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I was Dog of the Day

September 24th 2008 2:08 pm
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I was picked and was so honored to be Dogster's Dog of the Day on Septemeber 22! Thanks everyone for thinking of me!


Busy Summer!

September 22nd 2008 8:16 pm
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I have been busy this summr. My Mom and Dad takes Sadie and Gracie to the big pond and I get to go too! I get to run around and be a DOG. I think that I am big but Sadie comes whizzing by I remember that I am small. Daisy thinks that I am her toy especially my tail! Got to find that dog a new home but Mom wont part with Daisy. Well I am getting ready to nap. Catch you soon.


I am losing my mind!

September 29th 2007 12:50 am
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Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!
All she does is chase me, you name she finds me! She is making me crazee. She runs and searchs to find me. She likes my tail. Mom says that it is the fearless terrier in her. Mom corrects her and says she is just a baby. She is not afraid of anything. Well, I am going to find my hiding place and catch sme zzzzzzzzzzzzz's
Bye for now


Come see the New puppy: Daisy! Visit her new page!

September 9th 2007 10:18 am
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On Thursday evening. my Mom and sister came home with a new puppy! She was in the paper because her owner could not keep her. Mom took off! She is a baby yorkie. Her name is Daisy! She is very tiny and sleeps alot. She fusses at Sadie and I think she likes me. Please stop by her page and be her friend! Mom says she is a real cutie but she also says that about me!
Love ya!


Sadie drank out of the toilet!

August 29th 2007 12:02 am
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Oh my! My Mom did something to me tonight! It was stressing and my poor nerves are shot. Not to mention, Sadie watched and drank out of the toilet! How gross! The water was clean but Mom was no happy! She is missing some pup cells! She stared at me through the whole process. I was not a happy pappy! I GOT A BATH! The soap was everywhere and the water went in my nose . Sadie was busy playing in the toilet! Mom gave her a swat on her rump! Once I was soap free, Mom wrapped me in a warm towel and I ran through the house. When it was all over, I felt good and clean. Mom says foo foo's need baths. I am still gasping over Sadie's drink!!


I am in charge!

August 4th 2007 11:22 pm
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I am the boss tonight! All of these black labs are here and I am the only one with color. Sadie is gone to the lake and I have to keep the labs in line. I once thought that there were no other dogs than black labs until Sadie came along. Now she thinks she is a black lab. she is a German Shepherd. I love to go BOO! she is tripping all of the time! Right now I am taking a break from chasing the kitty. She zips right by me and I think the chase is on! I will fix her, I will eat her kitty food! Dont tell Mom! she snatches me all of the time when I am chasing that cat! Its been fun tonight! My cousins are on my turf so they dont growl at me here. Gracie has just plain ignored me tonight Oh well she does that anyway! Well, I have to chase that kitty before Mom finds out. Gotta zip! I want to say Hi to my friends!
A big paw to you all!


Hello Friends!

July 19th 2007 1:58 am
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Just a quick bark to all of my friends! I love friends! Tonight is a quiet night for Mom but not for me!!!!!!!!! There is a new kitty here now. Her name is Roxy and she was adopted from the local humane society. Mom said something about about saving her life! Every fur friend needs a good home and love! See my Mom is a big softie, she loves pups and kitties. Dad wanted a fish and got Sadie! That was cool! Mom told him that his fish had fur and four legs. He thought that it wa a hairy fish! It was Sadie! Roxy is fun. My new trick is chasing her through the house. She lays down and bites me. I think kitties are here for us pups to chase them. Why else would they zip by you and taunt you! Its my fun new game. I do hear from Mom ever so often for me to knock it off but I play like I am hard of hearing! Well gotta run, I have more chasing to do!
Sleep well my friends, will bark later.
Pup kisses!


Hey Pups and my new friends!

June 30th 2007 10:31 am
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I love new friends. I am soooooooooooo happy! I want to introduce my new kitty: Roxie. We adopted her from the Humane society and I take care of her. I give her baths and play. She needed a home and my Mom went to get her. She is a wild child and still has those awful claws. I have to be real careful because Roxie figured out that she has claws! Yipe! I just wanted to give a bark to all the dogster dogs and catster kitty's. Be good, be loved and be safe!
Love ya all!


Hey Peeps and Pooches

August 9th 2006 9:02 pm
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Its Pebs!
Just stopped in to say a big paw to all my buds. I am experiencing the lazy days of summer. I have been to the pond so much this summer that all I see when I sleep is water and black labs. Gus showed up last weekend and I was upset. He is golden retriever and is not BLACK. See all of my lab family friends are black labs. I was not happy. He is cool though. I am up late tonight and I think that my mom is thinking BATHHHHHHHHHH. Please hope that this is not true. Anyways, just wanted to give a paw to all of my friends!
Later Goose


I am ONE!

April 9th 2006 12:18 pm
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Hey peeps!
It's my birthday! I am one today! I have lots of things to do and I have to catch Abby kitty. For some reason she hisses every time she sees me. Sh lkes Gracie, what did I do? I like her tail and ears. Oh well, I will keep trying.
Bye all

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