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The adventures of Miss Mandy

my first attempt at swimming!

August 15th 2005 10:26 am
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Well mom decided I needed a bath since I peed in my crate and sat in it :( I didn't mean to but sigh* I got a bath. She tried filling the tub up a little bit to see if that helped me calm down some and I guess it did but I still didn't like it! Maybe next time I will but I doubt it! Mom trimmed my nails again and she said I did much better at sitting still. She said I have to look my best for tomorrow night because I get to see my mommy and daddy and play with them tomorrow! I hope they remember their darling daughter! Well I am all tired out and curled up on mom and dad's bed it is so comfy but darn mom got a bow in my hair! She always does it when i'm asleep! Oh well everyone thinks I look so cute with it :)


I don't want to look cute!

August 11th 2005 10:55 am
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Today is mommy's birthday and I guess she wants me to look pretty but I don't like it! First she combed my hair which I didn't really like and then she put my t-shirt on thankfully she hasn't come after me with a bow but I know she will! She then trimmed my nails. It was the first time she's done it for me so she didn't cut them too short and its a good thing because I'm not used to having my nails trimmed yet! Mom has me in my crate because I wasn't being very nice to Toby she says I can't be biting at him but I mean c'mon I'm just playing and he chases me too! Well I'm off to go chew on my bone..Toby is by my crate sleeping he doesn't look so tough now! If only my paw could reach him!


I'm learning so much

August 10th 2005 6:26 pm
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Yesterday was such a hard day for mommy and me. She took me to the vet and I had my second round of shots and boy I did not like it! I whimpered and mom held me until I felt safe again. Later that night I was really sore from the shot but mom and dad still took me to my puppy training classes! I was very quiet but mom and dad were so impressed by how quickly I learned the new commands. They say I'm very smart! Today I am feeling much better and I've now gotten the hang of the down command although I sometimes get a little confused between sit and down but mom knows I will get it soon! I'm taking a puppy nap right now but I'm sure I'll wake up soon and bug mommy to play with me!

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