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Mad Hatters!

June 21st 2007 4:59 pm
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Hi Everyone!!!!!
If you aren't plus you probaly don't know what the mad hatters are so I'll tell you!A LOT of plus pups got these annonoymous rosettes with a pic of them with a hat on!It said from the mad hatters.There was a forum in plus fun and some pups got clues and then we figured out who the mad hatters were(well i didn't firgure it out I just posted OH i think your right when they posted that the first one might be Sammi...BOL!)The first one was Sammi!!!!!The second one was Rascal!I would just like to thank them for my mad hatter pics!!!!!There is also 2 more mad hatters and we are waiting for the clues!This is Really fun!I Just want to thank ALL the mad hatters for my 3 WONDERFUL pics!
There is a stroll called......Mad Hatters 07



Santa Paws is coming to town!

November 26th 2006 9:16 am
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YAY I can't wait until christmas!We have our christmas lights up and our blow up santa and reindeers up outside!We still have to put our christmas tree up and i how to chew the orniments!But I think mommy found out my secret because she was missing orniments andt then hung them all higher but mean one orniment looke like a ginger bread man so what does she think i'm going to do just look at it BOL!We also need to hang up stockings!I will make a new diary entry when the tree is up and when mommy and daddy make cookies and when i bite the wrapping paper on the presents like I did last year BOL!


My Trip!

September 16th 2006 11:04 am
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Today I went to Petco to get a Halloween costume but they didn't have any yet so we walked around he store and mommy got me a peanut butter chew bone.We also saw about 15 greyhounds there because they were up for adoption .They were very cute and when mommy was paying the lady gave me more bones.Then we decided to go to petsmart and see if they had costumes.I was looking out the window and eating my bone on the way to petsmart and i usually jump on mommy while she drives.When we got there we looked for costumes and they didn't have any either so we looked around and mommy got me a loofa dog (as seen on petsmart commercial) and these treats called fortune snookies!Also my aunt got me and my brother Brutus cordueroy jackets from old navy!So I had a Great day!



August 10th 2006 1:44 pm
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Guess what!Guess what!I went swimming in 4 foot deep water.The first time I was scared and mommy held me but the second time I was swimming across the pool by myself but of course mommy was on the side of me just in case I got tired.I had so much fun and brutus was so jealous because he scraches mommy and climbs up her shoulder when she tries to take him in so mommy got him a baby pool and he is even scared of that.I guess some dogs are more talented then others (like i'm more talented then brutus).Well Thanks for letting me share that with you and can you do me a favor and not tell Brutus that I wrote that he was a scaredy cat.


Hi Everyone!

March 13th 2006 5:08 pm
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I have a best friend named Charlie and he was so nice that he wrote a diary about me.He also talks very cute.I wil translate this diary entry so charlie can read it.I have a bes frien and his names is Charlie.He was so nice that he rote a diary about me.He also talks vewy cute.I think all pugs shoud talk like this because it just fits us and it is cute.Bye Evwebody!


Whats the point of nicknames?

March 8th 2006 5:37 pm
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When mommy bought me she called me Pudgy and now that I am older and I know my name she calls me nicknames.Whats the point of a nickname if you have a real name?When I first learned my name mommy called me pudge and now she has a different nickname everyday.Where does she come up with them?Today my nickname was cutie pie.Some other nicknames that mommy has called me are snuggles,chubsy wubsy,Greenie boy,Pudgesteroo,Curly tail,Muffin,cuddles and toy stealer.Once she even called me Pudgina and ever since that she has been calling me gina boy.DOES SHE THINK THAT I AM A GIRL or is she just crazy?I woner what my nickname will be tomorrow.


Guess what!

March 6th 2006 5:12 pm
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Guess what!I get to meet my cousin Tyson in 2 weeks.He is a rottweiler and he is about 20 lbs.I better be nice to him because when he gets older he will be at least 100 lbs and he could eat me in one bite.Well maybe two bites.My mommy went to see him and she said he was very cute and nice.I hope he will be nice to me!I guess I have to be nice to him share my toys.I am a little worried that mommy will think he is cuter then I am.Never mind,No one is cuter then me!{tyson if you are reading this don't pay any attention to the ''cute'' part.}


Guess what

March 1st 2006 5:25 pm
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My brother brutus just made a group called Big chihuahua's and he told me I couldn't join.So I asked him what he would do if his girlfriends lost weight and they were 7 lbs and you have to be at least an 8 pound chihuahua to join.He looked at me and said I told you that you can't join so why are you asking questions about my group.Well I am going to make a group and I won't let him join.Ha Ha. fdfklzgkldb Sorry about that but I {brutus} just knocked pudgy of the chair and he slid on the keyboard a little.Of cours I would let empress bailey and chloe stay in my group if they lost weight and became 7 lbs .Why does Pudgy have to make a group and not let me join.Just because I made a group why does he have to?Oh no, I think I hear pudgy coming.Don't tell him that I wrote in his diary.


Happy New Year!

December 31st 2005 10:32 pm
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Happy New Year!Wow, it is now 2006.I was sleeping on my warm fleece blanket next to my blue teddy when I heard screaming and there were alot of confetti and ribbons flying all over the place and there were people kissing and everyone was saying "Happy New Year"what does that mean?Well anyway mommy took me out of my cage and said "Happy New Year Pudgy"she also said it is 2006 then she carried me outside and I seen people banging pots and pans and I also seen red and green and yellow and purple colors in the sky and they mad a big noise when the colors appered in the sky.Well I guess thats what people do on "New Years".I hope everyone had a fun New Years and make sure you tell me if you seen the pretty colors in the sky.

Welcome 2006



November 25th 2005 8:58 am
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I tried the turkey it was good! Normally I eat VERY fast but when I had the piece of turkey I ate slowly.Probaly because I had never tried it.Well anyway it tasted a little chewy and it wasn't that tasty but still good!Then for dinner I had my normal dry food and some carrots gravy and turkey!

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