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Agility Class

I've been turkey tagged!

November 14th 2007 5:42 pm
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Dang we hate these things! But it seems another round of tag is making it's way around dogster, BOL! ;) I was tagged by my darling girl Roxy from Virginia.

Here are the rules:
I think every pup knows the basic tag rules, but because it’s Thanksgiving time, there is a change to the rules. I get to tell ya about 7 things that I am thankful for and then tag 7 pals and tell them about it with a pmail or a rosette. Then those pups get to write in their diary, tag and notify 7 pals, and on it goes....
Seven things I’m thankful for:

1.) I am thankful for my mom - I love her. (I love Dad too, but Mom is really cool)

2.) I am thankful that NC Border Collie Rescue saved me from my imminent execution and I ended up in Virginia where my family rescued me 5 years ago this month.

3.) I am thankful for trips to PA to see my Grammy & Bob!

4.) I am thankful that I get to stay at my friend Zed's (and Toohey's) house when Mom & Dad go away!

5.) Did I mention I am thankful for my mom - I love her!

6.) I am thankful that feeding time comes twice a day (I'd be more thankful if it came more than twice a day and I was an only pup)

7.) I am thankful that I get to sleep at Mom's feet every night. Did I mention that I love her?

I've tagged:
Stator (alls fair in love and war buddy!)


I've Been Tagged!

May 25th 2007 5:36 am
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I've been tagged by Pocky!

The Rules: Dogs who are tagged need to write down in their own diary 7 random facts about themselves and these rules! Then you need to choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names in your diary, too. Don't forget to leave these tagged dogs a note that they have been tagged and need to read your dairy to check the rules!

Here are 7 things you may or may not know about me

1. I came to Mom & Dad from Border Collie rescue. They got me out of a shelter in North Carolina. I was on death row there.
2. I LOVE and adore my Mom.
3. I do not like loud noises, thunder storms or motorcycles
4. I do not like to get my feet wet!
5. I'm on the small side of the Border Collie breed - only 35 lbs.
6. I have no front teeth! (Mom & Dad guess I tried to chew my way out of a wire cage or fence)
7. I'm the laziest Border Collie known to man! I'd rather sleep next to Mom than chase anything (well, except when those pesky squrrels run across the overhead power lines!)

The pups I will tag are:

1. Jan
2. Terra
3. William
4. Mihkoa
5. Lord Chesterfield of Windsor
6. Apollo
7. Ms. Texas Belle


WOW - What a great day!

October 7th 2006 1:42 pm
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Today was the annual Canine Games in Alexandria! It more fun than agility class! I could say hi to all kinds of dogs and I got to do some obsticle stuff. I didn't win any medals this year though! Skyler took them all! Other than getting my feet muddy (which I DON'T like to do) it was a FUN Day. I wanna do it again!



May 25th 2006 7:50 pm
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Mom *was* so proud of me! I am doing extremely well in agility. I'm ready to move on to Level III. Yeahhh me!
I say *was* proud because in my class this week we were jumping and doing tunnels. I love flying through the tunnel. (I love slamming down the teeter and going over the A-frame and jumping on the table . . . just not real fond of the tire!) Anyway I digress! I was going through the tunnel at a slower than normal light-speed pace and oopsy -- I stopped just before I left the tunnel and Pee'd! BIG BAD OOPS.
Those in agilty know . . .you are NOT allowed to pee in the agility field, much less on the equipment. Everyone, including the instructor laughed . . . so I guess this week I was the class clown! Oops . . . sorry Mom, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!!!


Agility Started Again!

March 27th 2006 8:56 pm
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I am so happy! Mom took me back to agility class tonight! I made a new friend - Sadie and some of my old friends were there too. I was doing pretty well considering the winter break. That was until about 1/2 way through class a new student showed up -- a Veeshla - in heat! Well that totally threw off my concentration and I just had to go say hi - several times. When I did come back I was so excited I flew over the jumps and through the tunnel like a pro. Mom was happy with that, but not happy that I kept wanting to go say hi to the new dog!

Can't wait til next week!


Ha Ha Rook!

January 19th 2006 7:40 pm
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This will teach Rook! He made me mad by stealing my toy tonight and trying to hog all Mom's attention while Dad isn't home. He didn't want the above picture posted of him dressed like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (he thinks it makes him look fat)! I'm fixing him . . . and posting it for all to see! Little does he know that I know Mom's password to get in and start typing (I am a Border Collie after all and Border Collie's know everything, despite what Woodie the Westie of the house thinks.) So next time Rook, think twice before stealing my toy!
Your Loving Brother -- Skyler


I'm so bored . . .

January 19th 2006 7:59 am
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I don't like this time of year . . . its dark when Mom gets home, all of the presents have been put away and the tree & lights taken down and no agility classes! Plus our backyard is muddy and I don't like to get my feet dirty, but they insist on throwing my frisbee for me to catch (no thanks! I like to keep my feet and my mouth clean!)

I did get my dad to make my mom a set of aglity poles for me to practice on and I gave them to her for Christmas (Skyler and Woodie think they helped, but it was all MY idea). She tells me this weekend we are going to practice more, but the 'real' agility class doesn't start for a while. IF its muddy Mom can just run around those poles herself. I can only hope that we go to Grammy's soon. At least there they have snow, a big yard for me to run around in and I get lots and lots of treats!


Agility Class Has Started Again!

October 5th 2005 5:45 am
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I'm so excited! Mom took me back to agility class. I took the first class in the Spring and it was so much fun. I'm glad Mom decided to take me to Agility II. The instructors are very nice and even though Mom says I'm bad, they think I'm good.

I made friends with Captain Morgan. He was a cool dog and we got to play before class. Then I decided to take off to greet another dog in the agility area. Mom and the instructors were running after me and yelling. I don't know what the big deal was . . . I just wanted to say hi.

There is a mean Schnauzer in my class. He wants to beat everyone up. There is also a big golden retriever. The instructor yelled at the Schnauzer that he's an intact male . . . whatever that means. He holds my interest and Mom gets mad when I'm more interested in the retriever than the jumps.

I think I did good though . . . once I remembered how to sit and stay. I went over jumps and through the tunnel. I can't wait til next week for class!

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