me, except when mama comes home and i try to go and greet her, chiwi will run over and growl and jump on me. she is such a diva always wants to be first! but that's ok, she's still fun to romp around with and she isn't mean all the time. i forgive her, plus mama says i'm gonna be 6 months old and i weigh so much more than her already at 5 pounds pounces that i could sit on her! hahaha! oh well gonna go run around now!!


so much fun so little time

October 1st 2005 5:38 am
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i'm having a great time her in my new home! my mama is just the best petter in the world! i love getting my tummy rubbed! we went to the vet the other day for shots, it didn't bother me at all! i didn't even know when the needle when in, they tricked me with a bone in front of my nose! they put me on the scale and i weigh almost as much as my sister! i'm gonna be a big boy mama says! i'm gonna be 12 weeks old in a few days and i weigh 2.14 pounds, my sister weighs 2.15-3 pounds they couldn't tell cause she wasn't sitting as still as me, she kept turning her head to look for me. i think she cares about me, but i annoy her. i can't help it i love to play with her!!! my mama is mad that i've been poopin under the beds... but i thought it would be ok to poop there cause it's hidden... all these new rules are hard to remember!


new kid on the block

September 4th 2005 12:46 pm
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hi. my name is jumba and this is the second day being in my new home. i like it here. everyone treats me so nice! except for that bath i had earlier but i forgive mama as long as she don't do that too often. i had such a good welcome yesterday by chiwi my sister. we played tag for hours until i fell asleep in my food bowl! i couldn't catch her but i had fun trying. i'm still a little tired from that so i haven't played tag again. my sister is so nice to me, she was real patient with me when i tried to fall asleep in her bed. she didn't let me sleep there but she wasn't mean about it! i hope she stays this nice to me!

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