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Life is So Hard

tIme foR rEvEngE!!!

September 14th 2005 1:55 pm
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My mommy usually muzzles me when she goes to school because she doesn't wanna keep me and my brother in the cage. I supposedly cause too much trouble because it's my nature that I love to chew. She's also scared that I might chew Tofu's head off because I beat him up so much. She's starting to allow my brother Tofu (10 months old) to roam around the house without a muzzle because he doesn't do anything. He's sucha goody 2 shoe!!!! While I'm much more mature and smart and older at 1 year and 5 months, thank you very much, still gets muzzled.

Anyways, since Tofu's been doing so well home alone, my mommy decided to let me roam around the house with0ut a muzzle. I just had to teach her a lesson for all those time she muzzled me. Now I could get my revenge! So the first thing I did when she left was went to the office and pulled out all the paper that was lying on the desk. I chewed on it a little and spread it everywhere. Ooooops....Hope she doesn't have anything important on it...hehe. That was some hard work with the standing and the jumping and the bending down. Whooaa...then I got a little hungry so I went to the room where she gives me a bath in. On the ledge was four creamy lookin bars. looked kinda yummy. I grabbed the peach looking one that had the word Caress indented on it, I didn't like the smell (smelt nothing like peach). So I didn't eat it. I grabbed another one that said Zest, looks apple green and smells zestfully delicious, so I took two bites. Didn't really like the taste. I finally grabbed the white plain one with the word Olay. Had a mild smell, tasted kinda milky. Kinda I took it inside my cage. Ate half of it, maybe save the other half for later. I still had the munchies, so I decided to get that funny looking tube of stuff that mommy eats, but I always see her putting it on a stick with bristles on the end before she eats it. That's what she gets for not sharing. Says Colgate Toothpaste, whatever that means. I took it to my pillow on the leather couch and started gnawing on it. Whoa, did mommy have bad taste. This stuff that oozed out was little sweet but extremely spicy. I really didn't like the smell too. ~yawn~ getting tired. Can't wait to see her face when she gets home.


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