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A Day in His Life

New Sheepskin Rug!

January 20th 2005 6:04 am
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We bought a new sheepskin rug (white of all colours!) and brought it for the side of our bed. Every time Sam went upstairs to our room, he would end up walking down the stairs with the rug in his mouth. He would bring it downstairs, we would take it back upstairs...... I think he thought it was a friend so we eventuall let him have it as his own. he would just bunch it up into a pile and lie on it. What pleasure he had from this I don't know but he really enjoyed himself. He never damaged anything, just like to "mouth" them and get them all slobby.......... What a big, slobby boy he was too.


Days at the Seaside

December 1st 2004 7:44 am
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Well, Sammy loved his trips in the car to Formby Point in Southport (UK) and whenever we got a few mile away, he could smell where he was and sit up ready for off::)) He loved the sea and would always go in for a dip and then a run along the shore with me picking up shells for the garden.

Once we got on the beach and some children were there and had buried their friend in the sand (you know the way you do) and he ran across and started digging him out heh heh heh. It was sooooo funny to watch Sammy trying to save! this little boy who was screaming and all his friends and family were falling about laughing........ We had to get him away by then and leave them in peace but he was so funny trying to save people because that is what Bullmastiff's are, people keepers. They are not too bothered about their home if you are out of it, but if you are in and someone breaks in, well, they are in for a heck of a shock as Bullys knock them down and stand guard over them until told to heel.

We have been out on numerous walks and if other dogs try and jump up on either Frank of me, well, Sammy would butt them off with his behind and if that didn't work, with his head and if that didn't stop them, well, he nipped their hind quarters gently until they got the message. Which they always did ::)). One of his friends was a Mastiff and double the size of Sam and he tried to jump up on me (I am only 4ft 9in - very petite all over!), well Dino was a great big brute of a dog, but lovely with it. When he tried to jump on me for a treat, well Sam just nipped his behind and told him off. Dave (Dino's daddy) asked how we taught Sam to do this. Well, it is in-bred in them as they are people carers and would give their life for you.

Well, that is all for the moment, will write more about my big slobbychops who is missed more than words can say, but the stories I have to tell, well.......

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