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"Life of Rilie"

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How I came to the Rainbow Bridge

December 29th 2007 9:05 am
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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for my family.

I will share my story, know that the decision was not taken lightly and it was the only option.

After showing signs of sickness for a few months, on Wednesday the 26th I did the ultimate naughty. My humans and their good friends were celebrating the holiday, exchanging gifts and having a meal. These friends come over all the time, the female babysits my furless siblings, so I am very familiar with them and their two furless kids.

I had been sleeping most of the evening, which has in the last couple months become the usual, I gained about 9 lbs too, never wanted to be outside longer that it took to pee or poop, and for the first time in my 8 and a half years, I was drooling, I also was NEVER relaxed anymore, always tense, on edge and jumpy, even pulling away from my Moms loving touch. Mom knew I was sick and took me a few weeks ago for a senior blood panel and check up, but nothing showed up. They checked thyroid and everything. Now you have to know me, I HATE going to the vet, its traumatic for me even just to set paw in the door. So when I did my naughty, Mom knew there was no choice but to send me to the bridge before I suffered more or hurt any human seriously.

Anyhowl, I was standing in the livingroom, watching the goings on. The friends little furless (he is 2) went to walk by me. I remember when he was learning to walk, I used to help steady him. He would return the favor by sharing whatever food he was eating. When I was well I would never have hurt anyone, but lately I have been feeling so awful.

I lashed out as he walked by and bit him right in the face, no warning growl, no teeth bared, and nothing he did prompted it. He has 4 punctures, I just missed his eye. No stitches were needed. And he isn't afraid of doggies, just wondering why it happend.

Mom knows I would never have done it if something wasn't wrong with me, and she knew I would not do well with lots of vets poking me with needles and running tests. She and the furless kids and Daddy all talked and tearfully agreed that the nicest thing for everyone involved was for me to peacefully go to the Rainbow Bridge. This way the furless kids would remember the good years, and not a few months of sick me, or be afraid that I would bite them next. Because of my breed mix, we would have been horribly persecuted if I had bitten again, thankfully Mom's friends are nice and not lawsuit-happy like some humans are.

I was very much loved, and will always be remembered.
Know that it was the hardest thing Mom ever did, to let me go.
Mom stayed with me, scratched my favorite spot and took my vet muzzle off before the final injection. She kissed my forehead goodbye, and was glad I finally was able to relax.

Rilie, Furangel


Tag I am IT!!

May 23rd 2007 6:16 am
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Hiya pups! My pal Jovi tagged me and now I'm it. I get to choose 7 of my pals to tag.

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

Here are 7 fun facts about me! Rilie

1.I love chasing cats.

2. I hate baths!

3. I am not friendly to strange humans

4. I love sleeping with my furless sister

5. I want to go back out everytime I come in

6. My best trick is the play bow

7. I like to roll in smelly things

Pass on the fun...

Your pal,


I picked
1. Dylan
2. Beau
3. Lily Pad
4. Minnie
5. Rondo
6. Flecken
7. Pogle


O Come, All Ye Faithful Dogs, a song by me and Mommy

December 14th 2006 9:09 am
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O Come, All Ye Faithful Dogs

O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,
Come ye, O come ye, to Pet-Finder.
Come and hold Him, born the King of Spaniels;


O come, let us adopt Him,
O come, let us adopt Him,
O come, let us adopt Him,
Clip the Lead.

True Dog of true Dog, Light from nose to tail,
Lo, he shuns not the toilet bowl;
Run to the Water, begging, not mistreated;


Howl, choirs of Strays, Howl in exultation;
Howl, all ye creatures of heaven above!
Worry not Dog, I'll pay even the highest;


See how the Shepherds, Herding to the barn,
Leaving their flocks, draw nigh to gaze;
We too will tangle lead our joyful owners;


Doggy, for us strays poor and in the manger,
We would embrace Thee, with love and awe;
Who would not love Thee, loving us so dearly?


Yea, Dog, we greet Thee, born this happy morning;
Strays, to Thee be homes given;
Word of the catcher, now in flesh appearing.



My one year anafursary on Dogster!

September 3rd 2006 9:32 am
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Today is my one year anafursary on Dogster!!

I've Been On Dogster Since:
September 3rd 2005

Time has flown by so fast!


Its My Birthday!

