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May 9th 2008 11:05 am
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I am so excited. Mom said the word "POND". I know I heard it! She said it and I know what she meant. WE are going to the POND. OH MY! I am so excited. I can run frre and swim with all of my lab cousins. I know Mom said POND. I saw her bring up a plastic tub and she put toiletries in it! She only does it when we go somewhere. POND! I am going to the pond. Keep your paws crossed because I am ready to fly down the hill and get wet!
Love Gracie


Today is my Birthday!

April 25th 2008 1:31 am
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I turned 5 today and it has been the best 5 years! I am so excited! Pebs turned 3 on the 9th and my human sissy turned 14 on the 10th. Lots of April Birthdays in my house.


Things are back to normal

March 13th 2008 10:28 pm
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Mom and sissy have been gone to Florida. Dad stayed home and took care of us. He was a good Dad. He fed us, let us play outside and we slept alot. Sissy had a cheer thing at Disney. She and Mom took an airplane. Mom said it was a bad ride. She doesnt like to feel the funny air. She is back home and now everthing thing is back to normal. Sadie was a toad and she is Daddy's baby. He loves me too! I mind my own business. I found that I could clean out the cabinets while Mom was gone. Dad was mad! Oh well, he didnt catch me, he only saw the remnants. Pebs and Daisy were like beez. They fly through the house and really go no where. What a waste when they could be catching zzzzzzzz's. Gotta snooze!
Lazy Gracie!
Mom said it is getting close to the time when we go to the pond! I am getting my labby sleep!


Lake !!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 5th 2008 9:47 pm
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Christmas is over and I can't wait until Summer. I want to the big pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I want to swim with my buddies. I love the Lake. Com'on mom let's go to the pond!!!!!!!
bye, Gracie


Hello to all of my friends!

September 26th 2007 11:29 am
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Well September is almost gone. Summer is coming to an end and I have been real bored. Mom says that we cant go to the lake because sissy has cheer practice to get ready for the competitions. Sadie is still a pest, she leaped through the air last night trying to tackle me, was Mom mad! She is turning 1 next week and I hope she settles down. I have been chilling on the couch and I think Mom knows and I get fussed at when the pillows are on the floor. daisy is getting bigger and went for her check up at the vet. She was real sore and cried. She is real little and got a shot. Pebs is still out of control. Mom says that we will go to the Pond soon! I hope so because I need some peace and quiet! Well, I guess that I am going to get a nap, its raining outside and maybe I can get on the couch!
Bye for now


I was so scared last night!

August 31st 2007 12:22 am
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See I am a big dog but a storm came through yesterday! It knocked down a huge tree in the neighbor's yard! Mom would not let us go near the downed wires and tree limbs. The power went out and it was real dark. Sadie was running around saying"BOO". Pebs was scared too but she will never tell! Mom made sure our fishies had a battery operated air pump. Save the fishes! Then late last night, I heard this loud sound, Mom said it was the calvary! The power men showed up with chainsaws! I ran out the gate because it was left open by the power men. Mom"s nerves were shot! I could tell! The lights were off, the internet was down and she was pacing. When she sat on the step outside in the dark, I gave her a big kiss and she melted. So I made my Mom happy even though things were out of her control. Tonight everything is like it is suppose to be! So fo all my friends that didnt hear from me! A big paw and a wag to you! I have to watch out for my Mom!
Love ya !


Labby Pawty!

August 4th 2007 11:13 pm
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My cousins are here for the night: Toby, Bailey and Cole. They are black labs! My grandmother had to lave town and my Mom said that she would watch them. I am wagging my tail! They are my pond buddies. We have been having a howlin good time. Sadie went with Dad to the lake. I heard Mom say that the pest is gone. I guess she means Sadie! She would be biting on our tails and ears if she was here. Mom said it was a good thing! Mom fed us McDonalds tonight. I love food! I can eat all of the time. Well all the pups have crashed and I am heading that way! Just wanted to say woof to all of my friends! I am going to get some zzzzzzzzz's.


The lake

July 9th 2007 12:00 am
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I got to go! I went Friday with my Dad and Alicia. Sadie had to stay home one more night. Mom said to give her one more day on her healing process. I played all weekend and swam in the big pond "Lake Barkley". My friends were there: Toby, Bailey and Cole. They are black labs! On Saturday, Jasper and Cosmo came down, they are my labbie cousins from Chicago! Black labs everywhere, how cool! The marina did the firework show Saturday night and us labbies had to go in the house. My grandma said that the noise would hurt our ears, she was right! I ate hot dogs , swam, played ball and napped. This is the life. Mom, Pebbles and Sadie came down Saturday afternoon, I was glad Sadie could play. She had fun and Mom srayed some stuff on her sore so that she would not get water in it and it worked! Mom calls Sadie and me the POND HOUNDs. Sadie and I take walks to find new friends and Mom gets mad at me. I have to stay on the porch. Anyway to all my new friends. I am so glad that you are my new friends! I have to go back to sleep. I am worn out! Mom said that we can go next weekend! YES! Now she said bath. I can to run and hide!
Later Pups!


Hello Friends!

June 30th 2007 10:24 am
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I am so glad that I have made new friends! Its summertime and my mom took a picture of me in Sadie's pool. I prefer to be in the big pond because there isnt much room in that little pool. I have been chillin and going to the pond. We havent been in a few weeks because Sadie was hurt and had alot of stitches in her shoulder. She cannot get wet and her sore has to heal. We are heading down next week and maybe I can get really wet. SO for now, I am laying aroung getting fat! To all of my friends: Happy 4th of July! Gotta run, take care and we wll bark soon!


It has been a long week!

August 29th 2005 2:38 am
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Mom came home this evening and saved my day. Pebs has been out of control and I can now get my sleep. I was so glad to see her and missed her very much. I had to give kisses and make up for a whole week! It i back to normal. I asked Mom if we can go to the big lake next weekend and she said YES! Oh boy, I have to get ready for my big swim. Pebs is still running around like a maniac.
good night! Gracie!

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