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My First Vacation

Long time no Write

April 2nd 2008 5:57 pm
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Was just lookin' at my page & realized I hadn't written in a long time. Since we went to the beach in '06 & heck we've been back to the beach since then. We went back to the same place again in '07 & had a good time except we had a little problem with some ugly, biting flies for a few days. That's never happened before. They said it was cause the wind was blowing from the wrong way. Anyway, they were nasty! We didn't take my new little brother since he was so little & mom was afraid he might chew up the nice beach house or have an accident there. Now she wishes we had taken him cause he went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 30th. He got very sick a few days before that & they couldn't cure him so mom & dad had to let him go. It made them very sad & mommy cried & cried for a long time. She still does sometimes. I kept thinking that he would be coming back but he never did. He was a nuisance sometimes but I still liked having him to play with every day. I try to make up to mom by being extra nice to her but she still misses him. I try not to be such a "daddy's boy" but, well I just am. Anyway, it's starting to look like spring with the warmer weather & I like that but I HATE the storms that comes with spring! The thunder just terrifies me! I shake & try to climb into daddy's skin with him. But no matter how I try I can't get any closer to him. Mommy got some meds from the doc today to use when I get real bad. Seems I had an older sis, April, (I didn't ever know her) who had the same problem so she's been through this before. Well, guess I will go & see if I can con someone into playing ball with me. Eli


My First Vacation

October 4th 2006 1:19 pm
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This past week my family and I went on a vacation at the beach in Cape San Blas, FL & boy did we have fun! We went on a LONG drive to get there but it wasn't too bad. We stayed in a big house right on the beach & it is really beautiful there! I got to play with my daddy & mommy & sis everyday on the beach. I absolutely love to play ball & we got to do that everyday!! I didn't like the saltwater & sun in my eyes but I was having so much fun that I didn't care. I can't wait to go back & do that again!

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