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Barking Up the Wrong Tree

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April 19th 2010 6:30 am
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Gretchie and I were out playing in the yard yesterday. We were at opposite ends of the fence when we spied...yes, a tree rat! We both ran to the center of the fence to get that varmint....and guess what..collision! Kaboom! Kabong! Bang! It knocked the stuffing out of both of us. Once Mom discovered we were OK she started laughing! I didn't think it was so funny. Well, funny to see Gretchen fall down. That part was really funny.


Spring is finally here! Sunshine, too!

April 3rd 2010 1:58 pm
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You know what that means....skwerrel and chippie hunts in the back yard. Ohmydog....they are EVERYwhere. Chippies here, skwerrels there...I just can't contain myself! There is a phantom skwerrel, too. I keep my paws on the tree trunk, lying in wait. Mom says that there have been no skwerrels in that tree for a long time. I KNOW they are there.

And another thing....I am smaller and therefore faster than Gretchen in the Whack a Skwerrel game. I get there first. I win. Hah!


Pack attack

February 13th 2010 9:45 am
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On Tuesday, Feb 2 I was attacked on walkies. We were walking by our neighbor's house; he rescues and fosters Goldens, who are generally nice doggies. As we walked by, 3 of them had gotten out (Mr. Jim apparently didn't know that) and they came running up to me (to play, I think). The problem is, I'm scared of big dogs. So, I growled to tell them to get away because I was scared. I did NOT charge at them or bite them...just growled. Instead of backing off, one pounced on me, then the other 2, then Gretchen tried to protect me. One had my neck and harness in his mouth and was shaking me. Mom was screaming and yelling "stop." A man drove up in his car and jumped out and tried to help us, at which time Mr. Jim came out of the house and pulled them off of us. He said he didn't know they got out. He apologized (but I still think he was careless) and offered to pay for any vet bills. I was very scared. Mom checked me all over and I didn't seem to be hurt--didn't have any scratches or puncture wounds or blood.

That Friday when Mom got home I wouldn't eat and I screeched when she touched my neck a couple of times. I didn't want to socialize and just stayed in my bed. I had to go to the ER, where they found an abscess from the puncture wound that required me to be sedated and have a penrose drain put in. I was on pain meds and had also have to have a couple of stitches...and of course my neck shaved. It was a nasty draining wound, but mom cared for me round the clock and I had the POTP from all of my friends.

The tube is now out but I still need wound care and hot compresses and meds until I am fully better. The neighbor is balking at paying the vet bills ....that's another story.

But I am getting better and better everyday thanks to my pals. Thanks for the love,



I Scream, You Scream, We Scream for Ice Cream

June 15th 2009 5:58 pm
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What kind of ice cream are you ?
Seamus tagged me—here is how to play. Here we go......

I am going to tag five friends and tell them what kind of ice cream I look like. Then you tag five friends and tell them what kind of ice cream you look like! Sprinkles count too!

OK, I bent the rules a little and am going to come up with a name of ice cream that I would like. I am going to tag 5 friends and they tag 5 friends and they will do the same. You can either tell what kind of ice cream you look like or bend the rules like me and give the name of the ice cream that you would have (sorry, Seamus, thinking outside the crate, here!)

My ice cream is….Rocky (the Skwerrel) Road! BOL!

I have tagged

Ellie May





Love, Gwennie!


And she throws long......!

January 26th 2009 2:48 pm
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And......and......and, the doggies get it! Touch down! You caught the pass. My friend Seamus Bond, famous QB tossed it to me, and now that you've caught my pass, here's what you do.

Hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your team mates so they can make a touch down! You are also suppose to write down 5 things about yourself that are funny. Also please leave me a bone and ask all those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there ok! OK Here goes the play!

1. I spin when Mom tells me we're going walkies or for a rideinthecar.
2. I sneak up on Vi and try to steal her kongs....but I usually get caught:(
3. When there are no skwerrels around, I chase lizards. And yes, I have caught them.
4.I give kisses on demand...and even when they are not demanded.
5. You are one special pup for catching my pass!

Here is who tagged me! Seamus Bond

Here is who I tagged
Minister Misty
Sophie Bean
Loki Do

OK team go get em and leave a bone on my page!


Dog of the Day!

November 29th 2008 6:23 am
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Wow, I can't believe it! Little ole me! Dog of the Day. Mom always said I'm the happiest dog on the planet and now I'm even happier.

I would like to dedicate my DOTD honor to my pal and a dear doggie,
Stormy B., who had to go to the Bridge last week. She left us too soon. Stormy, we miss you.

Thanks to all of you for the rosettes and pmails and PPRs. It's only 9:30 and I've got so many already. What a day!



Tag, tag, and more tag!

