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The Difficult Life of a Dog By: Lily

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We got to do a way fun thing yesterday!

June 2nd 2006 6:30 am
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Yesterday, mommy and dad were way mean and put me and my sister Pan in our crates during the day instead of taking us up to grandma's in the morning. But then my mommy got home a little bit sooner than normal (although it did take foreber still) without daddy. Then like an hour later, daddy made mommy's phone ring, and mommy told my sister and me that we could go with her to pick daddy up at work. It was the longest car ride eber and it was great! Then silly dad was way surprised to see me and my sister in the car when he came out from his work. We're good surprisers.


Update on me

June 1st 2006 10:01 am
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Yesterday and the day before yesterday Mommy stayed home with me and Pansy. She was sick. I tried cuddling with her in bed, but she said it was too hot. Well, she was right, it really was way hot yesterday and the day before yesterday. But I knew my fave-a-lot mommy wasn't feeling good so I wanted to make hers feel better. And mom said not only is it way hot but that I stink. Like I can help it. I can't exactly give myself a bath. Not that I would, though, even if I could. But I heard mommy say to daddy that he needs to give me a bath since I'm too heavy for mommy to lift with a baby in hers belly. I'll just hafta hide when I hear the scary bath water running.

The other day, mommy finished reading a book she said was called Marley & Me. I wish she would read that book all the time because when she was done, she gave me a big hug and kiss and I loved it. Well, I guess that's it for now.


I'm going to be a big sister

May 26th 2006 11:46 am
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Mom said she's gonna have a baby and I'm not allowed to step on hers belly anymore. That's ok, now I just lay my head on hers belly. At first when mommy said she's having a baby, I thoughted she meant a BABY, you know, like the ones I have all over the house, but then she tolded me that THOSE babies are just toys but the baby in hers belly is a REAL kind. I sure hope it's not scary like baby puppies. But mommy said the new baby will have toys that we can share and that the baby will play with me and pet me and stuff, so I guess it won't be way bad.

Oh, and mommy don't like when I sleep on hers head, but I don't care. She said she can't sleep when I do stuff like that, but I'm just preparing her for the new baby. I'm doing her a flavor.


Uh oh

March 9th 2006 9:51 am
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Mommy told me that my udder mommy Brandy is going to have scary puppies again. Mommy said she lubs puppies, but she doesn't want Brandy to have puppies again. This will be 3 times now. I'm just ascared that there's going to be like 10 or something of them and they'll gang up on the Lil and hurt me. That's what I'm ascared of. I guess when they come, I'll just have to stay under Jeff's bed during the day till Mommy and Dad come to pick me up after work. Mommy said they'll be coming next weekend. They didn't give me much time to prepare myself.


Wow, I haven't barked on here in awhile

March 6th 2006 10:29 am
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The other day, mom and dad took furever to come and pick up me and my sister from the babysitters. And when they finally did comed, there was a strange lady in the car with us. Mom said she was way surprised that I wagged my tail and gave the lady kisses. You see, I'm usually a shy girl. That lady, Tasha my mom said her name was, even slept on my couch. My sister cuddled with her, but I stayed up in bed with my mommy and daddy. Then the next day, that nice lady Tasha even played my fave-a-lot game with me- Chase The Light! We played for a long time and it was way fun. Even Panny was chasing the light. She's not as good at that game, though, as I is.

Then, my mommy and that lady left furever. Mom came home yesterday, but that nice lady Tasha didn't come home with her. But I was sure happy to see mommy. I cuddled with her on the couch for hours and hours. I was trying to give her lots of kisses but she was mean and wouldn't let me. Well, that's it I guess.


Way scary things.

July 1st 2005 7:38 am
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I don't know how I missed it. Mom and dad and everyone say they've been there my whole life (I'm soon gonna be three), but I'm just noticing them now. Ceiling fans. They're everywhere. They're at my grandma's house and at my house. They're really scary when they go around really really fast, and they're kinda scary when they're not going in circles. Mom told me last night when I was barking at one that I'm crazy. Maybe I just am.


Maybe my mom and dad will listen to me next time

June 25th 2005 8:03 pm
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Last night mommy and dad were watching the tv thing and I was taking a nap and I woke up because I heard something outside. I ran over to the window and I barked a lot and I got my sister Pansy to bark, too. Mommy looked out the window and she said there's nothing out there and told me to quit my barking. She didn't see the bad guy that got into my dad's car. He was prolly looking for puppy bones for his dog, but there weren't any puppy bones out there so he didn't take anything so that's good. But maybe next time I bark out the window, my dumb mom and dad will listen to me.


Hahahaha! I got back at Daddy for getting me in trouble- yesterday.

June 22nd 2005 5:42 am
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Since mom's car is broked, she goes bye-bye with a different lady in the morning and daddy hasta take me and Pan to grandma's house in the morning. This morning, daddy put me and my sister in the car and started it up and got out to do something. Then I had an idea. I pushted the button and locked my daddy out! It was so funny watching him freak out. First he stuck a thing in from the side without the big wheel and was trying to get the keys. That was real funny to watch. Then he went over to the side with the big wheel and struggled to stick the thing down to push the button. He got it. It was funny while it lasted. If he wouldn't have gotten it pushed, Ida pushed it in about a half hour or so to let him in. Serves him right for the broth incident.


Dad got me in trouble

June 21st 2005 10:51 am
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Dad played a trick on me. When he cleaned out the fridgerator, he put the broth in a bag and didn't even give it to mister trash guy. So of course, I thought he left it there for me. I couldn't help it. I mean, it was right there. Gourmet food, right at my toe-tips. I just had to have a taste. When mom woke up in the morning, she saw the brown broth on the living room carpet and she yelled at me and Pansy. She was absolutely furius. Then she went up to bed and woke dad and asked what the stuff was and he told her and then she yelled at him because he left it in our reach. What's a dumbass anyway? That's what she called him. Then she said she's not mad at us anymore cause it's really dad's fault. Then she made him clean it up.


My mommy was sick yesterday

February 11th 2005 9:46 am
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My mommy didn't go to work yesterday cause she was sick. That maked me feel really sad. But I tried my best to take care of her. I gave her some gentle kisses and cuddled with her all day. I think I maked her feel a little bit better. Even Pansy was being pretty good. She didn't even try to disturb mom as much as normal. I really love mommy and I'm glad she's feeling better today.

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