August 21st 2006 6:56 am
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Hellooooww! Today I am 7 years old! For breakfast mommy made bacon and eggs and strawberry smoothies! I got bacon fat on my kibble and a big bowl of smoothie! Yummy! My little brother Newt is at the vet all day getting neutered, so I am going to have a very quiet day! With any luck mommy will take Jelly and Penny somewhere too so I can sleep with no interruptions at all!

I think I will have a cheesburger at lunch time, and then maybe some scooby snacks!

Later I met my Dylan at the Moosehead for dinner, we had Kobe steaks and potatoes and more, then he with the help of Murphy and Schumi gave me a huge surprise! Dylan asked me to Marry him!!! I said YES!


My Tail of Devotion for Rilie

July 2nd 2006 8:33 am
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Rilie, from the first time I saw a photo of you that Miss Shannon had I knew you were meant to be with me forever. You stole my heart with your pretty face and your purple tounge. Even though we have been through some pretty rough times, you have always stuck by me and I by you. It has been six and a half years since I brought your scared little six month old fluffy self to live with me. You have taken every change in our lives with grace and solid loyalty. You have learned to trust men and have never stopped loving children. You are a mighty hunter when you need to be, but please, please leave the cat alone! I was so proud when you proved the trainer wrong and not only passed level 1 obedience, but level 2 as well! I hope the next few years turn out to be your best. I love you my Monkey Girl!


This is a special Tail of Devotion

See All Tails of Devotion


A Crate time!

June 9th 2006 9:50 am
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Today is my human sister's birthday, mommy said it is supposed to rain really hard, so she is going to let me lounge on the porch in my crate, rather than out on my run, so I can still enjoy the air and sights of outside, but stay dry because the porch has a roof over it!! I hope mommy remembers to bring me some Pizza Bones!


I Killed an Opossum Today

May 29th 2006 4:28 am
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Mommy took me out to my run this morning and I went right to my dog house that I don't really use and started digging at the ground by it. Mommy could tell something was wrong because I wouldn't stop, so she went to get Daddy to help. By the time they got back I had dug a baby opossum out and had killed it, Mommy yelled "DROP IT" and I spit it out. She grabbed my rope and pulled me away ( I fought really hard to get back to the body) I scratched her foot by accident in the process. Daddy rolled the dog house over and looked under it, there were 2 more babies. He went to get the shovel while Mommy held me. Daddy threw the one I killed in the woods, then chased the other 2 off into the neighbors yard. Then he rolled the house out of my reach, he said he was going to get rid of it later, as I am getting a brand new one when we move. I never did get to go potty, I have to wait til later now, when I calm down a little. When I got back inside, I ate all my food right up.

Rilie, Mighty Hunter


Miss Massachustts Bio

February 12th 2006 3:36 pm
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Miss Massachusetts says:
I am a 6 y/o Female spayed Chow-Shar Pei cross. I weigh 45 Lbs. My measurements are: neck to tail 20", chest 26", waist 20", neck 16". I have completed level 1 and 2 obedience. I like to play with kongs and tug ropes. Since Mommy is a retired Fire Fighter, My talent is Stop-Drop-and-Roll! I still show that off to kids, to help teach Fire Safety! I am a great fire detector, when I smell smoke I start *woof*woof*woofing*! I also can walk head first down a ladder! My only regret is never having the chance to ride on a Fire Truck like Dalmatians get to. I like to take long walks in the woods. I also like to go 4 wheeling with my mom and grandma. My favorite color is purple. My greatest wish is for world peace between cats and dogs.

My gown choice (the real one, not the computer editied pic) is a formal, floor length gown, with a train. The material is silky and the print has an Oriental feel, paying homage to my breed heritage! My computer gown is a floor length strapless number in plum, with a wrap front.

My swim suit is a zebra pattern halter-tankini..I choose this suit because it covers just enough and still looks great!

My talent photos include a shot of Mommy and I putting out a brush fire, and a 4 shot series "Ready, Stop, Drop & Roll" where I am wearing a t-shirt from one of the greatest fire departments, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! (my human Grand-pa is a Fireman too, he got it for us as a souvenier when he went there to visit) Love the Dalmatian on it, he is a hunk!


snow run

February 12th 2006 5:00 am
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We are in the middle of a huge snow storm here! Yeah! I love to run in the snow! Mommy and Daddy both still had to go to work, but when they get home I will get to play in the snow again!

I am in the Miss Dog America contest! I am Miss Massachusetts! It is so great!
I don't like to think of what will happen if Penny (Miss Vermont) and I have to go head to head! Woof!

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