November 5th 2008 1:58 pm
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Fall is a perfect time to play tag. It's cool, it's breezy, and it's critter season. But this isn't skwerrel tag, my friends...this is Dogster Tag. My friend Lyle tagged me, and now I'm tagging 7 of my friends and posting 7 things about my little ole self. My 7 friends likewise get to write about themselves and tag 7 of their friends. So, with thanks to Lyle, here are my 7 things and 7 friends. Gwennie Gwen

1. Need I say it? I have a love/hate relationship with skwerrels and chipmunks. ‘Nuff said. All you doggies know what I mean.
2. I am a great care taker to my older sis, Mamie. She can be a total pain in the tail, but I do care about her and make sure she doesn’t fall down the stairs or get lost in the house. I also let her stomp on me if necessary. I make sure I compliment her daily on her Tinkle Trousers.
3. I am on a crusade to help homeless pets. As I was once one, I will never forget it and vow to help any way I can.
4. I am fascinated by cell phones. Why can’t I have one? There are family plans, you know!
5. Here’s a secret. I perform tricks without being asked when I smell a chicken roasting. That’s what you call being proactive!
6. I have recently discovered the back of the couch. What a vantage point! The view of critters is phenomenal.
7. I am a sentimental gal. I love Dogster and get teary-eyed at the thought of all the wonderful pals I have. No kidding. Hand me the hanky, if you please. I’m…just….overwhelmed.

Here are my 7 friends that I'm tagging.

1. Seamus. Otherwise known as Famous Seamus, Bacon Head, SJinxy
2. Willie. My dear Yorkie friend. There is no truer pal in the world.
3. Rocky, my fave lab from New York state. He and his brother Sarge (across the miles) are just pawsome, and they always make me smile.
4. Scouty Boy--a pawsome Cow Dog. Scouty's pack of Cow Dogs are pawsome friends to me and to many.
5. Loki Do. Loki is an aspiring detective, just like his hero Scooby Do. He is also a pal of my sister Mamie, and they are Tinkle Trouser buddies together.
6. The Bryan Clan--Henry, Belle, and Baylei. Ok, they are really 3 dogs, 3 dogs in one--kinda! They are my special pals from Texas and always have kind words...and sometimes silly ones, too.
7. Maggie. Maggie is a new friend. She is a pawsome pup who is helping her pack heal after her sister, Sadie, went to the Bridge. Maggie is a super girl on her own...still a puppy and full of energy, life, and good cheer. I'm sure she's keeping her humans VERY busy these days.

So that's it, pals. Tag away!

Love, Gwen


Christmas tag!

December 4th 2007 10:01 am
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I have been tagged by my good freind, Seamus. In this Christmas tag, I gave Seamus 5 bones! I now have to give my wish list to Santa Paws (my top 5) and then tag 5 other doggies! Those five other doggies, according to the rules, should give me 5 bones, make their lists, and then tag 5 other doggies...and let them know with a p-mail or a rosette.

Thanks for spreading the holiday cheer, Seamus! Here are my list items for Santa:
1) I would love the ability to climb trees so I could get at those nasty squirrels (don't think that one's gonna happen).
2) I would love a bushel full of Dingo the ability to have permanent access to them.
3) I want a new leash--a leather one!
4) I would love a brand new plush toy....I don't care what kind... I need something else to destuff.
5) I wish that there would be no more homeless doggies or kitties and that humans everywhere would be kind to animals.

Santa Paws, I've been a good girl. I help take care of Mamie and don't even say anything when she comes and sits on top of me in MY bed. I will continue to be good and give my Mom kisses every day! Gwennie

I will tag:
2) Sarge
3)Rusty Pooh Bear
5) Willie


I've been tagged! :0)

May 24th 2007 6:04 am
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Wow! I’ve been tagged two times—by Willie and by Scout!! How exciting. Here are seven things about me:

1. I was adopted from Atlanta Small Dog Rescue and Humane Society on September 11, 2004.
2. I am about the happiest dog on the planet. I am just so happy all the time!!!!!!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!
3. I have lovely, prominent ears, reminiscent of the breeds that I think I’m a cross of (Boston Terrier and Rat Terrier or Jack Russel).
4. I love my sister Mamie, even though she’s old and grumpy sometimes.
5. I won the best in class for stage one obedience back in 2005! I was awesome.
6. I love to chase chipmunks and squirrels. I love it especially when I can dig a hole to try and get them.
7. Mom just got a new doggie door for the porch. I love it because I can rush out as soon as I see a squirrel running across the yard. It’s “real time”—I don’t have to wait for Mom.

I choose to tag:
1. Brody
2. Hope
3. Lyle
4. Nori
6. Seamus

Love you guys!


Feliz Navi-dog

December 24th 2006 7:14 pm
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My furry friends, it's the holiday season. The time of giving and sharing. Now, I give kisses all the time....does that count? I give Mamie the alpha spot. Does that count? I give Mama all of my love, as I have been at my forever home for over 2 years now. I'm one grateful, Gwen, I tell you that.

So, I want give big kisses to my friends and even those pups I don't know! May you have the treats you want. May you have a good spot on the couch. May we all work to help the homeless pups and give them forever homes.

Your humble Gwen. FELIZ NAVI DOG!!!! :)

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