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January 15th 2006 1:50 pm
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Cletus loves to sing, we have our little singing time every day. He'll howl in low and high pitches, he does really well too. He doesn't do it to often and I've only found him to do it with me, I'll make little noises and he'll start his singing and get carried away with it. I love to hear him sing. He's been loving outside except at night, he wants to be inside where it's warm. He wants to play with a stuffed animal so bad, but every time he gets one, he chews it all up. He's starting to play fetch now, but usually when he gets the ball, he won't bring it back to me, ha.



January 13th 2006 9:41 am
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Cletus just loves being outside, he loves to go to the neighbors house and play with their dog Jack. Jack isn't much for playing since he's an older dog, but Cletus follows him around everywhere. Cletus loves to hunt and find things. We'll go outside and find all kinds of things he brought, like sometimes trash, the other day he brought us a shoe, ha. He's very energetic, loves to run. He loves to get up on your lap and lick ya like crazy. He's always sticking that tongue out. We had him as a outside dog till it got cold, then we brought him in the house. He is housebroken now, didn't take him long, he did very well, had one accident. He loves to play with toys, but he likes to find anything-clothes-my kids toys-shoes, to chew on, that must still be the puppy in him I guess. He's a really good dog, he has that sad look on his face, but he's a happy dog. He loves to sleep on his back and he snores. We've had Cletus since last summer, and he's a really good dog.

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