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January 13th 2006 9:41 am
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Cletus just loves being outside, he loves to go to the neighbors house and play with their dog Jack. Jack isn't much for playing since he's an older dog, but Cletus follows him around everywhere. Cletus loves to hunt and find things. We'll go outside and find all kinds of things he brought, like sometimes trash, the other day he brought us a shoe, ha. He's very energetic, loves to run. He loves to get up on your lap and lick ya like crazy. He's always sticking that tongue out. We had him as a outside dog till it got cold, then we brought him in the house. He is housebroken now, didn't take him long, he did very well, had one accident. He loves to play with toys, but he likes to find anything-clothes-my kids toys-shoes, to chew on, that must still be the puppy in him I guess. He's a really good dog, he has that sad look on his face, but he's a happy dog. He loves to sleep on his back and he snores. We've had Cletus since last summer, and he's a really good dog.



January 15th 2006 1:50 pm
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Cletus loves to sing, we have our little singing time every day. He'll howl in low and high pitches, he does really well too. He doesn't do it to often and I've only found him to do it with me, I'll make little noises and he'll start his singing and get carried away with it. I love to hear him sing. He's been loving outside except at night, he wants to be inside where it's warm. He wants to play with a stuffed animal so bad, but every time he gets one, he chews it all up. He's starting to play fetch now, but usually when he gets the ball, he won't bring it back to me, ha.


Rainy Day

January 17th 2006 10:09 am
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Cletus doesn't care if it's rain or shine outside, he loves to run around and play with the other doggies around, especially Jack. Cletus was singing for me again today, just howling away in a high pitch voice, then he wanted a drink of water and outside he went-took off running all over the place. When he comes in the house, I have to dry him off and clean off his paws, he doesn't like that, he won't sit still long enough, he loves to check everything out and won't sit still for nothing, except maybe a treat! Cletus loves it when his daddy comes home from work, he barks at him like he's saying 'HI" and then he has to jump up on him to get some lovin'. He's a good ol' boy!



January 18th 2006 12:33 pm
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Cletus was outside yesterday evening when Daddy came home from work and when he came in the house, Cletus followed, and Daddy didn't grab the towel or Cletus, so he got mud all over the floor and the couch. Cletus didn't know any better, but I quickly grabbed him and dried him off. He doesn't like this rainy weather. He still loves sleeping on his back, and he snores like crazy, other than that, he's having a typical day, he played with Jack for awhile today.


More Calm

July 20th 2006 11:16 pm
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Cletus has gotten a lot calmer. Maybe cause he's older, but he's not as aggressive as he used to be. He'll sit for me and loves to have his belly rubbed. He was very sad when we had to give our other dog to a new home. She was a Chihuahua and needed a lot of attention. I have 3 kids and just didn't have the time to give her all the time. I felt really bad for her. She deserved better, so we gave her to a nice lady who lives alone, they both are very happy.

Cletus has gotten over Petra being gone. He gets all the attention now, he loves that. He loves being outdoors. He hates this heat wave we're in tho. We live out in the country, and Cletus loves going outside, he strolls around visiting our neighbors. All our neighbors like him, they say he's such a good dog. Cletus loves getting in bed with the kids, especially with my daughter. He cuddles up next to her, it's really cute.

Cletus still howls for me, as I call it 'sings' for me. I love hearing him do that. That head goes up and he just howls, while holding up his paw, so cute. Cletus loves playing with our neighbors dog. They have a lot of fun together. There's another dog around, he's a lot older and doesn't play, but Cletus is really good to him. Cletus will follow him around like he's following his daddy, it's cute.

Well that's it for now, gonna update with some new pics soon, woof woof!!


My Tail of Devotion for Cletus

July 25th 2006 10:30 am
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We got Cletus when he was just a little puppy. I never thought a dog could change my life so much. Cletus is a wonderful dog. He's so smart, but yet stubborn too. He loves to sit next to me while I pet him and loves his belly to be rubbed. He's a really good dog and I'm so glad he's in our lives.

Cletus would tell me to always rub his belly and give him lots of treats. He loves going out to find his girlfriend. But he loves to be inside sitting next to me or chasing one of the kids. He loves it when my 4 year old has food, he'll sit next to him and just stare at him, thinking 'I want a bite--pleeasssee'. Usually my kid would give him a little nibble.

Cletus is a wonderful dog, we all love him so much. Thanks Cletus for making our lives more enjoyable with you around!!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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July 26th 2006 12:21 pm
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Cletus is having a great time making new pup pals on dogster. He was peaking over the chair at the moniter, looking at all the different cute dogs and puppies on here. He barked at a few, I think he wanted to play with them.

Cletus doesn't like it when it's to hot outside. He likes to come in and lay on his back to cool off. Cletus got a visit from his human granny, and he was so excited to see her. He laid down so she could rub his belly.

Cletus says woof woof, time for a nap...


What I did today

July 29th 2006 11:05 pm
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Usually my human mom would write this for me, but this time I am gonna write what I did today. I slept in, until my human brothers and sister woke me up. I had to go outside and potty. I took a stroll around, met up with my pal Jack, he's old so he doesn't play with me much, but he'll walk with me. I like to go see my girlfriend down the road, she's pretty cute, but she's a bit bigger than me. She likes to wrestle me. So after I seen her, I decided it was to hot to be outside, so I came in, it was really cool in the house, so I just got comfy on the couch and rolled around in the blanket that my daddy left out, I chewed on a ball, made little pieces come off and my daddy told me that's a no no. I don't understand why, I thought it was my ball to do with what I want. I took a nap, a very long nap. I got up to eat, went outside again to play. That was pretty much it. I did play with my human brothers and sister. I like to jump on their bed and mess it all up, they get mad at me for that. Time to sleep again, bark more later....


It's to HOTTTT

July 30th 2006 8:32 pm
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Today was to hot for me to play outside. My mommy says it's gonna be hot all week too. I guess I'll have to stay inside a lot.

Today my mommy got mad at me. I was just trying to get comfy on a pillow, I was using my teeth and nails, and she said I was tearing it up, so she took the pillow away from me and told me no. So I jumped up on my daddy's lap and got comfy on him.

Then my human brother, the small one, he's heavy tho, he got on my back and tried to ride me. I didn't like that. He was having fun, but I sure wasn't!! Then I chased him around in the house for awhile, he gets excited as do I. I like to sit on the couch with him and lick him all over.

That's about all the excitement I had today, I'm tired now, gonna find someone to sleep with. WOOF.....



August 2nd 2006 9:37 pm
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I'm just so excited tonight, my mommy and daddy got me the dogster plus so I can have a neat looking page.

Gosh it has been so hot. I've been mainly in the house, pretty much sleeping, it's to hot to do much else. My daddy broke down again in the car, my papaw brought the car home while daddy stayed at work. Papaw got the car running but gosh it's so loud, hurts my ears! Mommy was so upset about it all. She cried, and I didn't like that. I sat next to her on the couch and I like to put my paws around her arm so I can lick her hand. She gave me hug for doing that. I think I made mommy feel better. I got some new tennis balls to play with yesterday. I was happy about that, I love it when someone throws it, I'll go get it, they keep saying to bring it back to them, but it's my ball, I wanted them to come get it.

Well I think I'll let mommy work on my site for me. Woof woof.....Cletus

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